Friday, July 24, 2009

Worm.. Page 2

Franklin: Remind me again why I’m at Uncle Steve’s house?
Because he has a houseful of sims and I want to know who they are! I like to check in on the family occasionally.
Franklin: Fine, send someone else to do your leg work.
As heir it is your job. Deal. Now ring the bell… Steve has aged, but he’s still an adult. Apparently the hood sims don’t age faster than the played household. That is good to know.
Franklin: Ya, whatever I’m gonna go chat with some of the people inside since you dragged me out here.
*grins and bounces*
Franklin: Why are you so happy? I’m the one who made new friends.
Uh… cuz you made new friends… o.O

Franklin: *smirks* I told you Pop was good for helping out with the kids.
*giggles* Yes he does come in handy. He helped teach Eddie his toddler skills.
Franklin: It made Eddie happy. I enjoy that evil streak in my son.
Yes, I’m sure you do.

Sherman was a good sim. He donated simoleans to charity. I even witnessed a temporary halo over him afterwards. I wondered what I would see on Franklin.
Franklin: *raises eyebrow* What were you hoping to see?
Horns? Maybe? I’m not sure really… but to think of yourself is rather disappointing. Heck even the evil grin moodlet picture is more fitting than this. Oh well. This is what we got.

Franklin: You’re lucky we have so many adults in the house. The offspring don’t seem to want for anything for very long. Even Pop jumps up to take care of them.
That is true. I’ve had it pretty easy so far, of course we only have one toddler and one infant so far. So I’m not deluding myself in to thinking it will be a breeze with three little ones in the house.
Franklin: I make sure to keep the missus happy so she in turn takes better care of the offspring.
Can’t say the same for your son. Did you really have to steal candy from him?
Franklin: *shrugs* He’ll get over it. Besides, you can’t tell me you didn’t laugh when you saw the look of disappointment and horror on his little face.

Franklin: Roo…
*smirks* Okay yes, I did laugh. Now hush, its Hope’s birthday.

At least they made it to the cake this time. I find it hilarious that Christian handles the kids so much more in his elder years. Autonomously mind you! I told Precious to get Hope and Christian did it instead. Everyone came to cheer and celebrate… well everyone except Eddie. He was still in the living room crying over a certain candy he didn’t even know he had.
Franklin: *chuckles* Now ‘that’ never gets old.
*ponders* No, that hasn’t gotten old yet. *pokes Franklin* Shhh, stop distracting me… Hope was put on the floor as all babies are and sparkled for us.
Franklin: *rubs his side* Ya well we don’t know any differently. It is what we do. At least my baby sister is cute. *rubs hands together*
Oy, you don’t need any more candy right now.
Franklin: *laughs*

Ugh already? The other two are still toddlers. *sighs*
Franklin: You have no one to blame but yourself.
Ya, ya… whatever. Precious dutifully panicked, got bored and walked away. I had to agree with Precious. Sandra was dragging this out much too long. I poked her and sent her to the hospital. She jumped on her bike and was on her way… alone.
Franklin: I was busy in the garden. I got there…
Eventually. In the meantime, the toddlers were blissfully oblivious, Christian and Precious were off doing their own thing so I watched and waited to see the new baby.

Finally Sandra emerged with our spare, Evan followed by our proud daddy… erm I uh… Franklin? What’s wrong?
Franklin: He is not my son.
*blinks* Are you sure? You said she heard chimes… and while I know she is a flirt and all… she hasn’t been unfaithful to you as far as I know.
Franklin: Of course I’m sure! There is no way Evan is my son!
What? Why? I… oh… oh! *snickers*
Franklin: *raises eyebrow* It isn’t funny, Roo! No son of mine would choose to be ‘good’!

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Anonymous said...

Nice face there, Sandra.

*shades eyes* Those are some bright babby blankies there.

*wonders what it would be like for Franklin to be twice widowed while still a young adult*

It looks like Christian is wondering how the heck the pregnancy happened. *leads Christian to the Kama Simtra*

Yeah, I don't like that hair either. TS3 needs MOAR better hairs!

*sits here drooling* What? There's more to read?

Akara is another nice looking sim, but Franklin still wins the blue ribbon. Now where should I tie this , love?

That one chick looks oddly familiar. *wink*

Dang, Steve, quit hating.

OMG, that look that Franklin is shooting while he's holding Eddie is just fierce!

lol @ Franklin eating his stolen-from-some-strange-place candy. Eddie is shocked & horrified because he knows where that candy came from.

Is that a kidlet observing Sandra's labor from the toybox in the background?

Srsly, am I the only person who thinks a pregnant woman riding a bike to the hospital to deliver her baby is absolutely, incredibly stupid?!

*pokes Franklin* Maybe he gets the "good" trait from his mother's (hypothetical) side of the family?

Brian said...

The plot thickens! Evil dad, Good kid? Should be interesting. :D

SuziCat said...

I still haven't played with an evil Sim yet! Looks like a lot of fun! :-D

Ha ha ha, I had a feeling the new kid would be good!!! :-D

Anjel76 said...

DAMN ... I love that look on Franklin's face every time I see it! VERY hawt ... not to mention haughty. :O))

No horns? *pout*

Aww ... the boy looks so cute playing with his little doll ... his tongue sticking out. :O))

Precious looks good in her fiery business suit.

HA!!! A GOOD son! *cackles*

Anonymous said...

Good vs. evil...this should be fun. Also I love the stealing candy from the baby!