Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm arranging matches.

Christian had been going a bit stir crazy staying at home constantly. I don’t blame him really. He’s ignored to the point of neglect. Such is the life of the elderly in the Babii home.
Eddie: Is that why Dad is still so young? He’s barely older than I am.
Um… ya… something like that…
Eddie: You do realize the house will remain full if you don’t let the previous heir die, don’t you?
Oh you’ll grow old and die. Have no fear of that…
Eddie: Wait Dad can live forever but I can’t?
Yes. Now back on subject. Christian was going stir crazy at home. Even at the ripe old age of 99, he went out and signed autographs for his adoring fans and brought home a nice sum of §2,800 and a lovely moodlet.
Eddie: *grumbles*
Eddie: Yes.
Shame… moving on…

I’d ask whose house you’re at but I think I recognize the chick reading inside.
Eddie: Yes, the ‘chick’ as you referred to her would be my fiancé.
Hmm… a bit defensive for someone who is cheating on said fiancé…
Eddie: She is what she is. And that affair was not my idea. That was forced on me.
True, but I seriously doubt either Gladys or Sariana will give a rats patootie who’s idea it is, they will only know it is you that is doing the cheating.
Eddie: Wait, wait… who is Sariana?
*blinks* The woman having your child!
Eddie: What? I have a second mistress? When did that happen?
*rubs temples* I’m so confused.
Eddie: Starsha… her name is Starsha.
*blinks… blinks again… checks…* Oops… Sariana is the Sim-Goddess’ name, her sim-me is named Starsha. My bad…
Eddie: Now that ‘that’ is settled, can we get back to why I’m visiting Gladys? This talk about affairs is making me feel uncomfortable.
*shrugs* After greeting your fiancé and reminding her how wonderful you are
Eddie: I got to meet my daughter, Cora. She’s perfect. She’s beautiful and she is truly a Babii. If not by name, at least she is in her traits. Roo, I have an heiress!
First one since generation 1. Yet I’m not sold on Cora being heiress. Right now she is technically a ‘Do’ thanks to your grandfather refusing to die. Perhaps we should move them in and have another. Let that one be the heir/heiress.
Eddie: She’s perfect, Roo. She will make a great heiress, you’ll see!

Speaking of new daughters, your daughter has a new aunt. Lisa had a girl. Her name is Marjorie.
Eddie: *chuckles* Don’t you think its odd how our family is? I mean look at the family tree. I’m older than my aunt and uncle. My daughter is the same age as her aunt. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say we’re from the back hills or something.

That aside, I worry about Franklin and his decision making ability. This is the second time he’s attacked an elderly and this time it was a woman.
Eddie: Did he at least win this time around?
Yes but come on… she’s an old woman!
Eddie: The last one was an old man… ya win some you lose some.
*scoffs* Beating up old women hardly seems like a victory to me.
Eddie: Then you should have stopped him from attacking him.
I’m not supposed to interfere with him any more. He is no longer the heir. Yet leaving him to his own devices has me a tad concerned.

Oh look. One of the many reasons I do not like ghosts in TS3. Did they forget they’re dead? They don’t ‘need’ to eat! It isn’t as if she died of starvation. She shouldn’t be hungry.
Eddie: True, but at least she makes really good fruit parfait.
*headdesk* you are not helping.
Eddie: Granddad isn’t too fond of them either.
I think it just reminds him that he will be joining them soon. I mean seriously, he’s over 100 now. I ‘really’ need the space in the house!

Now this was interesting and could have been fun had I realized what was happening.
Eddie: *scoffs* Fun for you. Not so much for me! I’m glad I was at work.
*giggles* Yes, Starsha in her pregnant glory made an impromptu visit on the Babii house, only to be followed very closely by a visit from Gladys. Let’s hope Starsha isn’t in a habit of dropping by unexpectedly.

Ah, finally. At age 101, Christian is finally going. So long, Christian… only not really… seeing how he is only moving to the backyard.
Eddie: He will be missed.
You’re going to miss his money perhaps. He didn’t do much to contribute to the family…
Eddie: He was a very important contributor to this family, Roo.
Ya… okay… on a side note, Grim stuck around for a while. Apparently he also enjoys playing chess on the computer.
Eddie: He’s a good conversationalist. Surprising seeing how he is so deeply devoted to his job.
*blinks* Not to forget the odd reaction the tombstones had to his presence! Kinda creepy cool aint it?
Eddie: Very interesting.

It’s finally time to move Gladys and Cora in. Are you ready?
Eddie: Most definitely. I prefer to be an active father in my children’s life.
You’ll have to get over that. You can only be a part-time Dad to Starsha’s kids.
Eddie: Be that as it may, I will love them and give them as much guidance as I can.
Let’s hope they turn out well anyhow.
Eddie: *smirks* Brat.
Definitely. So we have Gladys and Cora move in. The house is once more full. I need someone to die, move out, something. *glances at Precious* Franklin was kind enough to break the garbage disposal. Now I will wait until a couple of things happen in order to continue with my next plan. 1. Gladys has to give birth to the heir/heiress-
Eddie: Cora is the heiress.
*waves a dismissive hand* Perhaps… I’m not sold on her yet. Gladys still need to have a another kid. 2. The sink needs to break so there is water all over the floor before she starts repairing the electronic items.
Eddie: *changes the subject* Dad grabbed Cora and brought her inside. Thanks to the stairs she was stuck out front.

Now that the females are in the home, we just have to wait. First things first. We need to give someone a make over.
Eddie: She appears to be having difficulties, I don’t recall her being clumsy.
She isn’t, she’s a loser.
Eddie: *laughs* That is cruel, Roo.
No really, see? *points at her traits, then giggles as Gladys falls on her ars* that is funny.
Eddie: *laughs* Okay I have to admit, that was pretty funny. She looks great after her makeover.
Yes, she does clean up well. *blinks* Oh hey, you’re a father… again…
Eddie: *glances* Starsha had a girl. My daughter Maricela will be just as perfect as my daughter Cora. You’ll see.
Shame really, I like Maricela’s name better than Cora… how attached to that name are you? *ponders*
Eddie: A name is just a name, just don’t change my daughter!

Cora is a cutie. *grins* I love watching Eddie teach her to walk. Its so endearing.
Eddie: Like I said… perfect.
*scoffs* No she isn’t. If she were perfect she would have a better favorite color! *growls*
Eddie: *laughs* So she likes pink.
Ack! *pauses, stares, saves, exits*

Eddie: There you are. What the frell was that about?
I panicked. Jenn is going to die. It just dawned on me that having my friend’s sim-mes in game may not have been such a great idea after all. I have no issues with torturing them, toying with them, forcing them to have tons of babies and affairs… but to watch them die? *sighs*
Eddie: I see. What does that have to do with random pictures of me and Dad gardening in our boxers?
*grins* Are you serious? *offers drool bibs for her readers… erm female readers, sorry shiny one*

Wrapping up the update, Franklin has not stopped. He’s taken to stealing candy from his granddaughter. He’s also *shudders* reached mad scientist.
Eddie: There is nothing wrong with being a mad scientist! It is of the utmost prestige in the science world.
Maybe… but that work uniform is hideous!

We have a glitch. Franklin, Evan and Hope were sitting there watching television… the cooking channel actually. When Precious decided to play a video game. Now this brings up a few things, such as 1. usually a sim cannot play a video game on a television already in use. 2. Precious is rude. 3. Their learning bars continued during her game play. Unfortunately Hope lost interest half way through Precious’ game and walked away. Her learning bar stayed. The guys kept yakking away and once Precious stopped playing, the cooking channel came back on. Once they stopped watching, their bars went away. Whew. Unfortunately-

*blinks* Okay that will have to wait. Apparently Aiden needs to transition… now… not later, now.
Eddie: That would be twice isn’t it? Maybe we should see if ‘he’ can die from electrocution instead of Gladys.
*ponders* Not a bad idea… in the meantime, Aiden is now a teenager. I am not fond of the facial hair in TS3. I love it in TS2 to the point its hard to find any of my playables without facial hair… here its rare to see one with. As a ghost boy, Aiden apparently can pull it off.
Eddie: What the frell?
Sorry, I was just noticing that he has no definition as a ghost. He will never have the same appeal that you and your father have.
Eddie: Moving on…
That and I ‘think’ he’s trying to tell me he is tired of living in the kid room. *smirks*

Anyhow, back to Hope. That night she went to bed with the learning bar still learning… she didn’t learn a lot through her sleep but she did manage to raise the bar just a tad. That morning I made her cook some waffles and unfortunately even that didn’t reset her learning bar.
Eddie: The carpool is here. I need to get to work… hey… is it me or is something… off?
*bites lip nervously* Ya… something is definitely not right… Um, Eddie, I’m sorry to say it, but I think your home is bugged. Not just that but I have no back up… *sighs* I suppose you are on hold until I can sort this out.
Eddie: Don’t forget about us, Roo. We’ll be waiting.
*sighs* Ya no pressure or anything… geez.

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Anonymous said...

Woot, you go Christian! You sexy old coot, you.
Welcome to the family, Cora.
Cora, Marjorie? Whose grandma is naming these kids?
Funny, the old woman is thinking happy thoughts while fighting!
Hmmmm. Who was the lady with the girl in the background?
*waves* Bye Christian. I enjoyed your time as heir.
Dang! Cora sure grew quickly.
Oh cute! You have great looking simmies.
Maricela? Srsly?
*snicker* That mad scientist uniform is too much.
If a playable ghost can't be killed, I would think the same would be true of a ghost baby/child.
Meh. Ghosts have no appeal for me anyway.
If Hope's bar didn't go away, you could try resetting her too.

Ndayeni said...

Great entry as usual. Sorry to see Christian go, but I guess he had outstayed his welcome a bit. Grats to Franklin on getting TOC, but those elbow-length rubber gloves on his uniform are rather...disturbing. I hope things aren't bugged too bady for you, would hate to see this legacy go up in smoke from a glitch.

Anjel76 said...

Looks good on your, Christian! BE the celebrity!! Be ONE with Celebrity-dom! :O)) Hehe.

That's a nice front walk to that house that Eddie's ringing the doorbell at.

*LOL* I called her Sariana, too. :O)

Cora is a perfectly fine name. Reminds me of one of the main characters in many of Tyler Perry's plays. :O))

What is with Franklin and wanting to beat up on old people??? That wicked look on his face is still devastatingly handsome though. ;O)

Aww ... so long Christian. So ... is that MIST around those graves in the presence of the Grim Reaper? NEAT!!

Oy! Who you callin' a LOSER? That whole stuck drawer thing, fall on your ass thing happened with my sim-self in my game ... and she is most definitely NOT a loser! *pokes*

Might be more fun for us if we could watch them garden in the nude. >:O}

Oh NO! Not a glitch!! NO GLITCHES!! *waits eagerly for all the testing to fix the glitches you need to perform*

AeronwyDiobhell said...

*grins at Ruby* You're gonna have one heck of a time letting Franklin get old and die, aren't you. *pokes*

*comforts Eddie* Sorry, kiddo, but your creator is a mean and fickle woman. It's no sense getting upset that your dad gets to live forever and you don't. *shrugs slightly*

What was Christian's LTW again? But nice that his adoring fans still remember him and want his autograph! (Need to remember to check and see if Zeeva can do that a few times before she kicks it, since she's already like 89 or something.)

Besides, once you're able to move Gladys and Cora in and Gladys and Eddie get married, Cora's last name will (should) change to Babii as well, just like Jenn's kid did. So Cora's last name being "Do" right now, won't matter. ;)

*tsks loudly* Shame on you, Franklin, picking on the elderly! You know, Ruby, you really should make him get old, see how it all feels. :P And concerned with good reason there, missy!

I wonder why all of your elders live so long. Mine hit 89 or 90 days and Pfft! *snaps her fingers* Gone! Just like that!

Aww, bye Christian! *waves to the last of the sweet Babii's* Okay, so now you can move Gladys and Cora into the house. But until you let Franklin die, there's still no room for a spare, you know. *peers at Ruby*

*blinks* The tombstones reacted like that 'cause Grim was around? Very cool!! I'll have to watch Brynn and Christopher's whenever Madison or Lewis passes on.

*smirks* It's not a garbage disposal - that's found in the sink. It's a garbage compactor! So very 80's, actually, now that I think about it. *ponders*

Anyway, Gladys can't have kid #2 until Franklin's gone! Or Precious, since Franklin's still a young adult, not even an adult. *shakes her head* But seriously, what do you have against Cora? She really could be the perfect heiress, you know.

Wow. Franklin actually LIKES Cora? That should settle it, she's gotta be the heiress!

Slob? SLOB?? You allowed a SLOB into the house? *shudders* That is one trait I hope to never get again in any of my families. But wow, Gladys is really cute!!

Another daughter? Cool. Welcome to the world, Maricela! Enjoy the freedom of a non-player house. What's wrong with the name Cora? It's a cute name. Aww, Cora is a girly-girl! *cheers* I'm glad she likes pink! Now she HAS to be the heiress, 'cause that'll really drive you batty! *cackles*

Poor Jenn, at least she had a long and full life as the mistress to a Babii man.

And we THANK YOU for the random shots of Franklin and Eddie gardening in their boxers. *sighs happily and stares for a while*

What the HELL is up with Franklin's hair in his work clothes?!? *shudders* And shame on you for stealing candy from your granddaughter!

Oooh, that's the "bar over Hope's head" you were talking about on the boards. What? Are you surprised that Aiden insisted on transitioning NOW? He did that going from toddler to child too. It's probably 'cause you completely ignore his existence except when he insists on having his birthday, poor kid.

Heh, I know exactly what you mean about facial hairs. 90% of my guys in TS2 had facial hair of one sort or another and I'm really struggling to find anything but stubble that I like in TS3. *grumbles*

*blinks* Kind of inappropriate for a teenaged boy to be sleeping in the same bed as his mother, don't you think, Aiden? *pokes* But yeah, definitely not as appealing in the shower as Franklin or Eddie. *nods at Ruby*

Hey! You let Eddie get a job! When did that happen? Oh, for Hope, did you try having her watch TV again, then she turn the television off? Maybe that'll reset her? Now you've gotten Aiden sorted out, you need to get Hope sorted out. Then back up and get back to playing. *pokes Ruby*

M.McMillan said...

I am not fond of the facial hair in ts2. It looks a little plastic. Some of it isn't too bad. Of course the ts3 facial hair is just simply dreadful.