Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Enter random [boop] here

Ah, boop! I forgot about the fire in the fireplace.
Christian: Yes, the thing is a hazard. You have your fiery ghost, you can stop trying to burn the house down.
Listen Buster, I’m not trying to burn anything any more… wow that’s a big fire. Do you think we’ll lose your mom? *watches amazed*
Christian: Doubtful, she had the foresight to call the fire department prior to attempting to put out the flames.
I wonder if kids can burn like they do in TS2…
Christian: More than likely. Why? Are you going to destroy Franklin before he can even have a family and begin his part of the legacy?
Huh? Oh gosh no.

Yanno, he’s kinda cute… shame I got rid of Precious. She could have had his baby!
Christian: What? Him? *scoffs* He is far from handsome… he’s got uh… squinty eyes and… and it doesn’t matter anyhow, she’s gone. You saw to that.
True… but I have the makings for ambrosia….
Christian: She is dead. Gone… in a sense…
Ya I know. I’m not a big fan of ghosts anyhow… so after this fire, I finally had Christian put the dang fireplace out and had Sherman make it fireproof. I’m not sure how you make a fireplace fireproof but uh… who am I to argue eh?

Franklin is getting older and cuter and more interesting every day. As you all know, a ‘good’ sim can donate funds to a charity. What I didn’t know is that an ‘evil’ sim can donate to undermine said charities. *giggles*
Christian: He will make a fine heir.
Mhm… and he is a lot like you.
Christian: I’m afraid to ask…
Christian: Fine… how? How does my son remind you of me?
He throws all pansy like, just like you! *giggle snorts*

Christian: I knew I’d regret asking… he’s also handsome. Another feature he has from me.
That is true. He’s a cutie. And ironically, the one person that enjoys speaking with him is your father.
Christian: Why is that so surprising?
For one, Sherman is ‘good’ while Franklin is ‘evil’… and then there is that whole talking about his maniacal plot or whatever silliness it is he does. Sherman is the only one who will listen to his plans.
Christian: Perhaps Father intends to foil his plans…
Or Sherman being the coward he is, perhaps he is afraid of his grandson.

*perks* You need to go see Jenn!

Christian: This is rather sudden… what are you up to?
Me? Up to? *scoffs* What could I possibly be up to?
Christian: I don’t trust you…
I don’t blame you. Wait! Did something happen to your mother?
Christian: Huh? What? No… not that I know of anyhow…
Oh… huh um… oh, shhh, here she comes!

Okay I don’t get that handshake. I mean they’re love interests for cripes sakes!

Ah, much better. She’s happy to see you at least.
Christian: Why wouldn’t she be? *sniffs* What is that smell? *raises an eyebrow* And what is she wearing? Where is Jenn’s ‘pink’?
*giggles* Behind you… its time you meet her.

Christian, meet your daughter Carmen Emm!
Christian: Ugh, Woman! You know this is going to give me a bad moodlet and… wait, what?
Mhm! *points to happy moodlet* Your daughter! I hope she’s a cute lil blondie like her mommy.
Christian: I hope she has Jenn’s freckles.
See? You don’t hate kids…
Christian: I never said I ‘hate’ kids…
Right, right, its ‘dislike’ … pfft whatevers.

Our darling Jenn is a hopeless romantic. Our horny Christian takes full advantage of her girlieness. *giggles*
Christian: That’s not even a word!
Whatever she thinks you’re the bee’s knees! I love the foot pop, too cute!
Christian: Uh huh… so uh… you want to be her steady instead of me?
*scoffs* No, she’s just so in to you, its endearing.
Christian: *smirks*
Ugh! Oh! Your brother is at your house, I’m gonna go check up on them for a bit. You’re on your own.
Christian: With my offspring? Take the baby with you!

Bwahahaha! Oh that’s good. I never made her work out before *snicker snorts* Steve is really in to training her. Come on old lady, 10 more reps! *laughs*
Christian: Why is he yelling at Mother?
He isn’t… not really… He is simply motivating her. Heeeeeeey… what are you doing home already? I thought I left you with your girlfriend.
Christian: Yes well, I grew weary and came home.
You got nosey… pfft.

Speaking of weary… I thought this was funny. Steve took a short nap before he went home.
Christian: The rude sod.
Whatever, he’s still family.

Speaking of funny, family, and oddities…
Christian: Were we?
Huh? Ugh! *pokes Christian* Anyhow before I was rudely interrupted. I found it odd that Precious is still considered ‘related’ to Christian. Not as a wife, but as his fiancĂ©e… now how is that going to work with Jenn? *perks*
Christian: *rubs his side* I worry when you get that look…

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DebC said...

I saw what you did with that fireplace there. *g*

(ponders that her word verification is 'orces' and if she should be worried about Gollum sneaking up on her in the middle of the night)

MPD-Designer--Jenn said...

Ok so I am trying out the notepad thing…
Is that kid insane, he sure looks in sane..I need to go back and read the other updates again, so I can see. I love and fear the insane ones.
Awe, there is Jenn’s pink…how sweet. I lubbers babies….for the first few minutes.
Hahahahah “Come on old lady 10 more reps” hahaha that brought tears to my eyes laughing so hard…some how I always get mental pictures of my mom when I see the elders doing stuff.