Monday, August 10, 2009

I... uh.. oh... *pause*

Starting this update with transition time… this time its Hope. She uh… well she’s cute… after her makeover that is. I mean sorry, but that hair she had and those clothes? Ugh is putting it nicely.
Franklin: *laughs* You’re such a brat.
Meh. I can be. Thankfully she is easier to look at after said makeover.

By the way, we have an uninvited guest, erm ghost in the house. I hadn’t realized Grimmy left her urn in the bathroom. It kinda blended in with the flooring. That and I just figured since she didn’t live her she would go directly home or to the cemetery.
Franklin: One would think so, wouldn’t they…
Yes, yes I did. Glad you see things my way.
Franklin: As if I have a choice with you putting words in my mouth…
Franklin: *laughs*

So life went on as it will do… Christian is getting older and some how surviving all the times that he waits to eat until the last minute. Precious is working on the toddler skills with Aiden… and then I got a pop up.
Franklin: You get them all the time. What was so special about this one?
Glad you asked. Evan met someone at school… his name is Cecil Babii.
Franklin: Babii? An unknown relative… interesting…
Indeed. Or it would be if he was actually related. Turns out our darling Jenn has found herself a man. This man knocked up our girl and she had a son, Cecil. Time to have a party and meet this new Babii…

Moments before the party Akara decides to visit. She’s never done this before and wouldn’t you know it, it’s the day she’s invited over…
Franklin: What is Akara wearing? Its hideous.
She’s pregnant… finally!

So the family and guests start arriving. Franklin finally makes it home from work. I have Eddie order pizza and break out the food. Carmen askes her dad to dance with her, Christian was a good sport and obliged. How he bends like that at his age is beyond me. Not to mention his head going through the dishwasher…
Franklin: *chuckles* It’s a ‘sim’ thing. We defy physics and logic.
Hmm… well when you put it that way… Eddie and Gladys are attached at the lips as always. Hmmm… he may balk at the idea of her being killed off…
Franklin: Possibly. While he is evil, he does have that family oriented trait. *pauses* Hey Roo… who is that behind them?
That would be Jenn, she aged well.

He’s here!
Franklin: Who’s here?
Cecil Babii the reason we threw the party… to meet the kid and get the family back together and play a bit of catch up on what is going on with their lives.
Franklin: Like remembering Carmen is a coward?
*blinks* uh… ya, things like that…
Franklin: Pops apparently doesn’t know his grandson very well. They had a difference of opinion.
Yes, they both threw negatives on that one. Clash of traits I believe it said… oh hey pizza is here.
Franklin: I’m busy… have the boy answer the door.
Oh for crying out loud… *nudges Eddie* Seriously, you’d think you two never see each other.
Franklin: *smirks* What can I say… the woman adores me.
*rolls eyes* Right and those wishes I keep fulfilling for you …
Franklin: Just icing on the cake.

Naturally we had party crashers, at least this one brought food. While this one is a friend of Hope… oh that gives me an- *blinks*
Franklin: What?
The eyebrows, he has to be related to Brett.
Franklin: Lets hope the sisters get along… it looks as if they may be moving in together.
Nah, I’m not making that mistake again. Once Hope is old enough, she will get married, he’ll move in and I’ll kick them out. No more funds are coming out of this household. Speaking of Brett, he should make a good dad, he got along very well with Evan.
Franklin: You think Akara will have a boy or a girl?
Let’s see… we’ve been having oodles of boys lately… but she was wearing pink maternity clothes… ya I haven’t a clue. I just look forward to seeing him/her grow up.

Speaking of growing up… Fred is growing up rather nicely.
Franklin: Naturally, he’s my son.
*rolls eyes and smirks* Whatever… I wonder if living with your uncle is going to have any influence over this little guy. I doubt it though.
Franklin: Fred’s my little buddy. He wont let that pansy uncle of mine influence him.

Uh ya… so life continues in the Babii house. I finally have the ground floor completed. I have yet to begin construction on the second floor. Not to mention I am horrible with landscaping… but I did try this time. Its better than usual anyhow. I just don’t care for roses and I find that is EA guys main staple of flowers. *shudders and sighs*
Franklin: The garden is still small. There are more of us that can work on it. You may want to consider expanding it.
Nah, maybe… I dunno but its really doubtful. Mostly because I find smaller ones more manageable and you don’t spend your whole morning out there.
Franklin: *chuckles*
Franklin: Just wonder what it is Oma wanted from Grandpa Sherm that he wasn’t in the mood for…
*blinks* Sometimes ignorance is bliss…

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Anjel76 said...

I think photobucket is having issues today. It's taking FOREVER for the linked pictures to load ... so I'm finding I have to skip over them. :O((

Anyhoo ...

I love how Franklin talks back to you. He's a million times more interesting than the last founder ... what was his name again? ;O)) *LOL*

You're right. That urn blends right in with the bathroom tile! HA!

Christina looks constipated in front of that laptop. ;O))

I find it interesting all the Babii's that are showing up. :O))

Yay for Akara finally being preggers! WOOT!

Cecil is a cutie.

Now ... I got confused when you started talking about the eyebrows and how "he" has to be related to Brett. He who? Cecil? Cuz otherwise, there are no other links around the chick with the macaroni.