Monday, July 20, 2009

Plan B... Page 2

Shawanda spun in to her ‘everyday’ clothing with the intent of exiting the house in order to go to the hospital to give birth. I was having none of that. I allowed Ruby to go the first time to see what the fuss was all about. I allowed her to go the second time because I wanted to see what would happen to Christian. I allowed Precious to go the first time because Christian was at work. I allowed it the second time because she insisted! *giggles* and after fighting her three times, I figured if she was that danged determined she should have that child where she wanted to.
Franklin: *chuckles* I didn’t realize Mom had such spunk.
*grins* You’d be surprised. Precious was a lot of fun… but we’re here to talk about Shawanda. She spun the want to go to the hospital. I X’d it out. Franklin went downstairs before I X’d it out for him as well. Shawanda stayed put and went sparkly, spun and had a baby in her arms. *yawns* Boring.
Franklin: I was going outside to fish for a while but was suddenly hungry and had a late night snack of Goopy Carlsboro leftovers. I love that stuff. Pops makes the best around.
I’m well aware of your love for this odd food, the applauding every time you eat it is a dead give away.
Franklin: While I am rather fond of my name, you could have done a better job with my son’s.
What? Why? He is named after my favorite comedian.
Franklin: *blinks* Eddie? No. No! If he starts cross-dressing-
Eddie is an executive transvestite (Eddie Izzard). You’ll still have an heir/heiress, calm down. And for those who are curious, Eddie’s early traits are friendly and…
Franklin: And?
*sighs* Evil…

Remember the ‘Brave’ Shawanda? It would appear that Precious who was always so sweet in ‘life’ is a real stinker now that she’s been returned. *ponders* I should check her traits tonight. I wonder if they’ve change. She really enjoys scaring the tar out of Shawanda who refuses to die of fright.
Franklin: Can we die of fright?
I don’t know. I am hoping your wife will help us out with that question. I was hoping Sherman would die of fright, but he was such a coward he would faint before any ghost could try to scare him.

Shawanda was sitting at 0 days to transition for a full day after having given birth. It was time. So we bought glitchy woman a cake.
Franklin: *chuckles* She took it in stride at least.
You don’t seem too concerned about being married to an old woman.
Franklin: Should I be?
Meh, I don’t suppose so. No sooner did Shawanda transition Akara followed suit with a transition of her own.
Franklin: You do realize Akara’s transition is the same day as Pop, right?

No one’s cooking is ever high enough for ambrosia. I have dreaded this moment. I thought of scenarios to keep him from aging and truth is… I let it happen anyhow. I get too attached to my heirs and heiresses. I have to learn to let them go. *swallows hard* So Christian sparkled and spun… and then he got old.

While Precious ran around scaring the family, I prompted Akara to call her man over. We bought him a cake and nudged him to blow out the candles. Akara helped him celebrate and he transitioned to YA with her.
Franklin: Strange guy, gray eyebrows and now overalls? What does she see in him?
No idea, but they were best friends in high school and I wanted to ensure she was married before she moved out. Unlike your Uncle Steve who is STILL single. I’m hoping she has a bunch of little spawn running around very soon.
Franklin: *chuckles* All wearing overalls most likely.

Akara took the initiative and woo’d him relentlessly. Brett had no idea what broad sided him. They were already BF/GF, so Akara took it to the next step, fumbling the box naturally (clumsy) and proposed engagement. He accepted. She’s happy. So we stepped it up once more.
Franklin: They’re married? That was fast.
Yours was faster… but that’s beside the point. Instead of having him move in to their small home and then kicking them out. I let them move in with his Mom and some little boy with their last name. Now, is that her offspring or his?! I will have to check the family tree and get back to you on that one.

Franklin: You should have had him move in and then kicked them out. You cost this household §20k.
Yes, I realize that now. Lessons learned and that is what this legacy is all about for me.
Franklin: Test subjects, guinea pigs… I see. Is that why Mom is pregnant again?
Franklin: This is definitely going to be interesting.
*bounces* I cant wait!

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Anonymous said...

So I wonder what Christian will think once his grandchild is actually here & he is compelled to care for him/her.

Horray for socks!

Their extreme faces are TDF!

I'm so amazed at the things they carry in their backpacks.

And is it just me that thinks the whole labor thing is overly dramatized?

*swoons over Franklin's eyebrow lifting*

*boggles at a friendly evil sim*

Akara looks good as an adult (young adult?).

lol @ Franklin being scared by his mother.

Oooooooo. I look forward to seeing your take on ghost babies.

SuziCat said...

That was fun, tho the clickable pics took FOREVER to pop up for me! Anybody else have that issue?

Anyway, I love that the baby is evil--father and son, in the evil biz together, bwah ha ha!

The playable ghost scaring people thing is a ghost thing, not a triat thing. Ghosts just seem to like to scare. :-)

And about being scared to death, according to the Prima Guide it doesn't happen; the deaths it lists are burning, electrocution, drowning, starvation and old age.

Good for you letting Christian age--he is actually a good looking elder, one of the best I've seen! I guess him being cute to start with helped. :-)

I hope you get a ghost bebeh!!!

Anjel76 said...

I miss seeing the plumbbob separate into a smaller plumbbob. :O((

DAAANG! Akara moves FAST! I like that outfit you have her in though. Doesn't match with her new husband's overalls though. :Op HAH!


Brian said...

Man, I thought I used a lot of screenshots!

I'm loving this Ruby! Can't wait to see what Akara is up to! She's cute... must be the glasses. :D

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Geeze, Franklin, chill out. Man he's so uptight? *chuckles*

Oh, I've gotta remember to do that (if the Zahms ever get enough aspiration points to buy one).

And congrats on Gen 4 being on the way! *cheers* I'm such a slacker. My Gen 2 heiress only -just- became an adult. *blushes*

Why is not being afraid of ghosts a bad thing? I think it'd be a heck of a lot more pleasant than fainting all the time! Ah, that's why. *snickers* I'm not sure we can scare our sims to death anymore, can we?

I'm surprised Franklin was even the tiniest bit upset that you were going to kill her. I mean, he is Evil, after all. He could take a few pointers from you. ;-)

*blinks* Christian WANTS grandbabies? *shakes her head* I hope he knows he has to help care for them, just as his folks did for his kids. *smirks*

He has socks? The cheater! I only bother to put socks on them if their outfits show their ankles. I'll have to give Lewis Wolff socks on all his everyday outfits and see if that gives him socks with his science disguise. *ponders*

Aww, poor girl. *huggles Akara and pokes Franklin through Ruby* Meanie.

Hehe, they do make funny faces when they play! *giggles* Guess I should let mine play video games once in a while. Usually, I find there's something useful they need to be doing, instead of playing games. :-) And just what experiment are you up to? *peers at Ruby*

What'd you do? What didn't work as planned? *taps her foot impatiently* What'd you do, make Precious playable? You're dragging this out on purpose, you fiend!

Are you going to have a ghost baby? *giggles*

Shawanda's going to have her eyes pop out, if she goes any more googly faced than that.

*gasps* Franklin, shame on you! I mean, I know Ruby's being cruel and forcing your wife to give birth at home, but you need to be there to catch the baby when it spins out! *tsks*

Hehe, glad to see Brynn Doe wasn't the only one who INSISTED she give birth at the hospital. I guess they give good drugs there or something. *grins* Yeah, the home-birth is kind of boring. I miss the cut scene of births from TS2. It was really sweet and stuff.

Welcome to the world, Eddie! *cheers* Congrats on being a friendly evil Sim. :)

Haha, too funny that Precious loves to scare Shawanda. *giggles* And how Shawanda is just standing there, staring at her sneaking in. You can practically hear the "Oh man, not again" thought!

Happy birthday, Shawanda! And Akara! And Christian! *toots her party horn* At least Christian turned into a good looking Elder and not an ugly one.

Too funny that Precious loves scaring people so often now. *chuckles*

I'm half tempted to try to figure out how to remove a Store outfit, so I can get rid of those darned overalls. Well over half my Sims (and the townies) frakin' transitions into them! *flails*

Congratulations on your wedding, Akara! May you love a long and happy life with lots of Wishes fulfilled, well away from the Evil Controller. *cheers*

I don't understand why it cost the Babii household §20k for Akara to move into Brett's house that his mother already owned. *frowns* Really makes NO sense. It's gotta be a game glitch, I'm thinking.

HA! You ARE having a ghost baby! I knew it! *cackles loudly* Interesting that Eddie will be older than his uncle though. *grins*

Mao said...

A sim getting knocked up ignores transitions. I had a sim pregnant between YA/Adult and she refused to transition into an adult UNTIL she gave birth. Sigh.

I definitely agree with the yawn, boring on births. I just send them to the hospital.

Franklin turned out really well! You are doing good, avoiding the pudding sims.