Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My train of thought has derailed

Franklin: So now that you have him here, when will the test begin? You do realize the house is full.
*blinks* It is? Hmmm, and I’m seeing we need another bedroom. *ponders* I think we should move, or kill someone off… what do you think?
Franklin: Both. We should do this before father passes so he can replant the cheese and eggplants. I just got a money tree seed so we’ll hold on to that. Hmmm, lets see, we’ll need to pack all the paintings and some of the furniture. Others should be replaced…
You appear to have given this some thought…
Franklin: Not really.

Precious has finally met the test subject. They get along well enough. So well in fact that they become fast friends and he pushes his luck for a little flirt.
Franklin: *chuckles* Pop wasn’t too thrilled with that move.
*sighs* They’re outside, he is inside… it isn’t fair that he ‘knows’ they’re flirting! I’m really trying to spare him the pain of betrayal but he’s not making it easy.
Franklin: He was pretty upset with Mom. She made up for it by scaring him.
Yes it did cause Christian to drop the action. This is going to be tricky…
Franklin: *scoffs* As much pain as you’ve put him through already? I’m sure he’s well aware you’re up to another test. You make it very clear we are all GPs.
Actually, heirs are not GPs.
Franklin: *waves dismissive hand* Semantics…

Did you want one more erm… time… with Sandra before…
Franklin: *raises eyebrow* Why would I want that?
Okay I’m just checking.
Franklin: Where is she now?
She’s bathing for the last time. Once she’s done I’ll send her to the porch. *ponders* And you’re really okay with this?
Franklin: You saw her eat that putrid macaroni. I’m fine. Just take care of it.

Speaking of eating… These two are becoming fast friends. They aren’t in love or anything, but they’re at least getting along… when they aren’t scaring each other. o.O
Franklin: Seriously need to get this testing done. He has no concept of privacy.
He’s new in the house. Unlike you who has lived here his whole life. He probably took a wrong turn…
Franklin: *scoffs* He’s been a guest here often enough.
Well yes, that’s true…

Franklin: Roo…
Not my fault! I uh… yes well, maybe it is. I forgot to have her go before I put here in there. She should be dead by now! or … yanno, her hunger bar was already low when I put her there. Its dropping kind of slowly. I’m really tempted to help-
Franklin: *laughs* Stop being impatient. Besides you don’t want her to die on Eddie’s birthday.

*sighs* Poor Christian… he has both playable ghosts out for him now. Seriously none of my ghosts scare anyone like this until they’re playable!
Franklin: *laughs*
Oh hush you and go get your son.

Franklin: *smirks* A cake huh…
*blinks* Yes I um… well the notice came up and I’m really tired of all these little rug rats all over the place.
Franklin: You mean you’re tired of me and are ready for this one to grow up and replace me…
*cringes* No I dread that day. Just… just help him with his candles will you please?
Franklin: *smirks* Sure, no problem.
Well geez Louise, I’m glad we only pay the maid a set price and not by the hour.

Franklin: Huh… maybe I should have changed him in to his every day outfit before his transition.
Meh its his pajamas, how bad can it… o.O Ack! Yes, you’re right we should have changed him.
Franklin: *laughs* That’s my boy!
*pokes Franklin* What kind of kid are you raising? These traits are killing me! Two go well together, but the evil just … well it kills it!
Franklin: *chuckling and rubbing his side* He’ll be fine. You’ll be fine. Don’t worry.

I totally have to change his hair and I’m not thrilled with the flip flops! Heh.
Franklin: *narrows his eyes* No, that will not do… he is on the other hand working on his maniacal laugh.

So here he is our generation 4 heir: Eddie (Izzard) Babii, currently a friendly, yet evil, family oriented young man.
Franklin: He’s not a bad looking kid. What were you so worried about?
*shrugs* I dunno… there is always the chance he will take after your grandmother in looks and then there goes the family genes.
Franklin: Wait… you ‘want’ the family to take after Grandpa Sherm?
Naturally, he was one handsome sim-man.

Christian is looking so tired and old. Maybe we need to move sooner rather than later.
Franklin: He’ll be fine. You don’t know if it will reset anyone’s needs. Last thing we need is Sandra on the loose again. Be strong, Roo.
I… but… *sighs* Okay.

Franklin: Right. First Stinky Sandra dies. Then we move. Then Mom gets pregnant once more. Then you kill off the test subject.
*nods slowly* Yes, that is the plan as it stands right now.
Franklin: Roo…
Franklin: I have a son.
Franklin, you have two sons.
Franklin: *glances at Evan* No Roo, Lisa had a boy.
Oh! We’ll have to go visit her soon then.

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Anonymous said...

Oops. That is just wrong Ghost Man. You should not by spying on nekkid Franklin.
Yanno, I think I just figured something out. Franklin reminds me of someone, but I couldn't remember who. It's Christian Bale! *drools*
lol @ the underoos! That'll learn ya.
He's not a bad looking boy, but that hair does nothing for him.
Oh yeah, that's much better.
So how the frell is someone friendly & evil at the same time? I know I've asked that before, but I still don't get it.

AeronwyDiobhell said...

*blinks* Goodness, I guess Franklin wants a new house badly, eh?

Aaaah, I think I see a glimmer of what your experiment is gonna be! *rubs her hands together* This should be fun (cheating spouses not withstanding).

Alas, poor Sandra, I knew her well! Or, you know, got to see her in a few screenshots and she had a brief cameo in the lives of the Babii family. *shrugs*

Maybe your new housemate is simply missing the days when he had a corporeal body to utilize and "take care" of things in the shower, like I bet you were? *shrugs again* (Who is the ghost anyway? I think you might have said in an earlier chapter, but I don't remember now.)

*tries to shield Christian from the scaring ghosts* Go away, you meanies!

Happy birthday, Eddie! Heh, yeah, the maids bug the heck out of me. Especially when you get a really good one and then you have no clue when they might be back again. *grumbles*

*snickers loudly* Yeah, I'm too nice to my sims to upload those particular pictures, when they transition into just underpants and nothing else. *grins*

So wait, what're his traits again? (Was the "Don't worry" and the "Maniacal laugh" picture supposed to be the same?)

But OMG, he's so cute with the backwards hat! And I love his green eyes. :-D

Er, wait. Friendly, Evil, and Family-Oriented? *blinks* Yeah, okay, I see your problem with his traits. *snickers*

Good plan! *thumbs up to Franklin*

Heh, so I guess he has 3 sons now, eh?

Anjel76 said...

In the very first picture ... I have to admit that the post ... I find it sex-hay. :O) Not really attracted to the ghost, mind you ... but the pose is nice. :O))

I meant to comment on this before ... but I love Franklin's boxers. :O)) The Captain is proud!

Poor Sherman. He's being tortured by ruby. :O((

Izzard looks good in that backwards baseball cap. Is his favorite color green?

And oh ... did I happen to mention that I absolutely LOVE Franklin's expression as he's holding his son in front of the cake prior to the transition. I LOVE it. *shivers happily*