Thursday, July 16, 2009

Time.. Page 2

Oh wow, its finally time.
Christian: Are you sure? She’s gotten up in the middle of the night before and fooled you.
*tries to click on icon* Nope this is definitely it! Odd, I thought it would be harder to watch her die. I think she simply out stayed her welcome.
Christian: *raises an eyebrow* Interesting.
Sherman wakes up, Grimmy shows up, Franklin rushes in and Sherman faints. *pokes Sherman* Seriously even Franklin thinks its getting old.
Christian: Perhaps. Yet he gets an evil moodlet of happiness when he does.
That is true.

From seemingly out of no where Akara shows to join in the mourning. Oh and to my delight the urn was not a simple ugly gray box! Yay! Ruby was in a great mood and she had accomplished her LTW. She was 100 days old before the stubborn woman would finally pass.
Christian: Father is only a day younger. It is going to be hard on the kids losing both grandparents.
He’ll probably go tomorrow. Luckily you wont have to have the death moodlet for four days, you’ll only have it for three.
Christian: Your idea of ‘luck’ astounds me.

Grimmy stuck around again. I followed his movements as he went downstairs. I had forgotten to put away the dollhouse and toy box. I wonder…
Christian: How many times did Father faint that night?
*ponders* Um… once in the bedroom, once in the loft, once downstairs. All from Grimmy’s visit.
Christian: I see.
Anyhow Grimmy didn’t play with the doll house, he picked up the VR glasses instead.
Christian: Yes, it is a disturbing sight to come home to. One I hope not to repeat.

So instead of mourning your mom in any way shape or form, you cooked up your son’s favorite dish (Goopy Carbonara), sat down to a meal with your father and consoled him… sort of.
Christian: *shrugs* I’ve dealt with the heartache that comes with losing your spouse.
Precious was taken a bit prematurely, I suppose. (hey!)
Christian: Why do you do that? That’s the second time you’ve done it. No one gets it…
Its that little video game my daughter plays on her DS. I can’t help it… moving along.

So while you console your father with food and empty words, you let your first wife console you?
Christian: Yes.
I see.
Christian: She was always a comfort to me.
I’m glad.
Christian: Why does that not reassure me?

Akara was taking the death of her grandmother rather hard. She would freak out, Sherman would console her. Then Sherman would get all mopey and Akara would console him. Rinse, repeat for a good part of their day until I couldn’t take it any more and sent them upstairs.
Christian: This would be another one of those mindless sim moments?
Most definitely. Sherman has always wanted to train someone so here was his chance.

Only something went wrong… Sherman got an odd look on his face and Akara stopped working out. So I tried clicking on Sherman to find out I couldn’t.
Christian: Yes, Father didn’t wait a full day before passing.
Mhm… your mourning moodlet was still on 2 days, so really you’re only going to have to mourn for 2.5 days.
Christian: Let me guess, you’re still considering this ‘lucky’.
Lucky for me, yes. Akara and Sherman had a rather touching moment just before she broke down and cried. Grim showed up moments before you did. I wasn’t sure how you were going to take his death again, you took it so hard the first time.
Christian: This time was harder. I knew you he had nothing in his backpack. This time it would be permanent.
He had a pretty urn just like Ruby. Franklin stopped gardening and joined in the mourning just in time for Sherman to plead with Grimmy. Then Grimmy did something that I completely missed because it happened so fast and I had never seen it before so I was totally taken by surprise.
Christian: What? What did he do? I was so busy mourning, I missed it.
Grimmy used his scythe to kind of… boot Sherman’s ghost away. Almost like he used his scythe like a golf club. It was almost comical.
Christian: You are one sick woman.
Ya true… anyhow Grimmy didn’t stick around this time. And now we have 3 headstones in the backyard.

Christian: The deaths of both of my parents so close together… it was hard to take.
Yes, you kind of lost it. Thankfully Franklin was there for you. It shocked me that you sobbed on his shoulder like that.
Christian: Even more suprising is my son consoled me. He’s a good boy… well no, he’s not, but he does know compassion.
*smirks* Yes so much compassion that he yelled at you after consoling you… and you apologized! *laughs*
Christian: He’s just a teen and I unloaded on him. He’s grieving too and… why ‘did’ I apologize?
Mindless sim.

Okay I am so ready to end this update for today. Lets do a quick recap of a few important details that I have left out.
Christian: Such as my daughter being utterly miserable because of all the detention?
Yes, I think I’m going to give up on the homework test. She is not failing, she simply keeps getting detention. Also there is your Lifetime Wish being accomplished. Kudos.
Christian: Thank you.
Okay, we’ll end things here.
Christian: At the risk of sounding like a ‘mindless drone sim’, is it time yet?
Christian: Finally.

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AeronwyDiobhell said...

Poor Akara, she's in for a lifetime of "testing things out" for you, isn't she. She looked really unsure about what you were proposing she do in that main-page picture too.

Man, poor Christian too, you haven't done enough to the poor guy? Killed off his wife, forced him to have a child and then get married to Jenn to see what Precious would do, have him divorce Jenn and now you're gonna mess with him and Precious again, aren't you. *taps her foot and stares at Ruby*

HAHAHAHA!! I love the chat-bubble for his woohoo request. *giggles* The heart looks practically psycho there!

Guess you shoulda let her shower when she first appeared, eh?

Unfortunately, the image is too small to see what the reason the "try for baby" is grayed out.

Huh. I didn't realize the kids could autonomously skip school like that. *blinks* I wonder what instigates that?

Obviously, Sherman loves Ruby and, while clearly not happy with her tendencies, he understands that's who she was when he married her and so long as she doesn't actually fool around, he'll overlook her rude behavior.

Poor Akara, at least she didn't stop, so she didn't get scolded by her big brother. Too funny that her grandmother doesn't care in the least though! *giggles*

Franklin doesn't look all that happy to be doing his homework. Or to be getting help from dad. Not sure which.

*blinks* Wow. I think Christian is right and Sherman really does need to grow a pair. He apologizes to Franklin, because Franklin insulted him? *boggles*

Happy birthday, Akara!

Actually, you don't even have to wait for him to finish his homework. Just have Franklin start it, then switch to Akara, click on Franklin's homework (not Franklin, the homework he's currently doing) and you can copy it. That's how Madison graduated high school with such high grades, she copied from her Genius brother, Landon, as he did his. *giggles*

I like Akara's makeover. She's really cute, even if you do abuse the poor thing.

OMFG I nearly sprayed water! I really need to be more careful clicking your links. Akara's reaction to Franklin being mean was freakin' PRICELESS!! *cracks up* Hehe, guess that wasn't the reaction he was expecting to his calling his sister stinky garbage. *giggles*

Aww, sorry 'bout the loss, Christian. Guess you need to practice more.

Hehe, I love that she's thinking about pampering herself while he's trying to call her a hairy ape. *snickers*

Whew, Ruby does NOT look happy to be going! *giggles* What a face. OMFG, Sherman fainted again? *cackles* Why doesn't Hal react like Sherman does? I mean, he's also a Coward, but all he does is rush from the car into the house when it's dark out.

Grimmy's never stuck around for my sims yet. :-( Of course, I've only had a few die so far. Holy crap, Sherman fainted THREE TIMES from ONE Grimmy visit?!? Geeze.

*blinks* Um, wow, that's NOT a good look. His cowl goes through the glasses and the wide lenses from the VR glasses give him a freaky look. *shudders* Yikes, I don't blame Christian, in addition to coming home to something that looks like that, Grimmy was also pointing at him! *hides Christian from Grimmy's view*

What, that whole "taken prematurely I suppose, Hey!" bit? Yeah, totally don't get it.

Hey, at least someone in the house missed Ruby! *huggles Sherman and Akara* More than Christian and Franklin are doing. Or you! *pokes Ruby*

Aww, poor guy. I guess he really did die of a broken heart, not waiting even a full day before passing. See? Toldja he loved Ruby, foibles and all. *comforts Christian* He didn't mourn his mom, but he did his dad?

I've never seen Grimmy do that either. I'll have to watch for it. (I suspect he was fed up with Sherman, especially since he got cheated out of his soul last time.) And yay for 2 big shiny obelisks!

What after-school job is that, that she's able to stare at the clock? And congrats on the LTW achieved!

Anjel76 said...

EEGHADS!! Death party at your place, eh, rubes? So sweet that Sherman didn't hang about too long after ruby finally made her exit. I bet you're hoping that none of the others last as long, right? Imagine ... Christian as a crotchety old geezer. HEH!!

That moment between Akara and her grandfather's ghosts ... very cool. :O)

And ... *snickers* ... the son comforts his father, and then it's like a light switch is flicked ... and he's all like: "So ... great. I console you for the death of your mom and dad ... and what? You don't return the favor to your son who is grieving for the loss of his grandparents. Great, dad. Just great. *start sarcasm* You are such a great father. *end sarcasm*" HA!! LOVE IT!!

What's with the mailman???

SuziCat said...

Wow, great stuff! I love how your Sims have become like real people, especially Christian! The back and forth homework grabbing between the teens was a hoot! I love how determined she was! :-) Very fun update!