Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm arranging matches.

Christian had been going a bit stir crazy staying at home constantly. I don’t blame him really. He’s ignored to the point of neglect. Such is the life of the elderly in the Babii home.
Eddie: Is that why Dad is still so young? He’s barely older than I am.
Um… ya… something like that…
Eddie: You do realize the house will remain full if you don’t let the previous heir die, don’t you?
Oh you’ll grow old and die. Have no fear of that…
Eddie: Wait Dad can live forever but I can’t?
Yes. Now back on subject. Christian was going stir crazy at home. Even at the ripe old age of 99, he went out and signed autographs for his adoring fans and brought home a nice sum of §2,800 and a lovely moodlet.
Eddie: *grumbles*
Eddie: Yes.
Shame… moving on…

I’d ask whose house you’re at but I think I recognize the chick reading inside.
Eddie: Yes, the ‘chick’ as you referred to her would be my fiancé.
Hmm… a bit defensive for someone who is cheating on said fiancé…
Eddie: She is what she is. And that affair was not my idea. That was forced on me.
True, but I seriously doubt either Gladys or Sariana will give a rats patootie who’s idea it is, they will only know it is you that is doing the cheating.
Eddie: Wait, wait… who is Sariana?
*blinks* The woman having your child!
Eddie: What? I have a second mistress? When did that happen?
*rubs temples* I’m so confused.
Eddie: Starsha… her name is Starsha.
*blinks… blinks again… checks…* Oops… Sariana is the Sim-Goddess’ name, her sim-me is named Starsha. My bad…
Eddie: Now that ‘that’ is settled, can we get back to why I’m visiting Gladys? This talk about affairs is making me feel uncomfortable.
*shrugs* After greeting your fiancé and reminding her how wonderful you are
Eddie: I got to meet my daughter, Cora. She’s perfect. She’s beautiful and she is truly a Babii. If not by name, at least she is in her traits. Roo, I have an heiress!
First one since generation 1. Yet I’m not sold on Cora being heiress. Right now she is technically a ‘Do’ thanks to your grandfather refusing to die. Perhaps we should move them in and have another. Let that one be the heir/heiress.
Eddie: She’s perfect, Roo. She will make a great heiress, you’ll see!

Speaking of new daughters, your daughter has a new aunt. Lisa had a girl. Her name is Marjorie.
Eddie: *chuckles* Don’t you think its odd how our family is? I mean look at the family tree. I’m older than my aunt and uncle. My daughter is the same age as her aunt. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say we’re from the back hills or something.

That aside, I worry about Franklin and his decision making ability. This is the second time he’s attacked an elderly and this time it was a woman.
Eddie: Did he at least win this time around?
Yes but come on… she’s an old woman!
Eddie: The last one was an old man… ya win some you lose some.
*scoffs* Beating up old women hardly seems like a victory to me.
Eddie: Then you should have stopped him from attacking him.
I’m not supposed to interfere with him any more. He is no longer the heir. Yet leaving him to his own devices has me a tad concerned.

Oh look. One of the many reasons I do not like ghosts in TS3. Did they forget they’re dead? They don’t ‘need’ to eat! It isn’t as if she died of starvation. She shouldn’t be hungry.
Eddie: True, but at least she makes really good fruit parfait.
*headdesk* you are not helping.
Eddie: Granddad isn’t too fond of them either.
I think it just reminds him that he will be joining them soon. I mean seriously, he’s over 100 now. I ‘really’ need the space in the house!

Now this was interesting and could have been fun had I realized what was happening.
Eddie: *scoffs* Fun for you. Not so much for me! I’m glad I was at work.
*giggles* Yes, Starsha in her pregnant glory made an impromptu visit on the Babii house, only to be followed very closely by a visit from Gladys. Let’s hope Starsha isn’t in a habit of dropping by unexpectedly.

Ah, finally. At age 101, Christian is finally going. So long, Christian… only not really… seeing how he is only moving to the backyard.
Eddie: He will be missed.
You’re going to miss his money perhaps. He didn’t do much to contribute to the family…
Eddie: He was a very important contributor to this family, Roo.
Ya… okay… on a side note, Grim stuck around for a while. Apparently he also enjoys playing chess on the computer.
Eddie: He’s a good conversationalist. Surprising seeing how he is so deeply devoted to his job.
*blinks* Not to forget the odd reaction the tombstones had to his presence! Kinda creepy cool aint it?
Eddie: Very interesting.

It’s finally time to move Gladys and Cora in. Are you ready?
Eddie: Most definitely. I prefer to be an active father in my children’s life.
You’ll have to get over that. You can only be a part-time Dad to Starsha’s kids.
Eddie: Be that as it may, I will love them and give them as much guidance as I can.
Let’s hope they turn out well anyhow.
Eddie: *smirks* Brat.
Definitely. So we have Gladys and Cora move in. The house is once more full. I need someone to die, move out, something. *glances at Precious* Franklin was kind enough to break the garbage disposal. Now I will wait until a couple of things happen in order to continue with my next plan. 1. Gladys has to give birth to the heir/heiress-
Eddie: Cora is the heiress.
*waves a dismissive hand* Perhaps… I’m not sold on her yet. Gladys still need to have a another kid. 2. The sink needs to break so there is water all over the floor before she starts repairing the electronic items.
Eddie: *changes the subject* Dad grabbed Cora and brought her inside. Thanks to the stairs she was stuck out front.

Now that the females are in the home, we just have to wait. First things first. We need to give someone a make over.
Eddie: She appears to be having difficulties, I don’t recall her being clumsy.
She isn’t, she’s a loser.
Eddie: *laughs* That is cruel, Roo.
No really, see? *points at her traits, then giggles as Gladys falls on her ars* that is funny.
Eddie: *laughs* Okay I have to admit, that was pretty funny. She looks great after her makeover.
Yes, she does clean up well. *blinks* Oh hey, you’re a father… again…
Eddie: *glances* Starsha had a girl. My daughter Maricela will be just as perfect as my daughter Cora. You’ll see.
Shame really, I like Maricela’s name better than Cora… how attached to that name are you? *ponders*
Eddie: A name is just a name, just don’t change my daughter!

Cora is a cutie. *grins* I love watching Eddie teach her to walk. Its so endearing.
Eddie: Like I said… perfect.
*scoffs* No she isn’t. If she were perfect she would have a better favorite color! *growls*
Eddie: *laughs* So she likes pink.
Ack! *pauses, stares, saves, exits*

Eddie: There you are. What the frell was that about?
I panicked. Jenn is going to die. It just dawned on me that having my friend’s sim-mes in game may not have been such a great idea after all. I have no issues with torturing them, toying with them, forcing them to have tons of babies and affairs… but to watch them die? *sighs*
Eddie: I see. What does that have to do with random pictures of me and Dad gardening in our boxers?
*grins* Are you serious? *offers drool bibs for her readers… erm female readers, sorry shiny one*

Wrapping up the update, Franklin has not stopped. He’s taken to stealing candy from his granddaughter. He’s also *shudders* reached mad scientist.
Eddie: There is nothing wrong with being a mad scientist! It is of the utmost prestige in the science world.
Maybe… but that work uniform is hideous!

We have a glitch. Franklin, Evan and Hope were sitting there watching television… the cooking channel actually. When Precious decided to play a video game. Now this brings up a few things, such as 1. usually a sim cannot play a video game on a television already in use. 2. Precious is rude. 3. Their learning bars continued during her game play. Unfortunately Hope lost interest half way through Precious’ game and walked away. Her learning bar stayed. The guys kept yakking away and once Precious stopped playing, the cooking channel came back on. Once they stopped watching, their bars went away. Whew. Unfortunately-

*blinks* Okay that will have to wait. Apparently Aiden needs to transition… now… not later, now.
Eddie: That would be twice isn’t it? Maybe we should see if ‘he’ can die from electrocution instead of Gladys.
*ponders* Not a bad idea… in the meantime, Aiden is now a teenager. I am not fond of the facial hair in TS3. I love it in TS2 to the point its hard to find any of my playables without facial hair… here its rare to see one with. As a ghost boy, Aiden apparently can pull it off.
Eddie: What the frell?
Sorry, I was just noticing that he has no definition as a ghost. He will never have the same appeal that you and your father have.
Eddie: Moving on…
That and I ‘think’ he’s trying to tell me he is tired of living in the kid room. *smirks*

Anyhow, back to Hope. That night she went to bed with the learning bar still learning… she didn’t learn a lot through her sleep but she did manage to raise the bar just a tad. That morning I made her cook some waffles and unfortunately even that didn’t reset her learning bar.
Eddie: The carpool is here. I need to get to work… hey… is it me or is something… off?
*bites lip nervously* Ya… something is definitely not right… Um, Eddie, I’m sorry to say it, but I think your home is bugged. Not just that but I have no back up… *sighs* I suppose you are on hold until I can sort this out.
Eddie: Don’t forget about us, Roo. We’ll be waiting.
*sighs* Ya no pressure or anything… geez.

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Friday, August 14, 2009

What is it, Sebastian?

So Eddie...
Eddie: ....
*blinks* Eddie?
Eddie: Yes?
Oh, I thought maybe you were ignoring me.
Eddie: No, I was simply swallowing before responding.
Rather considerate of you.
Eddie: We aren't all slobs like my former step-mother, Sandra.
You remember her? She died when you were quite young.
Eddie: Please even her ghost is a slob. Hard to forget when you have her around as a constant reminder.
Point taken.

So tell me, what do you think about Gladys?
Eddie: She is a splendid woman, with a great mind, a bright future and a good head on her shoulders.
Eddie: She will make a great mother to my future heir or heiress.
Eddie: That is what you have planned isn't it? Otherwise we wouldn't be boyfriend/girlfriend in high school, she wouldn't be at my transition party, and why you asked what I think of her.
Well yes.
Eddie: In that case I agree with your choice.

Let's try a new approach. Remember your fish?
Eddie: *laughs* Yes, the poor thing.
It died and your grandmother flushed it.
Eddie: Yes, I remember, why do you ask?
Everything dies Eddie.
Eddie: Yes, eventually when it is their time, sims die.
Once Gladys gives you an heir or heiress as well as a spare...
Eddie: No.
Yes. It is the fate of every spouse in the house. Why do you think Jenn had to move out and why Lisa will never move in.
Eddie: I ... I need more time.

Well get used to the idea quick because you two are already engaged and you're out on the prowl for your other baby's momma.
Eddie: I'm what?
Every heir or heiress has a mistress.. a lover.. on the side.
Eddie: I'm a family oriented sim, that goes against my nature!
*scoffs* so is having kids when you're a sim that dislikes children and look how many your grandfather has! Listen, I've been patient with you but the kit gloves come off now Mister. You will marry Gladys. She will have your kids. She will die. You will have a lover-
Eddie: Who?
You'll meet her when you find her. And she too will have your kid.
Eddie: Dad didn't warn me about all of this.

Franklin has yet to get his LTW. He paints but not often enough and even though he carries that stupid guitar around with him, unlike his mom, he never whips it out of his own free will. I have to force him to pull it out.
Eddie: Uh.. Roo?
Eddie: That just sounded...
Wrong? *smirks* Ya.. you'll get used to it.
Eddie: So doing things against our nature... I've noticed this trend occasionally. Like Dad's sudden interest in working out.
*giggles* Yes, I made him. He makes funny faces.
Eddie: What about Granddad and the sprinklers?
Nope that is all him. Christian has reached his LTW and is an elder. For the most part he is hands off. He does what he wants when he wants.
Eddie: So that's what it takes to have freedom? Reach our LTW and give up the reigns to the next heir?
Yup. Ready?
Eddie: Yes, let's do this.

Akara is down at the park with her son, Zebulon. o.O who names their kids Zebulon?
Eddie: I imagine the EA Guys thought it was a good name.
*scoffs* They're wrong. Its a weird name! Anyhow I sent Eddie down to look for his woman again. She's being elusive! I tried her house and she wasn't there. So I sent him jogging around to see if he spots her. He also tried his hand at transmogrifying... it failed a few times.
Eddie: *primal scream*
*blinks* Problem?
Eddie: Not any more.

No luck finding his girl, but he did talk with his Aunt Akara.
Eddie: We hit it off great every time we meet, we're friends now.
*scoffs* What you really want is to get closer to her kid.
Eddie: I'm sure I don't understand what it is you're implying.
I suppose-
Eddie: Hey.
Eddie: What? I was going to ask, isn't that Israel Monroe?
I uh.. yes, he didn't age well. Glad we didn't bring him in to the family after all.

Oy, I knew it.
Eddie: We all knew.
But.. there were no chimes.
Eddie: Is it really surprising as often as she is over and as often as they're-
Don't say it.
Eddie: *grins* Her mothering instinct is strong.
She's family oriented... like you.
Eddie: *nods* I knew I liked her.

*blinks* What are you up to?
Eddie: Nothing...
You're a horrible liar.
Eddie: Well if you must know... *rubs hands together grinning mischievously*
*is pulled by game to the house* Whoa, hold that thought.

It's Aiden's transition day.
Eddie: *snatch* Too late.
*shakes head* And he sparkles and transitions. He's a cute little ghost kid.

That night we went to her house. Eddie got to the driveway and stared at it. Still no interaction. *sighs*
Eddie: The house is too crowded anyhow. Granddad is still with us.
It amazes me too. He's freaking older than Ruby & Sherman. Not to mention he puts off eating and sleeping until he's just miserable. *blinks* Hey! Where did you go?
Eddie: I want to let off some steam. Going to kick this trash can over.
Ugh not now, you'll... *sighs* never mind, too late. She's asleep now. *grumbles* Besides, this one wont be moving in. Gladys is.

Eddie: I wish to fix the dishwasher.
Eddie: *blinks* Why not? It's one of my wishes, see?
I need it broken for your future wife. You can mop if you like.
Eddie: *chuckles* Do you see that in my wishes? No, you don't. It's okay, I'm going to bed.

My two favorite sim-men.
Eddie: *looks longingly at his father's work outfit* Are you sure I can't start working yet?
Soon. I want to get your family taken care of. I mean really, what is the hurry? You have your whole adult life and elder life to work. You need kids.
Eddie: Speaking of kids, Evan wants to go to Cecil's house.
Eddie: Cecil, my half-aunt's brother, Cecil Babii.
Oooooooh right! *peeks* He's a teen now, not too bad looking. Okay time to go downtown again.! She's here!
Eddie: Where?
Right there next to your Aunt Akara.
Eddie: Nice choice.
Heh, I thought so. Well no not really.
Eddie: I don't understand.
Well once the heir comes of age, I hop in to CAS and scroll down the list of portraits until one of them talks to me. When they do they're picked.
Eddie: And she spoke to you?
You betcha.
Eddie: What did she say?
She told me that she will make beautiful babies with you and I agreed.
Eddie: *laughs* You are so weird.
Thanks now step it up a bit more, will ya? *perks* Hey, its Fred!
Eddie: My half brother?
The same! He's adorable.
Eddie: Take it from me, teen boys do not want to be referred to as 'adorable'.
Pfft whatever.

The ghost crew are still haunting each other and occasionally the house. *sighs*
Eddie: Its just a matter of time. You'll see. Granddad is sure to pass on, no one lives forever.
*glances at Franklin* Uh.. right.

Eddie: Tell me again why I'm studying this? I don't have a job, I don't require skills for my LTW... I need a job.. in science to be precise.
It is in preparation for your future job. You need skills in gardening, fishing and handiness.
Eddie: I'd rather start my job. I have enough skills for the first few promotions. You're stalling. And I'm not sure why.

Oh look three generations of Babii men.
Eddie: Still jobless, you're still stalling.
*waves a dismissive hand* I uh.. oh wow.
Eddie: What? Dad is always insulting Evan. What's so new about that.
Not that... that! *points to Franklin's new moodlet*
Eddie: You do realize that makes five grandchildren in total. You could have locked Granddad's wish.
Ya I could have, but now he has a new one. *smirks*
Eddie: Ten? Seriously? *laughs* I don't think he'll be around to see them born.
Ugh I hope not. He's 96!

There's the doorbell!! She's here.
Eddie: Splendid. She really is something. I commend you in your choice. Did you know we have family oriented and green thumbs in common?
Nope. I intentionally ignore the traits so its all a surprise to me too.
Eddie: Then I really thank you.
Why is that?
Eddie: *grins* She's a great kisser... among other things.
Chimes! Woots! I uh... uh oh...
Eddie: Crap.
Sorry Eddie. Maybe you two should keep those kinds of activities at her house from now on.

Eddie: Again? Now what? What did I do?
Congrats, you're a dad!
Eddie: What? We just heard the chimes. I don't think that is possible, not even for us sims.
No, not Sariana. Gladys, she had a girl. You have an heiress. Now if only Christian would just...

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Monday, August 10, 2009

I... uh... Page 2

Hope went to visit her ‘Hunter’ friend who’s name escapes me. So I followed her in… Akara had her baby… it’s a boy…
Franklin: *laughs* You forgot to write down his name.
Uh… yes… he um… does it really matter what his name is?
Franklin: *shrugs* Not to me it doesn’t.

Franklin: Who the frell is that?
Evan. He transitioned before I realized it. He lost his curls again and those eyebrows are more suited on Eddie or you than him…
Franklin: He looks like a Babii for the first time.
Hey now, not all Babii’s are evil, thankyouverymuch.
Franklin: *scoffs* Its not as if it matters, knowing you the way I do, you sent him to the mirror and gave him his stupid curls back.
Hey! Erm… yes, yes I did.
Franklin: *laughs*
Then I went and changed his clothes… the boy has some odd clothing sense! o.O

And apparently he has no common sense either. Seriously, if you’re hungry there is plenty of food in the fridge, leftovers and things to cook!
Franklin: *smirks* He’s hungry because Mr. GoodyTwoShoes is a vegetarian.
No, that isn’t why he is hungry. He was hungry before going to bed so he is wickedly hungry when he got up. Doesn’t matter Eddie made pancakes.
Franklin: I’m sick of these do-gooders
Uh huh… well it would seem Evan wasn’t too keen on hearing how much ‘good’ sims suck… seeing how he too is good.
Franklin: Of course, that is why I complain to him about ‘good’ sims?

As I mentioned, Eddie made pancakes. Lime pancakes… o.O ew…
Franklin: Actually they were surprisingly tasty.
Uh huh… I’ll take your word for it. Anyhow, this is the closest I have gotten to having a sit down meal with the family. I either need 2 more chairs or a bigger table or something…

Franklin: Wait you want ‘me’ to fix the garbage disposal? I thought you didn’t let the heir die…
I’m not trying to kill you silly. Your handy skill is high enough to successfully fix it and it will help your skill advance for your next promotion. You’re so close to the top, why stop now?
Franklin: Hmmm…
Trust me…
Franklin: Well you did say you wouldn’t kill the heir or future heir…
Exactly. See? All done. You’re the man… erm… sim.

Oops there he goes again. He loves to steal candy from Aiden… but he can’t seem to help but help comfort him afterwards. He’s so conflicted.
Franklin: I dunno, Roo. Looks to me as if he’s walking away.
True, but see his wish panel? He wants to snuggle the brat.
Franklin: I have an odd son.

Yes, but he is definitely yours.
Franklin: *chuckles* Yes he is.

Evan has volunteered to test the body adjusting thingie for me.
Franklin: We said the next test subject would be made fatter…
Yes we did. Evan stepped in to the machine, it kicked on doing its ‘thing’ and out he came with a round belly. Shame I missed the shot of him happily rubbing his tummy. *snickers*

Hey Franklin, I uh… *blinks* That’s not you
Franklin: No it isn’t and I’d appreciate it if you didn’t stare at my son… its just a tad creepy.
I’m not staring… if I wanted to stare at someone in the shower, I have plenty shots of you to stare at.
Franklin: Why am I not surprised. I think you have too many of those.
Blasphemy, there is no such thing as too many nekkie pictures of you.
Franklin: *smirks*

Anyhow I was just thinking… your dad is pulling one of those, he just wont die things like his parents. I’m worried…
Franklin: About what?
I adore Christian and was freaked a bit about him being replaced by you… and now I cant wait for him to die… am I going to feel that way about you?
Franklin: *shrugs* Its possible. Especially if the house is full like now and the next generation is about ready to take over the house.
*sighs* That’s what I was afraid of.
Franklin: Its okay, Roo. I know I’m your favorite heir.
Franklin: *laughs* I heard that.

So Eddie invited Gladys over and Franklin invited Lisa over and we got ready for the inevitable…
Franklin: Just because I ate the ambrosia, doesn’t mean the rest of the family doesn’t continue to age…
Ya, I know.

There’s something different about Gladys, and I don’t mean just her clothes. It turns out she has already transitioned to young adult. Bonus for me, means I don’t need a second cake. Ready Franklin?
Franklin: I am now.
*chuckles* You’re such a brat.

So Eddie is ready, the family gathered, he blew out the candles, they all cheered excessively, Eddie sparkled, spun, got his last trait and took over the reigns. *tilts head* You’re handsome.
Eddie: Naturally, I look like Dad.
Speaking of your father, where did he run off to?
Eddie: *chuckles* Lisa is here… where do you think he went?
*smirks* Naturally…

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I... uh.. oh... *pause*

Starting this update with transition time… this time its Hope. She uh… well she’s cute… after her makeover that is. I mean sorry, but that hair she had and those clothes? Ugh is putting it nicely.
Franklin: *laughs* You’re such a brat.
Meh. I can be. Thankfully she is easier to look at after said makeover.

By the way, we have an uninvited guest, erm ghost in the house. I hadn’t realized Grimmy left her urn in the bathroom. It kinda blended in with the flooring. That and I just figured since she didn’t live her she would go directly home or to the cemetery.
Franklin: One would think so, wouldn’t they…
Yes, yes I did. Glad you see things my way.
Franklin: As if I have a choice with you putting words in my mouth…
Franklin: *laughs*

So life went on as it will do… Christian is getting older and some how surviving all the times that he waits to eat until the last minute. Precious is working on the toddler skills with Aiden… and then I got a pop up.
Franklin: You get them all the time. What was so special about this one?
Glad you asked. Evan met someone at school… his name is Cecil Babii.
Franklin: Babii? An unknown relative… interesting…
Indeed. Or it would be if he was actually related. Turns out our darling Jenn has found herself a man. This man knocked up our girl and she had a son, Cecil. Time to have a party and meet this new Babii…

Moments before the party Akara decides to visit. She’s never done this before and wouldn’t you know it, it’s the day she’s invited over…
Franklin: What is Akara wearing? Its hideous.
She’s pregnant… finally!

So the family and guests start arriving. Franklin finally makes it home from work. I have Eddie order pizza and break out the food. Carmen askes her dad to dance with her, Christian was a good sport and obliged. How he bends like that at his age is beyond me. Not to mention his head going through the dishwasher…
Franklin: *chuckles* It’s a ‘sim’ thing. We defy physics and logic.
Hmm… well when you put it that way… Eddie and Gladys are attached at the lips as always. Hmmm… he may balk at the idea of her being killed off…
Franklin: Possibly. While he is evil, he does have that family oriented trait. *pauses* Hey Roo… who is that behind them?
That would be Jenn, she aged well.

He’s here!
Franklin: Who’s here?
Cecil Babii the reason we threw the party… to meet the kid and get the family back together and play a bit of catch up on what is going on with their lives.
Franklin: Like remembering Carmen is a coward?
*blinks* uh… ya, things like that…
Franklin: Pops apparently doesn’t know his grandson very well. They had a difference of opinion.
Yes, they both threw negatives on that one. Clash of traits I believe it said… oh hey pizza is here.
Franklin: I’m busy… have the boy answer the door.
Oh for crying out loud… *nudges Eddie* Seriously, you’d think you two never see each other.
Franklin: *smirks* What can I say… the woman adores me.
*rolls eyes* Right and those wishes I keep fulfilling for you …
Franklin: Just icing on the cake.

Naturally we had party crashers, at least this one brought food. While this one is a friend of Hope… oh that gives me an- *blinks*
Franklin: What?
The eyebrows, he has to be related to Brett.
Franklin: Lets hope the sisters get along… it looks as if they may be moving in together.
Nah, I’m not making that mistake again. Once Hope is old enough, she will get married, he’ll move in and I’ll kick them out. No more funds are coming out of this household. Speaking of Brett, he should make a good dad, he got along very well with Evan.
Franklin: You think Akara will have a boy or a girl?
Let’s see… we’ve been having oodles of boys lately… but she was wearing pink maternity clothes… ya I haven’t a clue. I just look forward to seeing him/her grow up.

Speaking of growing up… Fred is growing up rather nicely.
Franklin: Naturally, he’s my son.
*rolls eyes and smirks* Whatever… I wonder if living with your uncle is going to have any influence over this little guy. I doubt it though.
Franklin: Fred’s my little buddy. He wont let that pansy uncle of mine influence him.

Uh ya… so life continues in the Babii house. I finally have the ground floor completed. I have yet to begin construction on the second floor. Not to mention I am horrible with landscaping… but I did try this time. Its better than usual anyhow. I just don’t care for roses and I find that is EA guys main staple of flowers. *shudders and sighs*
Franklin: The garden is still small. There are more of us that can work on it. You may want to consider expanding it.
Nah, maybe… I dunno but its really doubtful. Mostly because I find smaller ones more manageable and you don’t spend your whole morning out there.
Franklin: *chuckles*
Franklin: Just wonder what it is Oma wanted from Grandpa Sherm that he wasn’t in the mood for…
*blinks* Sometimes ignorance is bliss…

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