Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Is it time yet?

And we’re back with the Babii family. Um, so what are we doing?
Christian: You’re making my life miserable.
Nah, that’s too simple. There is usually a reason behind my actions. A test, an experiment, a wish fulfilled… I don’t usually do things for no reason.
Christian: *raises an eyebrow* Oh?
What? I said ‘usually’! Besides, you simmies have been more than entertaining and helping me out with the drama.
Christian: Jenn did that, not me.
Ya but your wish helped and OH! I just remembered…

Christian: Ah right, the homework test.
CeeCee mentioned copying homework and the kid got detention for it. I wanted to see what will happen if a kid never learned on his/her own and always copied. Would she get caught? Will she have her grade go down? Will she have more detention? So many questions and Akara gets to test this out.
Christian: And this ‘CeeCee’… I’m guessing she’s another sim-Goddess.
Yes, and I did as she had, I took out Franklin’s old homework, set it on the desk and directed Akara to copy it. Akara obediently snatched his old homework up, tossed it on the ground, plopped down with her homework and began copying it. Thankfully Ruby is clueless or she doesn’t care.
Christian: She was busy writing another novel.
*waves dismissive hand* The result of her copying the homework was detention. Although I forgot to take a picture of the pop up apparently… it said something about her goofing off in class and falling asleep or some other such rot.
Christian: Not the results you were expecting?
Yes it is actually.
Christian: Yet you had her continue this routine daily.
Naturally. I wanted to see the long term affect of copying homework.
Christian: Interesting.

I see you’ve taken up fishing more often. Are you trying to tell me something?
Christian: That I need some alone time to reflect, you’ve been pushing me too far, you crossed a line that shouldn’t be crossed… pick one.
*blinks* Listen, once Franklin transitions to adult you can have all the time you want. Besides I have a new test for you.
Christian: *sighs* I’m going to regret this too aren’t I?

I doubt it. Precious napping with Christian made me remember ghost can become playable again. Since these two are still considered engaged somehow, I had them spark their friendship again. Which ironically wasn’t low as I had expected.
Christian: *wrinkles nose* Ugh ghosts. Wait, what do you want me to do?
Precious was very receptive of Christians friendly interactions. She was even happy for him when he told her about his promotion. So I had him kick it up a bit.
Christian: For someone who died in a fire, she is surprisingly cold to the touch.

Uh huh… ghost… Anyhow, we stepped up a bit again…
Christian: For a ghost, she was also surprisingly odorous.
*pokes Christian* She died in a fire. When you fight fires, your hygiene drops, so apparently fire ghosts stink… ya I don’t know for sure, but I do know the first thing Precious does when she comes in the house is make a beeline for the shower.
Christian: Except tonight. You interrupted her for your little ‘test’.
And naturally we kicked up a notch once more. He went in to seal the deal and
Christian: She rejected my advances… apparently she was not in a good enough mood due to her lack of hygiene.
We didn’t let that stop us. I tried again and found my answer. Random female ghosts cannot have babies.

Christian: Precious is not a ‘random’ ghost. She is the ghost of my first wife.
Which is not the point… the point is she is not controllable so she is treated as an NPC by the game therefore she is unable to be impregnated. Test complete.

I was busy looking through the household to see if there were any opportunities I hadn’t helped fulfill yet when I found Franklin hanging out
Christian: *raises an eyebrow* Oh really…
Mhm… our heir is ditching school. I hadn’t realized they could do it. Unfortunately his grade isnt high enough for him to get away with this so after I took a few pictures I sent him to class.
Christian: A ‘C’? He’s got a C in school? How is he going to make something of himself if he remains a C student?!
Listen Genius… as long as he’s not failing, he’s passing. So let it go.
Christian: *grumbles*

*headdesk* She wont die and she wont stop flirting with guests. The older she gets the worse she is too. I’m really surprised Sherman hasn’t thrown a wish to divorce her.
Christian: The coward wouldn’t do that.
Christian! Don’t speak about your father that way.
Christian: He gets upset, yet not upset enough to actually do anything about it. Until he grows a pair, she wont stop.
*sighs* Such disrespect for your parents. I did not raise you to be like that!
Christian: *raises an eyebrow* Yes you did.

Homework time again. Since Ruby didn’t react to her copying, I figured why make her run all the way upstairs to do her homework? So she throws it on the floor in her bedroom.
Christian: The bedroom which she shares with her big brother, the owner of the homework she is copying from.
Mhm… I figured he was asleep but apparently he’s not a heavy sleeper and it woke him up. I didn’t bother stopping her. I wanted to see what he’d do.
Christian: Perhaps you should have stopped her.
Yes, maybe so. He stood there waiting for her to stop so he could ‘react to copying’ and ultimately gave up and went back to sleep. Ruby walked in the room on her way to their bathroom and ignored the fact she was copying… she is so oblivious.

For someone who doesn’t like children, you have several wishes that include your children.
Christian: Franklin is a teen and I was concerned about his grade. Naturally I would want to help him succeed. By helping him with his homework he can become more successful.
You’re just itching for him to grow up.
Christian: Yes, yes I am. Is it time yet?
*looks at his age bar* Nope! He has 7 more days.

Here’s something that cracks me up. Franklin will yell at Sherman… and Sherman in turn apologizes to Franklin. o.O
Christian: Would this fall under the mindless drone sim?
Mhm, most definitely!
Christian: I see.

Hmmm… what is it about these kids and the cemetery?
Christian: The cemetery? Perhaps its all the death around them? First Father, then their mother and now both of my parents are aging.
Ugh how old are they now? Man they need to die!
Christian: As harsh as that statement it is, I actually understand your sentiment. Mother is 97 and Father is 96 now.

Transition time… uh ya don’t ask me why she was outside, it doesn’t happen often. Anyhow, Akara is excited.
Christian: She is probably tired of having detention every day after school.
Oh that test is far from over, she will continue to copy Franklin’s homework.
Christian: He has no old homework for her to copy.
True, but Aer said I don’t have to wait. Apparently I just need to borrow his homework from his backpack and have her copy it, then slip it back in his bag… easy peasy!
Christian: Another sim-Goddess… wonderful. How many are there?
Uh… lots.
Christian: Fabulous.
Isn’t it?! *grins*

No sooner did Akara age, Franklin wanted to be mean to her. He went over and called her a loser. I’m sure he implied other things as well but what I loved most is her reaction to his antics. In the end they both looked at each other funny and threw negative relationship icons before going on their way.

I hadn’t had anyone serenade before. Its cute. I guess. Precious liked it anyhow.
Christian: Not to mention it helped my skill in guitar.
You’re such a romantic.
Christian: I’m sure they’re tired of hearing how I woo’d my first wife’s ghost in to bed once more. Which reminds me, if the test is complete, what is the point of having me continue boosting my relations with her?
Uh… just in case?
Christian: *raises eyebrow*

Christian invited the next ranked chess player over. They hemmed and hawed and studied the board in their peculiar little ways.
Christian: She’s a formidable opponent.
Mhm… she beat you.
Christian: Yes, she is the first since I was a child. I was intriguied by the woman and her skill. Naturally we became friends.

Homework time again! I made Franklin finish his homework before allowing him to go to bed. Once he was comfy in bed, I pulled his homework out of his backpack and tossed it on the floor. I then had Akara go copy it like a good little GP.
Christian: GP?
Uh huh, GP… guinea pig! Now, just like before Franklin woke up to react to her copying his homework. Unlike last time though, she stopped what she was doing and allowed him to react. Hilarity ensued.
Christian: If you mean his calling her a loser once more and her making faces back at him. I suppose it was hilarious.
It was truly hilarious. I LOL’d for real. Once the names and faces were done, he bent over and snatched his homework back before crawling back in bed.
Christian: So your test is done?
Hells no, I pulled it back out and sent her to the kitchen to copy it.

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Anonymous said...

Is Sherman thinking about a rock?

Ha! I don't blame Precious, I don't wanna get busy when I feel stinky either.

OMG, how did you get Franklin to ditch school? Did he do that on his own?

The sims weird me out how they get so excited over a transition.

I love Franklin, he's so funny! OMG and Akara's face! TDF!

Chess girl is kinda cute.

Why does Ruby have such a crabby look on her face? Oh, she's kicking the bucket finally.

*laughs at Sherman's dramatics*

Grimmy looks pretty creepy with those VR glasses on.

Awwww. Poor Akara. Who's gonna console her when Sherman dies?

Oh man, I wish you would've gotten a shot of Grimmy shooing Sherman away with his scythe.

That is one strange look on Franklin's face.

*laughs* Franklin is a hoot!

Anjel76 said...

My goodness ... what a long entry ... and it's just page one! :O))

Lots of interesting "tests" you have going on here.

The thing you said about ghosts ... not 100% true. Once they're playable, yeah, they can gets preggers. But NPCs ... they can get preggers I do believe.