Thursday, January 21, 2010

I wanna live 'til I die, no more, no less.

*peeks in* Shhh… they’re sleeping…
Aww… everyone is so sweet and peaceful and not at all mean or evil… Let’s see if everyone is still where they should be… *takes roll call*
We have Franklin, Eddie, Aiden, Lynette, Cora, Micah and Baby Beth… okay everyone is here. Wait… Oh you haven’t met Beth yet have you…
Since my last updated was a bit ago, I’ll be nice and remind you that last update Aiden had gotten Lynette preggers. She gave birth to an itty bitty ghost baby girl, named Beth.

Hmmm, well this can’t be good. *pokes Sherman* Why is he stuck in the floor? I wonder if the same moveobjects thingie from TS2 works here… or I could just wait until the morning and let nature drag his unwilling ethereal self back to his grave… ya lets just wait.
Eddie: *yawns, stretches*
It’s morning… let’s see if Sherman will free himself.
Eddie: What? What’s going on?
Nothing… watch… woot! Success! Sherman has been dragged back to the family graveyard.
Eddie: *blinks* You do realize if you hadn’t been gone for so long, we wouldn’t be glitchy?
Or you would have been glitchy sooner…
Eddie: …

Eddie: *perks* Is it Starsha?
Nope! Its Lisa… and your father is quite pleased to see her… hmmm… well that is sweet, its good to know their relationship hasn’t suffered just because I kept him young beyond reason.
Eddie: *grumbles*
Eddie: I haven’t even met my daughter yet.
Shhh… I didn’t tell anyone that Marilyn has been born yet.
Eddie: Roo, she’s a toddler!
*waves a dismissive hand* Aw they’re still so… wow she’s pretty sprite for her age!
Eddie: Ew! I don’t want to think of my father having sex… that’s just… wrong.
*blinks* You’re kidding right? … you’re not kidding… oooooookay then moving along.

Eddie: Who is Aiden talking to?
Realtors, they’re moving out.
Eddie: You mean you’re kicking them out. Wait a minute, why aren’t they taking their daughter with them?
Because I need her for an experiment.
Eddie: Roo, I can’t let you experiment on an infant. That isn’t moral!
It’s okay, I’m not going to… I’m waiting for her to be a toddler.
Eddie: *blinks* And that makes it okay?
Say good-bye to your uncle and auntie!
Eddie: We aren’t done talking about this…
Yes we are. *waves bye to Lynette & Aiden*

Unfortunately by sending them away when I did, that left Franklin in charge of an infant.
Eddie: Dad’s looking old. What did you do?
I allowed him to age.
Eddie: Wow, really? I thought you were going to make him live forever…
Nah, he’s too much of a handful and besides, its weirding me out that you’re older than your father… it’s just not natural.

Lucky for Franklin, Lisa was there to help care for Beth.
Eddie: She looks horrified.
She is! She can’t believe anyone would leave an infant in Franklin’s care *giggles* She may be in love with the man, she’s not stupid. So while Lisa was around, Beth was well cared for.

That isn’t to say your father didn’t have to take care of her when Lisa wasn’t around.
Eddie: Is that before or after he steals candy from Beth?
Usually after…

It’s almost birthday time… Cora has 2 days, Micah has 1 day and Beth has 2 days. Only things rarely go as planned.

Cora took the honor of bringing Beth to her cake. Only to be interrupted by an impatient young man who refused to wait his turn. Beth blew out her candles, was set on the ground as Micah cheered for himself. He spun, then she spun, blah, blah, they ate cake.
Eddie: You sound so bored.
I am… birthdays are boring. Although I do like that I get to give toddlers makeovers and your son… oh hey fascinating fact about your kids.
Eddie: Oh?
Yup, turns out Micah and Cora both have your ‘hidden trait’ to burn something.
Eddie: And you find that fascinating…
You betcha! Makes me wonder if your other kids have it, too.

Okay time to wrap things up. Eddie got to the career he wanted and Franklin managed to get his LTW as well. See you next time.
Eddie: What? Wait, what about your experiment?
Oh that… well…
Eddie: It failed?

Not exactly, no. So I heard, read, found out from Lisa that toddlers will read books that are left out. Cute, right? So I wanted to see for myself.
Eddie: ‘That’ was your experiment?
Well yes, you can’t hurt toddlers, the game doesn’t allow it… now while Franklin was busy training her, I set out a book for her. I then prompted her to go get it… well apparently she can’t read a gardening book so I tried another and*sighs*
Eddie: You failed.
No, its one of the autonomous behavior things and she wont cooperate!
Eddie: *grimaces* That’s not good… just remember she’s just a kid.
As I said, I can’t hurt toddlers…
Eddie: Maybe not, but she’s a… *blinks* um, right… you can’t hurt toddlers…
*smirks* She’s a ghost. Yes I thought of that too… I just don’t think I want a ghost toddler wandering around uncontrollable. That would drive me batty and I’d have to send her headstone to the city graveyard. No, she is still safe.
Eddie: Are you going to leave us in limbo for months again? You are, aren’t you?!
Not if I can help it. I’ll explain it’s just…

Cora is about to become a Young Adult and take over as heiress. That means it is time for me to save the game, go in to the change the city thingie and grab her future boy toy and future husband from CAS…
Eddie: What happened to them? Did someone warn them what their fate is to be?
Har har… ya I have no idea and I can’t continue until I get them in game. So yes, for now you are back in limbo. Sorry Eddie.
Eddie: I guess it’s better than the alternative… you uh, won’t forget us will ya?
Eddie: Good.

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Anjel76 said...

"... kept him young beyond all reason ..." *snicker-snorts* You had a VERY good reason. He's gorgeous!! But yeah, I agree that for the son to be younger than his father is just wrong. :O))

You and you ghostly experiments. *LOL*

Franklin is an adult. Huzzah!

Micah is CUTE (especially after his makeover). RAWR!!

Autonomous toddler book reading, eh? I hope someone will post pictures someday so we can all see. :O) *looks at Lisa*

ACK!! Stupid glitches. :O( And you're quite sure the sim of interest isn't already in the sim bin (as opposed to CAS only)?

*eagerly awaiting news on your latest attempt to find yer sims*

Anonymous said...

I read that on a blog that no longer exists. :( Ruby, I'm sorry, but I forgot to tell you that it's children's books they read. I don't think they can read adult books.