Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'd love to, but I'm building a pig from a kit.

Oh just die already! *sighs dramatically*
Franklin: Well aren’t you the impatient one? *smirks*
*glares* Yes and she’s annoying me. She just wont die.
Franklin: Give it some time, Roo. The EA Guys don’t understand sim-Goddesses, such as yourself, enjoy killing your sims. They think it is a mistake and give you plenty of time to ‘save’ her.
Save… her… *blinks* save… *breaks down laughing* Oh that’s funny.
Franklin: Indeed.

Precious and the test subject were sent downtown for a nice private meal. I was tired of their relationship hurting Christian so much. It would appear that if they’re on the same lot, then he ‘knows’ regardless of where on the property they are. I find that utterly absurd, but I am not of those ‘Guys’ so I have no control over such things.
Franklin: *chuckles* Sandra has really slipped in to the red. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone that unhappy before.
*sighs* She has a bench right there… she could nap for cripes sakes, stupid mindless drone sim that she is. *headdesk* Speaking of mindless drones… the ‘couple’ choose to read when I left them to do their own thing.

Franklin: *raises eyebrow* What’s with the fish tank?
Eddie caught his first fish. He wanted to keep it in a bowl.
Franklin: You know that creature is going to die…
*shrugs* Like everything else in this house… yes he too will eventually die.
Franklin: I should go visit Lisa. I haven’t met my son yet.
o.O That was so left field.
Franklin: You’re rubbing off on me.

It is a great idea… get this gardening done and we’ll head over.
Franklin: Why do I care about this garden if we’re moving?
Other than your job has gardening skills for promotions, I want the garden left lovely and taken care of so you can come back occasionally and reap the benefits without much more effort.
Franklin: Benefits… Hey Roo, tomorrow is Monday.
Ya… and?
Franklin: We all go to work tomorrow… including Sandra…
o.O she needs to quit her job.. now. *peeks at her needs* oooh she has 24 hrs to live! *bounces*

Franklin: Am I going to look that bad when I become an elder?
*sighs* Probably… maybe… possibly… if I let you get old.
Franklin: *laughs* Even you can’t stop death forever, Roo. Eventually I will get old and die. I just don’t want to end up looking like ‘that’.

*melts* So this is Fred. He’s adorable. I hate his hair and he could use some pants… but he’s definitely a Babii and he’s so freaking cute.
Franklin: *laughs* This from the woman who says all infants, toddlers and children look alike.
… shut up.
Franklin: *laughs harder* Thanks Roo.
Hmmm? For what? … I mean you’re welcome… for what? o.O
Franklin: Giving me Lisa and Fred. I know we’ve talked about this and I really thought you were nuts when you suggested-
Franklin: ‘Told’ me what was ahead for me in my life… and here I have a wonderful woman and another handsome son.
Just remember she can never move in with you… spend the night, sure… just not move in…
Franklin: Is that why you didn’t have Pop fight for his marriage with Jenn?
Yup, if she stayed, I’d have to kill her off…
Franklin: Do you have enough Sim-Goddess Simme’s to last the generations?
*thinks* I think so… maybe… what generation are we on?
Franklin: Eddie is #4.
Right… so I need seven more? *tries to think and fails* I’m sure I have enough.
Franklin: What if you have an heiress?
*boggles* I uh… Brian! I have ‘the Shiny One’… no worries…

Franklin: Speaking of Pop. He refuses to sleep with Mom any more… I can’t say I blame the man.
Me either… which brings me back to Sandra needing to die… now… I had to set up a twin bed in the loft so he would have a place to sleep.
Franklin: That was the night Shawanda finally made an appearance.
Same night your grandmother upset your grandfather by flirting… again…
Franklin: *shrugs* Oma will never change.
Nope, not even in death…

Franklin: Hmm… maybe I shouldn’t have drunk that vial…
*blinks* Afraid of the dark? You’re brave… how the frell?
Franklin: *shrugs* It was a new potion one of the guys was testing.
Oh… weird… neat, but weird. *peeks at Sandra’s needs* Oooh soon! Very, very soon… *speeds up time*

And there she goes! *ponders* I should have cleared the area… well that’s easily remedied. *stores bench and lamps*
Franklin: Grim’s here.
Well hells bells I should have gotten rid of the fence… okay that’s better. Okay Grimmy, you’re clear to reap her soul. *watches, waits* Pretty color for a starvation ghost.
Franklin: *laughs* The maid isn’t too impressed. She thinks Sandra stinks.
Well she does. She piddled a few times with no shower. *waves a dismissive hand* I don’t care about all that… we have a ghost… we have an empty slot in the house!! Time to move! Yay!!

Okay guys the important things are packed and… *sighs* Too much testosterone… break it up guys and grab the toddlers, its time to move.
Franklin: I thought we decided to buy new furniture when we go to the new house?
You decided and I changed my mind. We’ll replace the furniture as we go along.
Franklin: *furrows eyebrows* You said that to Oma and Pop…
Only this time we have the funds to do it. I just want to make sure we have enough to make the new house, put in windows, doors, flooring, and paint. Then if we can we’ll do the second floor and then we’ll weed out the old furniture for new stuff.

I was half way done with building the house when I had to stop playing… I went ‘live’ in order to save and that is when I saw grumpy Christian’s very red plumbbob.
Franklin: The test subject you picked is a hot head. He took out his frustrations on Pop. Don’t worry, he will eventually get over it. The house is a bit lopsided…
Meh, it will do.

I forgot Hope loves the outdoors. She loves the new lot. Once the house was built I left her outside for a little while. Then once she was in bed, I moved at least one toy on the porch for her.
Franklin: Sometimes I forget she’s around. She’s a pretty quiet kid.
Me too… I’m surprised I haven’t heard from…
Franklin: Roo?
*grins* I have a new test…
Franklin: *rubs hands together* Great, who dies?
*laughs* No one… yet…

So the house is ready… sort of… okay so I got tired of building. I wanted to play… deal!
Franklin: *blinks* It isn’t done? I realize there isn’t a second story but there is a kitchen, dining room, living room, drawing room, exercise room, nursery, two bathrooms and four bedrooms… did I leave anything out?
*ponders* No… and you have walls, paint, flooring, windows and doors.
Franklin: You did forget a few lights here and there…
Two… two rooms were dark give me a break it is a big house!
Franklin: *chuckles*
As I was saying… *pokes Franklin* The house is ready enough that its time for these two to get busy with my next test.

Franklin: *laughs rubbing his side* Test subject was not cooperative. Did someone slip up and tell him he’s going to die after the test is complete in order to fulfill phase two of this test?
Nope. He was just tired from the move… not a problem though… I had him initiate things and it worked out better. So much better phase one is under way.
Franklin: Pop feels betrayed every time. Technically him and Mom are engaged.
Maybe he needs to break up with her… I haven’t decided yet.

Oh and thanks to the Shiny One and his brilliant idea of fencing in the headstones. The ghosts are contained.
Franklin: Tell that to Oma.
*headdesk* I need to remember to move the headstones away from the edge… maybe she just popped out of the headstone on the wrong side of the fence?

Today is the day Hope grows up.
Franklin: *shrugs* I see what you mean about kids looking alike.
She has potential… only we wont see her achieve her full potential until she gets to her teen years.
Franklin: Throw a pair of glasses on the kid and she looks just like Akara. *narrows eyes* Is that why you kept my old homework?

Eddie is a goo… erm friendly sort. *giggles* See him hugging his grandfather? He does it to cheer him up, which gives Christian both a positive and a negative moodlet (dislikes children & cheered up) which naturally gives Eddie a positive one for watching his grandfather suffer.
Franklin: Kill him with kindness… the boy is a genius.

What’s that?
Franklin: Breakfast.
I can see that, what are you making?
Franklin: Waffles.
Wow… it has been a long time since anyone has made any. I keep making you eat that Goopy thing because its your favorite.
Franklin: Yes, but today I’m in the mood for waffles.
Very well then, carry on. *pauses to stare at him some more*
Franklin: *smirks*

The laptop is broken… Test subject will now attempt to fix it. I made sure he had zero handy points. And before you say it Lisa, I know he isn’t standing in a puddle… the punkars fixed it. Not only did he fix it he got three, count them THREE handy man points! *headdesk* Fine… he wants to tinker… I’ll teach him to tinker… *glares at him* Just wait until I get confirmation on phase one…
Franklin: You mean Mom’s pregnant spin? She did that after she got home from work today.

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My train of thought has derailed

Franklin: So now that you have him here, when will the test begin? You do realize the house is full.
*blinks* It is? Hmmm, and I’m seeing we need another bedroom. *ponders* I think we should move, or kill someone off… what do you think?
Franklin: Both. We should do this before father passes so he can replant the cheese and eggplants. I just got a money tree seed so we’ll hold on to that. Hmmm, lets see, we’ll need to pack all the paintings and some of the furniture. Others should be replaced…
You appear to have given this some thought…
Franklin: Not really.

Precious has finally met the test subject. They get along well enough. So well in fact that they become fast friends and he pushes his luck for a little flirt.
Franklin: *chuckles* Pop wasn’t too thrilled with that move.
*sighs* They’re outside, he is inside… it isn’t fair that he ‘knows’ they’re flirting! I’m really trying to spare him the pain of betrayal but he’s not making it easy.
Franklin: He was pretty upset with Mom. She made up for it by scaring him.
Yes it did cause Christian to drop the action. This is going to be tricky…
Franklin: *scoffs* As much pain as you’ve put him through already? I’m sure he’s well aware you’re up to another test. You make it very clear we are all GPs.
Actually, heirs are not GPs.
Franklin: *waves dismissive hand* Semantics…

Did you want one more erm… time… with Sandra before…
Franklin: *raises eyebrow* Why would I want that?
Okay I’m just checking.
Franklin: Where is she now?
She’s bathing for the last time. Once she’s done I’ll send her to the porch. *ponders* And you’re really okay with this?
Franklin: You saw her eat that putrid macaroni. I’m fine. Just take care of it.

Speaking of eating… These two are becoming fast friends. They aren’t in love or anything, but they’re at least getting along… when they aren’t scaring each other. o.O
Franklin: Seriously need to get this testing done. He has no concept of privacy.
He’s new in the house. Unlike you who has lived here his whole life. He probably took a wrong turn…
Franklin: *scoffs* He’s been a guest here often enough.
Well yes, that’s true…

Franklin: Roo…
Not my fault! I uh… yes well, maybe it is. I forgot to have her go before I put here in there. She should be dead by now! or … yanno, her hunger bar was already low when I put her there. Its dropping kind of slowly. I’m really tempted to help-
Franklin: *laughs* Stop being impatient. Besides you don’t want her to die on Eddie’s birthday.

*sighs* Poor Christian… he has both playable ghosts out for him now. Seriously none of my ghosts scare anyone like this until they’re playable!
Franklin: *laughs*
Oh hush you and go get your son.

Franklin: *smirks* A cake huh…
*blinks* Yes I um… well the notice came up and I’m really tired of all these little rug rats all over the place.
Franklin: You mean you’re tired of me and are ready for this one to grow up and replace me…
*cringes* No I dread that day. Just… just help him with his candles will you please?
Franklin: *smirks* Sure, no problem.
Well geez Louise, I’m glad we only pay the maid a set price and not by the hour.

Franklin: Huh… maybe I should have changed him in to his every day outfit before his transition.
Meh its his pajamas, how bad can it… o.O Ack! Yes, you’re right we should have changed him.
Franklin: *laughs* That’s my boy!
*pokes Franklin* What kind of kid are you raising? These traits are killing me! Two go well together, but the evil just … well it kills it!
Franklin: *chuckling and rubbing his side* He’ll be fine. You’ll be fine. Don’t worry.

I totally have to change his hair and I’m not thrilled with the flip flops! Heh.
Franklin: *narrows his eyes* No, that will not do… he is on the other hand working on his maniacal laugh.

So here he is our generation 4 heir: Eddie (Izzard) Babii, currently a friendly, yet evil, family oriented young man.
Franklin: He’s not a bad looking kid. What were you so worried about?
*shrugs* I dunno… there is always the chance he will take after your grandmother in looks and then there goes the family genes.
Franklin: Wait… you ‘want’ the family to take after Grandpa Sherm?
Naturally, he was one handsome sim-man.

Christian is looking so tired and old. Maybe we need to move sooner rather than later.
Franklin: He’ll be fine. You don’t know if it will reset anyone’s needs. Last thing we need is Sandra on the loose again. Be strong, Roo.
I… but… *sighs* Okay.

Franklin: Right. First Stinky Sandra dies. Then we move. Then Mom gets pregnant once more. Then you kill off the test subject.
*nods slowly* Yes, that is the plan as it stands right now.
Franklin: Roo…
Franklin: I have a son.
Franklin, you have two sons.
Franklin: *glances at Evan* No Roo, Lisa had a boy.
Oh! We’ll have to go visit her soon then.

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Monday, July 27, 2009

We have located your pants

Hey Franklin, there are some pictures missing-
Franklin: Shhh… cant you see I’m spending quality time with my son?
*blinks* What in the blazes are you teaching that boy?
Franklin: Life, Roo… its harsh, its cruel, its full of love and betrayal
Uh huh… is that why some of my pictures are missing?
Franklin: I have no idea what you’re referring to. Now if you don’t mind…
Oh, I mind alright. I did manage to salvage one photo…
Franklin: *glances at photo and grins*
That’s it? Just a grin? No comments, no quips, no sarcasm?
Franklin: A picture is worth a thousand words.

Precious hasn’t given up on scaring. Oddly, she never scared anyone until she became playable. None of the other ghosts do this! It really is getting old… if I didn’t have another test for her…
Franklin: *chuckles* Nah, it’s still funny. Look at Oma jumping out of her skin… uh… well just uh…
*giggles* Silly sim.

Franklin: *raises eyebrow* We aren’t broke, Roo. Why aren’t we paying our bill?
Rainne mentioned the repo-man. Honestly I forgot all about him and just got in the habit of paying all bills. She also mentioned something about ‘git er done’ or some such thing.
Franklin: Ah, another test. Okay then… how did this one work out for you?

There she is… wait, ‘she’? I’ve never seen a female repo-man before.
Franklin: You do realize you’re going to have a house full of negative moodlets for this, right?
Sure, but two of you will have positive ones for watching the others suffer. *shrugs* I’m not really all that worried… are you?
Franklin: *scoffs* Not at all.
So she walks in the house and heads to the kitchen. *laughs* She doesn’t appreciate the nasty dishes left on the table.
Franklin: *chuckles* Can’t say I blame her.
Thankfully she took the purchased art, not the homemade paintings.
Franklin: Those repo-folks do enjoy their job.
Hmmm, I wonder if they’re evil or mean spirited…
Franklin: Sorry I was at work when she showed up.
*smirks* You have enough women in your life.
Franklin: *grins*

Franklin: Aw man, not my computer.
You never use it! You’re always out back fishing, or playing your guitar, or painting or at your Uncle Steve’s… besides, she’s taking the gem next to it.
Franklin: Oh, never mind then. We have so many of those.
Total side note: Were there any long lasting side affects from that test Elliot did on you?
Franklin: No. None that I can tell anyhow.

*giggles* I wonder if the maid is thinking he should just leave cuz he doesn’t want to do all the work and not get paid.
Franklin: *laughs*
Now I’m curious… when the mailman/woman was here earlier, did she drop off more bills or did the bills just not go away and we got things taken and had to pay… *ponders*
Franklin: Guess you’ll have to run the test again… just wait until next generation for that will ya?

*laughs* This is what happens when a family oriented sim gushes over the kids to someone who dislikes children.
Franklin: *smirks* Pop looks bored.
He was most definitely bored. Although if he got a glance at the kids he would have been anything but bored.
Franklin: Meaning?
They got all warped and glitched. Once I unpaused, they bounced back. It was creepy.
Franklin: *raises eyebrow* Eddie looks fine.

So I wanted to… are you okay?
Franklin: You already know the answer to that. You sent me down there.
Catacombs… right. So hurry with your bath. I want to see just how ugh Steve looks as an elder.
Franklin: I’m soaking. I’ve had a rough day.
*pokes Franklin*
Franklin: *chuckling and rubbing his chest* Afraid you might slip if you went for the side?
*ignoring the comment and moving on*

Hello?! McFly! I want to see Steve…
Franklin: Lisa needs my attention right now. You can go see Uncle Steve, he’s over in the kitchen.

Okay I wasn’t fond of TS2 elders, I’m really hating TS3 elders! Eep!
Franklin: Are you done gawking? I have something I’m going to uh… take care of. *waggles eyebrows*
o.O Franklin! I… ya go ahead… its not like she’ll end up more preggers than she is…

With everyone working, Christian gets to stay home with the toddlers and baby. The weird thing is if he gets too close to the sidewalk, even if he is only walking to a different part of the lot, the game flips out and says the kids cant be home alone. o.O Dude was going to take a nap for cripes sake.
Franklin: Didn’t stop you from hiring a babysitter anyhow.
Nope. Figured give the geezer a break.

Its time.
Franklin: To eat… ya, its time.
No, I mean its time to start prep work for my next test.
Franklin: Roo, I just made my dinner…
Ya but …
Franklin: Just let me finish… it isnt as if it can’t wait a few minutes later.
A few of my minutes is a few of your hours… *fidgets*
Franklin: Okay lets go.

Okay, I know Sandra is a slob, but that is so gross!
Franklin: She ate that?
Yes. Nasty aint it? I mean granted I made Precious eat a rotten grilled cheese sammich, but I didn’t make Sandra eat that.
Franklin: That’s gross. I wont be kissing her again. *wrinkles nose in disgust*

What is taking you so long? You missed your son’s transition! And he got the cherub curly hair, I love it. Rather fitting don’t you think?
Franklin: I told you… he is not my son!
Where are you?
Franklin: We’re just hanging out for a bit. He’s a bit stressed from the procedure.
*sighs* Fine. I guess I can wait a little longer.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Worm.. Page 2

Franklin: Remind me again why I’m at Uncle Steve’s house?
Because he has a houseful of sims and I want to know who they are! I like to check in on the family occasionally.
Franklin: Fine, send someone else to do your leg work.
As heir it is your job. Deal. Now ring the bell… Steve has aged, but he’s still an adult. Apparently the hood sims don’t age faster than the played household. That is good to know.
Franklin: Ya, whatever I’m gonna go chat with some of the people inside since you dragged me out here.
*grins and bounces*
Franklin: Why are you so happy? I’m the one who made new friends.
Uh… cuz you made new friends… o.O

Franklin: *smirks* I told you Pop was good for helping out with the kids.
*giggles* Yes he does come in handy. He helped teach Eddie his toddler skills.
Franklin: It made Eddie happy. I enjoy that evil streak in my son.
Yes, I’m sure you do.

Sherman was a good sim. He donated simoleans to charity. I even witnessed a temporary halo over him afterwards. I wondered what I would see on Franklin.
Franklin: *raises eyebrow* What were you hoping to see?
Horns? Maybe? I’m not sure really… but to think of yourself is rather disappointing. Heck even the evil grin moodlet picture is more fitting than this. Oh well. This is what we got.

Franklin: You’re lucky we have so many adults in the house. The offspring don’t seem to want for anything for very long. Even Pop jumps up to take care of them.
That is true. I’ve had it pretty easy so far, of course we only have one toddler and one infant so far. So I’m not deluding myself in to thinking it will be a breeze with three little ones in the house.
Franklin: I make sure to keep the missus happy so she in turn takes better care of the offspring.
Can’t say the same for your son. Did you really have to steal candy from him?
Franklin: *shrugs* He’ll get over it. Besides, you can’t tell me you didn’t laugh when you saw the look of disappointment and horror on his little face.

Franklin: Roo…
*smirks* Okay yes, I did laugh. Now hush, its Hope’s birthday.

At least they made it to the cake this time. I find it hilarious that Christian handles the kids so much more in his elder years. Autonomously mind you! I told Precious to get Hope and Christian did it instead. Everyone came to cheer and celebrate… well everyone except Eddie. He was still in the living room crying over a certain candy he didn’t even know he had.
Franklin: *chuckles* Now ‘that’ never gets old.
*ponders* No, that hasn’t gotten old yet. *pokes Franklin* Shhh, stop distracting me… Hope was put on the floor as all babies are and sparkled for us.
Franklin: *rubs his side* Ya well we don’t know any differently. It is what we do. At least my baby sister is cute. *rubs hands together*
Oy, you don’t need any more candy right now.
Franklin: *laughs*

Ugh already? The other two are still toddlers. *sighs*
Franklin: You have no one to blame but yourself.
Ya, ya… whatever. Precious dutifully panicked, got bored and walked away. I had to agree with Precious. Sandra was dragging this out much too long. I poked her and sent her to the hospital. She jumped on her bike and was on her way… alone.
Franklin: I was busy in the garden. I got there…
Eventually. In the meantime, the toddlers were blissfully oblivious, Christian and Precious were off doing their own thing so I watched and waited to see the new baby.

Finally Sandra emerged with our spare, Evan followed by our proud daddy… erm I uh… Franklin? What’s wrong?
Franklin: He is not my son.
*blinks* Are you sure? You said she heard chimes… and while I know she is a flirt and all… she hasn’t been unfaithful to you as far as I know.
Franklin: Of course I’m sure! There is no way Evan is my son!
What? Why? I… oh… oh! *snickers*
Franklin: *raises eyebrow* It isn’t funny, Roo! No son of mine would choose to be ‘good’!

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