Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Coffee Table... Page 2

Read for the oddities I mentioned earlier?
Franklin: *looks around, shrugs* Uh, sure…
*giggles* I didn’t mean you… but okay lets do this.

Transmogrify… I have no idea why Eddie has this ‘power’ but he does. I found this purely by accident. I found a seed, clicked on it expecting him to be able to simply pick it up to take home and there it was… the option to transmogrify. Naturally I chose this option. Eddie picked up the seed, held it and it changed in to flame fruit! It doesn’t work with all of them, only those that are actually flame fruit. (I guess) My theory is that its because of his mom… Shawanda was a firefighter. Didn’t EA Guys put in an Easter Egg for firefighters? Maybe they put more than one… it’s possible and the only thing I can think of.
Franklin: *raises eyebrow* My son can do ‘that’? Interesting…
Mhm… once I had him do it and it evaporated in a puff of smoke.

Finally! Oh read faster Christian…
Franklin: What are you talking about? Pop has been reading a lot lately… studying something for some reason.
Yes his cooking skill was too low, so I had him study. Seeing how he is the genius of the family, I figured it would be faster for him or a bookworm, seeing how we have none, Christian got the job.
Franklin: *yawn* Uh huh…
Franklin its time! *bounces* Wake up! Your father is making you a special breakfast. *pokes Franklin* Oh now doesn’t that look… appetizing… *wrinkles nose*
Franklin: *stretches* It’s not my birthday… what gives?

It will be done in a minute… or two… I don’t know just give it some time.
Franklin: I don’t have a lot of time. I have to get ready for work. Maybe I’ll just have this leftover- *blinks* I’ll just brush my teeth until its finished… *growls* you did it again.
Yes, I didn’t want you to eat any leftovers. I want you to eat what your father has been studying to make just for you.
Franklin: Mmm… well it does smell good. Tasty… in an odd way… good, but- *blinks* I feel funny.
Yay! He sparkled real pretty and has restarted his YA years. So the ambrosia works like a charm. Not to forget the awesome moodlet that comes from eating it. +75 for 7 days! Golly.
Franklin: I’m late for work. We’ll talk about this when I get home!
*waves and grins*

Another thing that was odd… Lashanda Boyles came by for a visit. She wasn’t invited. She isnt the only one. This is Franklin’s co-worker’s daughter… I forgot her first name, she’s a Do. I thought maybe she was a friend of Eddie’s that came home from school with him… only they hadn’t met either. Not looking a gift horse in the mouth, I had our Gen4 heir greet her and test the waters. She didn’t blink when they spoke of families. She didn’t get bored when he spoke of conspiracies… *sighs* That’s about the time Lashanda passed on. She was in there with Aiden when her time came. Naturally everything stopped in order to ‘mourn’ a virtual stranger. Too many people for such a small room so I distracted Hope. About then I heard Grim’s arrival. Only I didn’t see him… so I dropped the walls. He popped up in the bathroom. *snickers* Then did the hip pause a few times as both he and Eddie tried to enter the room. While I was inconvenienced by a non-family member’s death, I was still amused by Grim’s antics… not to mention Lashanda saying she has to go home to take care of a few things… you should call! *blinks* really?

Grim was then amused by their stereo for some odd reason. Eddie introduced himself and instantly took a disliking to him. Eddie’s ‘friendly’ trait apparently clashes with Grim’s ‘mean spirited’. I’m surprised he gets along so well with his father then.

Seeing how the ‘Do’ girl was still here, Eddie poured on the charm. They talked, they flirted, they hugged, they kissed, they made out and he asked her to be his GF. She accepted. Oddly enough, the boy was none too happy to find her in his bed
Franklin: *chuckles* He has a lot to learn.
You’re home from work?
Franklin: I have been for a while. I got home shortly after Grim left.

The last thing I have to offer you is Aiden. He did his sparkly twirl and transitioned to a toddler. A very bald toddler, but a toddler all the same. I like overalls on little babies, they’re just too cute. I just need him to have hair.
Franklin: Now about this ‘ambrosia’…

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Anonymous said...

That's perfectly ok. It allows up to admire Franklin's rear view.
Evan is following in the tradition of his ancestors and looking good!
I don't like the front of that hair, but that visiting sim man is much eye candy, too.
Carmen does not look thrilled to be meeting her half-sister.
*nods* It's because I'm a friendly sim.
Ok, that's freaky. There's a boy inside of Precious.
Is Sandra licking the plate? That's funny.
I love that look on Franklin's face where he's standing with Lisa in her bathing suit.
Ha! She just wants to check out his butt in a bathing suit!
Franklin! Shame on you for picking on an old man! Sorry dude, but you deserved to have your arse handed to you.
Oh yay! You finally have a neruotic sim!
lol @ Eddie's bike!
Oh, that is too cool with the seed!
Horray for ambrosia! I think it looks nasty though.
The Do girl is kinda cute.
C'mon Eddie, you're blocking Grim's progress. What were you thinking?
Huh, it looks like the Do girl's belt is cutting into her butt.

Ndayeni said...

Sims that are the offspring of NPC firefighters are supposed to be able to get a hidden "Pyromaniac" trait. I'm not sure if this is where the transmogrify ability comes from or not, and I would have thought it would show on his traits if he had it. I haven't seen it myself in game but thought it was mostly like any other trait, just is one that doesn't show up on the list and can only be gained through automatic assignment. There are supposed to be others like that as well, but I forget what they are.

Ooh. Ambrosia. I haven't gotten to try that with any of my sims yet. Like the sparkly effect they get for the reverse aging. Much more dramatic than when they eat life fruit.

Aww. Eddie has a girlfriend. Are we seeing a future Spouse here?

Aiden is a total cutie in the CAS shot, and I'm generally not that fond of how toddlers look in this game. Almost a pity he's a ghost.

Hmm. My verification word is "probin" ... seems somehow appropriate.

AeronwyDiobhell said...

*blinks* Wait, he really does have that ability! I figured it was some graphics glitch. How the heck did he get that?!? I'm trying to remember, was Eddie one of the ghost baby attempts? Okay, I see you answered -- and yeah, I guess it is 'cause of his mom being a firefighter, if he can only transmogrify flame fruit. But that is so freakin' cool! :-D He so totally needs to be the Heir! He's the Heir, right? *tugs on Ruby's shirt obsessively* That is so freakin' cool. I know, I'm repeating myself, but it's still awesome!

Ick, um, I mean, yeah, that looks totally appetizing. *wrinkles her nose too* Lemme guess, you've finally found someone who can make Ambrosia? *grins*

*snickers* You really need to stop messing with the poor man. Making him go brush his teeth instead of eating leftovers. Is that supposed to look like ambrosia salad or something? *peers at the slice of food*

You restarted his YA years? I figured you were so freaked out about him transitioning to Elder, not to an Adult. You know, his kid is going to wind up the same age as him, if you keep this up.

Oh goodie, Eddie is still the heir. *claps* He's got special magical powers, he's gotta be the Heir. I wonder if his kids will have that.

*snickers* Maybe Grimmy hadda pee before he reaped? *giggles* But yeah, I wish everyone wouldn't come rushing over to mourn a stranger. In the Zahm family, I could understand Zeeva mourning Rachel, 'cause they were co-workers and best friends. But NOBODY else in the house even knew her and yet they all mourned her. *rolls her eyes* (Although I think only Zeeva got the negative moodlet, if I remember correctly.)

Happy birthday, Aiden! *cheers* A bald toddler in overalls. *grins* Yay for hair! Let's hope he'll lose the overalls when he transitions though. Because cute on a toddler isn't cute on an older kid. ;-)

Anjel76 said...

*blinks, blinks*

What's Fire Fruit supposed to do? And Transmogrify is a firefighter trait? Is that right? NEAT! :O) Congrats to Eddie! He's a firestarter! :O))

Oooh! AMBROSIA!!! :O) I've never seen its affects before. :O) NEAT!! All the way back to his YA days and a 75+ Moodlet for a whole friggen week?!?! NICE!

Man ... I bet Grim's hand is COLD to shake. *shudders*

Ah ... a red-headed ghost beh-beh. Kewl! :O)