Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'd love to, but I'm building a pig from a kit.

Oh just die already! *sighs dramatically*
Franklin: Well aren’t you the impatient one? *smirks*
*glares* Yes and she’s annoying me. She just wont die.
Franklin: Give it some time, Roo. The EA Guys don’t understand sim-Goddesses, such as yourself, enjoy killing your sims. They think it is a mistake and give you plenty of time to ‘save’ her.
Save… her… *blinks* save… *breaks down laughing* Oh that’s funny.
Franklin: Indeed.

Precious and the test subject were sent downtown for a nice private meal. I was tired of their relationship hurting Christian so much. It would appear that if they’re on the same lot, then he ‘knows’ regardless of where on the property they are. I find that utterly absurd, but I am not of those ‘Guys’ so I have no control over such things.
Franklin: *chuckles* Sandra has really slipped in to the red. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone that unhappy before.
*sighs* She has a bench right there… she could nap for cripes sakes, stupid mindless drone sim that she is. *headdesk* Speaking of mindless drones… the ‘couple’ choose to read when I left them to do their own thing.

Franklin: *raises eyebrow* What’s with the fish tank?
Eddie caught his first fish. He wanted to keep it in a bowl.
Franklin: You know that creature is going to die…
*shrugs* Like everything else in this house… yes he too will eventually die.
Franklin: I should go visit Lisa. I haven’t met my son yet.
o.O That was so left field.
Franklin: You’re rubbing off on me.

It is a great idea… get this gardening done and we’ll head over.
Franklin: Why do I care about this garden if we’re moving?
Other than your job has gardening skills for promotions, I want the garden left lovely and taken care of so you can come back occasionally and reap the benefits without much more effort.
Franklin: Benefits… Hey Roo, tomorrow is Monday.
Ya… and?
Franklin: We all go to work tomorrow… including Sandra…
o.O she needs to quit her job.. now. *peeks at her needs* oooh she has 24 hrs to live! *bounces*

Franklin: Am I going to look that bad when I become an elder?
*sighs* Probably… maybe… possibly… if I let you get old.
Franklin: *laughs* Even you can’t stop death forever, Roo. Eventually I will get old and die. I just don’t want to end up looking like ‘that’.

*melts* So this is Fred. He’s adorable. I hate his hair and he could use some pants… but he’s definitely a Babii and he’s so freaking cute.
Franklin: *laughs* This from the woman who says all infants, toddlers and children look alike.
… shut up.
Franklin: *laughs harder* Thanks Roo.
Hmmm? For what? … I mean you’re welcome… for what? o.O
Franklin: Giving me Lisa and Fred. I know we’ve talked about this and I really thought you were nuts when you suggested-
Franklin: ‘Told’ me what was ahead for me in my life… and here I have a wonderful woman and another handsome son.
Just remember she can never move in with you… spend the night, sure… just not move in…
Franklin: Is that why you didn’t have Pop fight for his marriage with Jenn?
Yup, if she stayed, I’d have to kill her off…
Franklin: Do you have enough Sim-Goddess Simme’s to last the generations?
*thinks* I think so… maybe… what generation are we on?
Franklin: Eddie is #4.
Right… so I need seven more? *tries to think and fails* I’m sure I have enough.
Franklin: What if you have an heiress?
*boggles* I uh… Brian! I have ‘the Shiny One’… no worries…

Franklin: Speaking of Pop. He refuses to sleep with Mom any more… I can’t say I blame the man.
Me either… which brings me back to Sandra needing to die… now… I had to set up a twin bed in the loft so he would have a place to sleep.
Franklin: That was the night Shawanda finally made an appearance.
Same night your grandmother upset your grandfather by flirting… again…
Franklin: *shrugs* Oma will never change.
Nope, not even in death…

Franklin: Hmm… maybe I shouldn’t have drunk that vial…
*blinks* Afraid of the dark? You’re brave… how the frell?
Franklin: *shrugs* It was a new potion one of the guys was testing.
Oh… weird… neat, but weird. *peeks at Sandra’s needs* Oooh soon! Very, very soon… *speeds up time*

And there she goes! *ponders* I should have cleared the area… well that’s easily remedied. *stores bench and lamps*
Franklin: Grim’s here.
Well hells bells I should have gotten rid of the fence… okay that’s better. Okay Grimmy, you’re clear to reap her soul. *watches, waits* Pretty color for a starvation ghost.
Franklin: *laughs* The maid isn’t too impressed. She thinks Sandra stinks.
Well she does. She piddled a few times with no shower. *waves a dismissive hand* I don’t care about all that… we have a ghost… we have an empty slot in the house!! Time to move! Yay!!

Okay guys the important things are packed and… *sighs* Too much testosterone… break it up guys and grab the toddlers, its time to move.
Franklin: I thought we decided to buy new furniture when we go to the new house?
You decided and I changed my mind. We’ll replace the furniture as we go along.
Franklin: *furrows eyebrows* You said that to Oma and Pop…
Only this time we have the funds to do it. I just want to make sure we have enough to make the new house, put in windows, doors, flooring, and paint. Then if we can we’ll do the second floor and then we’ll weed out the old furniture for new stuff.

I was half way done with building the house when I had to stop playing… I went ‘live’ in order to save and that is when I saw grumpy Christian’s very red plumbbob.
Franklin: The test subject you picked is a hot head. He took out his frustrations on Pop. Don’t worry, he will eventually get over it. The house is a bit lopsided…
Meh, it will do.

I forgot Hope loves the outdoors. She loves the new lot. Once the house was built I left her outside for a little while. Then once she was in bed, I moved at least one toy on the porch for her.
Franklin: Sometimes I forget she’s around. She’s a pretty quiet kid.
Me too… I’m surprised I haven’t heard from…
Franklin: Roo?
*grins* I have a new test…
Franklin: *rubs hands together* Great, who dies?
*laughs* No one… yet…

So the house is ready… sort of… okay so I got tired of building. I wanted to play… deal!
Franklin: *blinks* It isn’t done? I realize there isn’t a second story but there is a kitchen, dining room, living room, drawing room, exercise room, nursery, two bathrooms and four bedrooms… did I leave anything out?
*ponders* No… and you have walls, paint, flooring, windows and doors.
Franklin: You did forget a few lights here and there…
Two… two rooms were dark give me a break it is a big house!
Franklin: *chuckles*
As I was saying… *pokes Franklin* The house is ready enough that its time for these two to get busy with my next test.

Franklin: *laughs rubbing his side* Test subject was not cooperative. Did someone slip up and tell him he’s going to die after the test is complete in order to fulfill phase two of this test?
Nope. He was just tired from the move… not a problem though… I had him initiate things and it worked out better. So much better phase one is under way.
Franklin: Pop feels betrayed every time. Technically him and Mom are engaged.
Maybe he needs to break up with her… I haven’t decided yet.

Oh and thanks to the Shiny One and his brilliant idea of fencing in the headstones. The ghosts are contained.
Franklin: Tell that to Oma.
*headdesk* I need to remember to move the headstones away from the edge… maybe she just popped out of the headstone on the wrong side of the fence?

Today is the day Hope grows up.
Franklin: *shrugs* I see what you mean about kids looking alike.
She has potential… only we wont see her achieve her full potential until she gets to her teen years.
Franklin: Throw a pair of glasses on the kid and she looks just like Akara. *narrows eyes* Is that why you kept my old homework?

Eddie is a goo… erm friendly sort. *giggles* See him hugging his grandfather? He does it to cheer him up, which gives Christian both a positive and a negative moodlet (dislikes children & cheered up) which naturally gives Eddie a positive one for watching his grandfather suffer.
Franklin: Kill him with kindness… the boy is a genius.

What’s that?
Franklin: Breakfast.
I can see that, what are you making?
Franklin: Waffles.
Wow… it has been a long time since anyone has made any. I keep making you eat that Goopy thing because its your favorite.
Franklin: Yes, but today I’m in the mood for waffles.
Very well then, carry on. *pauses to stare at him some more*
Franklin: *smirks*

The laptop is broken… Test subject will now attempt to fix it. I made sure he had zero handy points. And before you say it Lisa, I know he isn’t standing in a puddle… the punkars fixed it. Not only did he fix it he got three, count them THREE handy man points! *headdesk* Fine… he wants to tinker… I’ll teach him to tinker… *glares at him* Just wait until I get confirmation on phase one…
Franklin: You mean Mom’s pregnant spin? She did that after she got home from work today.

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Anonymous said...

First of all: *giggles madly at the title*
*boggles at the pretty red plumbbob*
The ghost couple that reads together stays together?
Aw. Look, Fred has a blue nappy to go with his blue shirt!
Pffffft. Ruby never acts as expected to. <3
Shush, Frankin. Hope is cute. She looks sad though.
*facepalm* Stoopid test subject.
The "wants to tinker" photo has been moved or deleted.
*rubs hands together* Excellent! Now you just have to get phase 2 finished.

AeronwyDiobhell said...

They really do take an annoyingly long time to die of starvation. I noticed that when I'd tried to kill some kid's parents off that way.

Ooo, that's an awfully pretty shade of red her plumbob is. It's like ruby red. Hehe, get it, Ruby? Ruby red! I crack myself up! *snickersnorts*

Haha! Too funny that they're both sitting there reading while on their date. *giggles*

Sim-fish live a -really- long time... until you forget to feed them. :-)

I guess EAxis took the whole "You can live 3 days without food and water" literally for our Sims? But you really are too excited about this poor woman dying.

Unfortunately, Franklin, 99.9% of sims look like "that" when they get old. *sighs* Sux that there's NO variety in how our Elders look. :-( So far, Lewis Wolff is the ONLY Elder I've seen who doesn't look like that.

Aww, hiya Fred! *pinches Fred's cheeks* He is a little cutiepie.

That really is such a super sweet family picture there. *melts a little*

Poor Chris. *comfort* I don't blame him for refusing to sleep with Precious, now that she's carrying on with a ghost-man.

*blinks* Well, that's kinda neat. Our big brave sim is afraid of the dark! *snickers*

Ooo, just 4 more hours until Franklin becomes a widower again. :-)

Er, shouldn't the Grim Reaper be able to walk through walls/fences? Or can we fend off death just by locking ourselves in a room? *grins*

Ooo, that is a pretty color. *ponders who she can starve to death in her Legacy family* Hehe *snickers at the maid*

Holy CRAP!!! That's a whole lot of negative moodlets Christian's got there! *blinks* Offended, crying baby, embarrassed, death. The bottom right one... he's got a negative moodlet from -moving-?? And what's the top left moodlet? It looks like a dagger, so I'm guessing from catching Precious cheating on him or something?

Oh, dear. What are you going to do to poor Hope? *winces*

Geeze, all that on the first floor? *boggles* (For the new Zahm homestead, the kitchen and 3 bedrooms (including 1 master) is on the second floor. The ground floor has the other master, a garage, the entry foyer, and a great room for, well, darn near everything.) Heh, that's more than the Zahm's have... they have no windows and no paint on the walls. *snickers*

Hah, what's up with him rejecting her? Dumbass, you're gonna get some! Glad you got that worked out.

Geeze, Christian -really- doesn't like Precious or Test, does he.

*cackles* No, Ruby, I suspect your sim-self is as obstinant as you are and found some loophole in the whole "tombstone fenced in" b.s.! *giggles loudly*

*blinks* That is quite the convoluted relationship there between Eddie and Christian. *blinks again*

*joins Ruby in the staring* Not a bad shot you gave us there, Ruby my sweet. :-D

Well, at least Precious is nauseous... That's gotta count for something, right?

Congrats on getting her LTW -and- getting her knocked up! *cheers* Can't wait to see the ghost baby!

Anjel76 said...

*is confused by the title*
*shrugs and continues with her comments*

Poor Sherman ... tortured by his "former wife's" infidelity. :O((

Dawww ... little Fred is cuter than most of the toddlers I've seen. ;O) I agree - the hair has to go! Daww ... Franklin and Lisa are standing so very close together and looking so very deeply into one each other's eyes. :O)) *wonders if/when her sim-self will appear*

So long Sandra, and thanks for all the Fish! :O)

New house's foundation looks good. :O)

Oh dear ... you aren't going to have a toddler taken away by the social worker, are you? :O((

Hmm ... hemmed in ghosts. Does it TRULY work? I won't know until I get some ghosts. Least you could do is make the area larger so they don't look like anchovies in a tin. *LOL*

I hate to say it, ruby, but ... Hope (when she first transitioned) looks like the main character in the video game called "The Darkness". :O)) And ... he hair you put her in ... I never liked, cuz it makes the kids look like they're going bald.

Killing his grampa with kindness!! Evil EVIL kid!

*smacks Franklin in the ass as he bends over to inspect his waffles* Hmm ... sounds kinda kinky!!

THREE handy man points?!?!

YAY! Ghost babies!!!

So ... when do we see if playable ghosts can die a second time? >:O))

SuziCat said...

That's funny that Sandra's Fun bar is still halfway full, even tho she's dying. She finds it kind of fun? Well, I found the whole entry fun, ha ha. I wants me a ghost bebeh, too!

Brian said...

I find myself quivering in a strange mix of curiousity and fear, at the thought of Sim Me being introduced to the Babii clan...

He's Good, Hopeless Romantic, a Loner, and a Computer Whiz with a Great Sense of Humor.... so she'll probably kill him quick... especially after the first time he back talks her. :)

MURDERER!!! :D Sometimes I wish I could kill Sims... I just can't do it. :)