Friday, August 14, 2009

What is it, Sebastian?

So Eddie...
Eddie: ....
*blinks* Eddie?
Eddie: Yes?
Oh, I thought maybe you were ignoring me.
Eddie: No, I was simply swallowing before responding.
Rather considerate of you.
Eddie: We aren't all slobs like my former step-mother, Sandra.
You remember her? She died when you were quite young.
Eddie: Please even her ghost is a slob. Hard to forget when you have her around as a constant reminder.
Point taken.

So tell me, what do you think about Gladys?
Eddie: She is a splendid woman, with a great mind, a bright future and a good head on her shoulders.
Eddie: She will make a great mother to my future heir or heiress.
Eddie: That is what you have planned isn't it? Otherwise we wouldn't be boyfriend/girlfriend in high school, she wouldn't be at my transition party, and why you asked what I think of her.
Well yes.
Eddie: In that case I agree with your choice.

Let's try a new approach. Remember your fish?
Eddie: *laughs* Yes, the poor thing.
It died and your grandmother flushed it.
Eddie: Yes, I remember, why do you ask?
Everything dies Eddie.
Eddie: Yes, eventually when it is their time, sims die.
Once Gladys gives you an heir or heiress as well as a spare...
Eddie: No.
Yes. It is the fate of every spouse in the house. Why do you think Jenn had to move out and why Lisa will never move in.
Eddie: I ... I need more time.

Well get used to the idea quick because you two are already engaged and you're out on the prowl for your other baby's momma.
Eddie: I'm what?
Every heir or heiress has a mistress.. a lover.. on the side.
Eddie: I'm a family oriented sim, that goes against my nature!
*scoffs* so is having kids when you're a sim that dislikes children and look how many your grandfather has! Listen, I've been patient with you but the kit gloves come off now Mister. You will marry Gladys. She will have your kids. She will die. You will have a lover-
Eddie: Who?
You'll meet her when you find her. And she too will have your kid.
Eddie: Dad didn't warn me about all of this.

Franklin has yet to get his LTW. He paints but not often enough and even though he carries that stupid guitar around with him, unlike his mom, he never whips it out of his own free will. I have to force him to pull it out.
Eddie: Uh.. Roo?
Eddie: That just sounded...
Wrong? *smirks* Ya.. you'll get used to it.
Eddie: So doing things against our nature... I've noticed this trend occasionally. Like Dad's sudden interest in working out.
*giggles* Yes, I made him. He makes funny faces.
Eddie: What about Granddad and the sprinklers?
Nope that is all him. Christian has reached his LTW and is an elder. For the most part he is hands off. He does what he wants when he wants.
Eddie: So that's what it takes to have freedom? Reach our LTW and give up the reigns to the next heir?
Yup. Ready?
Eddie: Yes, let's do this.

Akara is down at the park with her son, Zebulon. o.O who names their kids Zebulon?
Eddie: I imagine the EA Guys thought it was a good name.
*scoffs* They're wrong. Its a weird name! Anyhow I sent Eddie down to look for his woman again. She's being elusive! I tried her house and she wasn't there. So I sent him jogging around to see if he spots her. He also tried his hand at transmogrifying... it failed a few times.
Eddie: *primal scream*
*blinks* Problem?
Eddie: Not any more.

No luck finding his girl, but he did talk with his Aunt Akara.
Eddie: We hit it off great every time we meet, we're friends now.
*scoffs* What you really want is to get closer to her kid.
Eddie: I'm sure I don't understand what it is you're implying.
I suppose-
Eddie: Hey.
Eddie: What? I was going to ask, isn't that Israel Monroe?
I uh.. yes, he didn't age well. Glad we didn't bring him in to the family after all.

Oy, I knew it.
Eddie: We all knew.
But.. there were no chimes.
Eddie: Is it really surprising as often as she is over and as often as they're-
Don't say it.
Eddie: *grins* Her mothering instinct is strong.
She's family oriented... like you.
Eddie: *nods* I knew I liked her.

*blinks* What are you up to?
Eddie: Nothing...
You're a horrible liar.
Eddie: Well if you must know... *rubs hands together grinning mischievously*
*is pulled by game to the house* Whoa, hold that thought.

It's Aiden's transition day.
Eddie: *snatch* Too late.
*shakes head* And he sparkles and transitions. He's a cute little ghost kid.

That night we went to her house. Eddie got to the driveway and stared at it. Still no interaction. *sighs*
Eddie: The house is too crowded anyhow. Granddad is still with us.
It amazes me too. He's freaking older than Ruby & Sherman. Not to mention he puts off eating and sleeping until he's just miserable. *blinks* Hey! Where did you go?
Eddie: I want to let off some steam. Going to kick this trash can over.
Ugh not now, you'll... *sighs* never mind, too late. She's asleep now. *grumbles* Besides, this one wont be moving in. Gladys is.

Eddie: I wish to fix the dishwasher.
Eddie: *blinks* Why not? It's one of my wishes, see?
I need it broken for your future wife. You can mop if you like.
Eddie: *chuckles* Do you see that in my wishes? No, you don't. It's okay, I'm going to bed.

My two favorite sim-men.
Eddie: *looks longingly at his father's work outfit* Are you sure I can't start working yet?
Soon. I want to get your family taken care of. I mean really, what is the hurry? You have your whole adult life and elder life to work. You need kids.
Eddie: Speaking of kids, Evan wants to go to Cecil's house.
Eddie: Cecil, my half-aunt's brother, Cecil Babii.
Oooooooh right! *peeks* He's a teen now, not too bad looking. Okay time to go downtown again.! She's here!
Eddie: Where?
Right there next to your Aunt Akara.
Eddie: Nice choice.
Heh, I thought so. Well no not really.
Eddie: I don't understand.
Well once the heir comes of age, I hop in to CAS and scroll down the list of portraits until one of them talks to me. When they do they're picked.
Eddie: And she spoke to you?
You betcha.
Eddie: What did she say?
She told me that she will make beautiful babies with you and I agreed.
Eddie: *laughs* You are so weird.
Thanks now step it up a bit more, will ya? *perks* Hey, its Fred!
Eddie: My half brother?
The same! He's adorable.
Eddie: Take it from me, teen boys do not want to be referred to as 'adorable'.
Pfft whatever.

The ghost crew are still haunting each other and occasionally the house. *sighs*
Eddie: Its just a matter of time. You'll see. Granddad is sure to pass on, no one lives forever.
*glances at Franklin* Uh.. right.

Eddie: Tell me again why I'm studying this? I don't have a job, I don't require skills for my LTW... I need a job.. in science to be precise.
It is in preparation for your future job. You need skills in gardening, fishing and handiness.
Eddie: I'd rather start my job. I have enough skills for the first few promotions. You're stalling. And I'm not sure why.

Oh look three generations of Babii men.
Eddie: Still jobless, you're still stalling.
*waves a dismissive hand* I uh.. oh wow.
Eddie: What? Dad is always insulting Evan. What's so new about that.
Not that... that! *points to Franklin's new moodlet*
Eddie: You do realize that makes five grandchildren in total. You could have locked Granddad's wish.
Ya I could have, but now he has a new one. *smirks*
Eddie: Ten? Seriously? *laughs* I don't think he'll be around to see them born.
Ugh I hope not. He's 96!

There's the doorbell!! She's here.
Eddie: Splendid. She really is something. I commend you in your choice. Did you know we have family oriented and green thumbs in common?
Nope. I intentionally ignore the traits so its all a surprise to me too.
Eddie: Then I really thank you.
Why is that?
Eddie: *grins* She's a great kisser... among other things.
Chimes! Woots! I uh... uh oh...
Eddie: Crap.
Sorry Eddie. Maybe you two should keep those kinds of activities at her house from now on.

Eddie: Again? Now what? What did I do?
Congrats, you're a dad!
Eddie: What? We just heard the chimes. I don't think that is possible, not even for us sims.
No, not Sariana. Gladys, she had a girl. You have an heiress. Now if only Christian would just...

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Anonymous said...

*shudders* Zebulon? That poor kid is in for a world of hurt when he goes to school.
Awwww. Eddie likes sim-me.
*swoon* Eddie does the eyebrow lift like his dad does. That's so schmexy!
Dang, Eddie is going to be one potent sim. *wonders how many kidlets he'll end up having*

Ndayeni said...

Eddie looks so much like Franklin that it's uncanny. Really hard to tell the two apart. But I guess that means we get to look at yummy men that much longer in this story ;)

Anjel76 said...

Does someone wanna 'splain to me WHY our boy Eddie is wandering around all over creation without his shirt on? Granted, he's nice to look at ... but STILL! Isn't he COLD when he's wandering around ... at NIGHT?!

He really does have a nice shape ... *stares at the picture of him wearing that gray long-sleeved shirt with the zipper ... and the green shirt beneath it*

Ooh! Sariana! :O)) Congrats! :O) And he's become a father already with Gladys. Congrats! :O)) Hehe.

Wow ... interesting rule you've imposed on your heirs, rubes (to have a wife and an heir by that wife, and a mistress and a child by that mistress). I wonder when MY sim-self will appear. :O}

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Eddie is quite tasty looking there, in all those shirtless shots. :D Congratulations on your engagement! *throws confetti*

Poor guy. It's too bad his dad didn't tell him the facts of life (as dictated by Ruby) when he was a kid.

Hey, at least your mistress gets to live, that's something, right?

*giggles at Franklin's expression* He's really not happy with you for making him work out.

The name Akara is better than Zebulon? *blinks* I mean, it's a pretty name, but it's just as odd in its own way.

Um, huh? Why does Eddie want to get closer to Akara's kid? *frowns*

Hehe, congrats on another little one on the way, Lisa! *cheers*

*tsks* Shame on you, Eddie! That was just mean. (And too funny the game yanked you away from his evil behavior.)

Wow, Aiden really is cute! Happy birthday, kid!

What's up with Gladys playing hard-to-get? *shakes her head* Maybe she knows what happens to the spouses and his hiding from you?

They really are two very cute sim-men. :D

Cute mistress!

Heh, loved the ghost crew hanging out there together, all doing their own things. :)

I guess it's not a horrible thing to work up his skills early on, but you do need to get him into his career so he can make friends with the boss and co-workers and stuff, you know. *pokes Ruby*

Congrats on Lisa & Franklin's new daughter! HA! And I see he wants to have sex with Lisa -AGAIN-! Give the poor woman time to recover from childbirth, will ya? *pokes Franklin*

*peers closer* Is that Sariana? You go, girl! *cheers* (I really need to make a better sim-self and get her uploaded for folks to use.) Um, huh? Why is Chris so upset that Eddie had sex with his mistress? Just because it wasn't his fiance or something? *boggles*

Welcome to the family, Cora! It's too bad your dad didn't invite your mom to move in before you were born though. Although, yeah, now you definitely need to have Christian kick the bucket!