Monday, August 3, 2009

Is your coffee table decaff?

Sorry RL dictated that I stop the last update where I did. *grumbles about conference calls* Now last update… oh right, Aiden was born and there was a transition party going on.
Franklin: I see you invited my Lisa.
Yes I made sure you had your Lisa. I had to make sure she spun in to something other than her maternity clothes. Ick! I hate those clothes. They’re hideous.

I find the cake ritual frustrating. Regardless of who I have selected, the sims will decide who brings the child to the cake and not me. I find it rude actually. I mean there have been many times that I have picked a specific person for a photo-op. Just like this time.
Franklin: *shrugs* Mom wanted to do it. Why would I care who brings Sandra’s ‘good’ son to the cake for his transition?
Maybe because I wanted a picture of you with him to show just how much he looks like his father.
Franklin: *scoffs*

As family and a few guests gathered, they blew out the candles. Evan cheered for himself, sparkled and transitioned. Unfortunately he lost his curls. I am sorry to see them gone and will need to rectify that.
Franklin: Yes the ‘good’ boy needs his cherub hair. *sneers*
What is with you? You’re meaner than usual…
Franklin: I don’t know. I’m getting older, I’m getting meaner and maybe because a spare got a cake instead of me… the heir of Gen 3 goes without… what gives? Why does that goody two shoes brat of Sandra’s get a cake and my boy, Eddie doesn’t?
Eddie is two days from transition just like you-
Franklin: I’m what? The announcement came up, Roo… today is my birthday. Today!

Oh that’s the guy who had to be invited… Israel… something… *blinks* Okay so I apparently forgot his name too.
Franklin: Don’t change the subject, Roo.
Hope has made contact with her half sister, Carmen. I wonder if they’ll be friends. Carmen had a great time at the party. She even met Lisa. They hit it off pretty well.
Franklin: That’s my Lisa!
Wow, for a stud you’re real whiney today.
Franklin: Listen here, Roo. You did something to alter my transition day, won’t tell me what is going on, yet expect me to act as if everything is just fine. Fess up, Woman!

Fine. You ate ‘life fruit’. Two of them to be exact… giving you two more days until your transition.
Franklin: That’s it? It can’t be that simple…
Yup, that’s all I did. I find you can only eat two fruits at a time. No that isn’t right, you can eat more but you only gain the two days regardless of how many you eat.
Franklin: So you aren’t killing me without telling me?
*blinks* Would I do that?
Franklin: *smirks* You do it to everyone else.
I don’t kill the heir.
Franklin: Good to know.

So I was dumb… and as always… impatient. I couldn’t remember what happens to playable ghosts and how or when they die. Seeing how I can’t kill one… why not age the woman quicker. Unfortunately I didn’t realize the whole freaking house would get out of bed in order to celebrate with her. *headdesk*
Franklin: *laughs* That’s okay, gave me some more time with my woman.
Very true. She was exhausted earlier and went to bed before you.
Franklin: Not this time she didn’t
*blinks* Did I… no… cuz I don’t need… but then…
Franklin: Yup. I believe you did.
*covers ears* Uuuuugh…. no but I didn’t hear any… *sighs* You know, lately the chimes haven’t been playing and yet the stupid simmies are preggers…
Franklin: I still want a daughter… maybe this time I’ll actually get one.

Since they were up anyhow, I took advantage and shoo’d Evan to the mirror. I missed his curls. He just isn’t Evan with out them. No sooner did he finish he played with the mirror. I’ve never seen any of the sims do that before. It cracked me up!
Franklin: *chuckles* We never had one of those mirrors before.
Yes well, someone wanted to buy something for a minimum amount of simoleans… blah, blah…

Now some odd things have happened this time around. Not a lot just a few things I have never seen before and one I just don’t know where it came from, why he can do it and it is just cool as all heck… but I’ll get there in a minute. First there is the issue of ghosts. Even though there is no gate around this fence they tend to get out occasionally. I did eventually enlarge it and move their headstones to the center. There is also the issue of newspapers they seem to grab out of their butt and toss all over the place. I have to remember to pull them out every morning or they collect there and no new newspapers will be delivered. *grumps*
Franklin: What is Mom doing?
I figure since she can’t die and I have no spouse or spare that can fix the dishwasher, she gets the honors.
Franklin: Good thinking.
Thanks. And a side note, now that Don is out of the house, Christian allows Precious to sleep with him again.

One day I remembered the perfect garden and sent Christian out to harvest. Seeing how Precious was still on maternity leave for Aiden. I may as well let Christian get some fresh air. Seeing Lisa was here playing in the sprinklers and Franklin just got off work, I had him come here instead of home. Like a good little sim he came immediately.
Franklin: She was glad to see me.
Yes and then you two played in the sprinklers which cracked me up. Only…
Franklin: Don’t say it…
Well suddenly Franklin stopped playing around and got all pissy. Walked over to this old crotchety man
Franklin: Roo…
They exchanged a few words… a few heated words… and got in to a fight!
Franklin: *groans* Did you have to tell them ‘this’?
Tell them what? That you stomped over to pick a fight with an old man, that as far as I know you have never met before, went in to fisticuffs over who knows what and-
Franklin: Roo… just let it go…
Um… okay… Christian made hot dogs and Franklin read a book at the park… after getting his ars kicked by the old man. *snickers*

Poor Franklin had a rough afternoon. He needed a few good moodlets.
Franklin: You’re staring again.
Uh huh…
Franklin: So I’m not one of the guinea pigs, I’m a slab of meat.
Beefcake to be more accurate… Franklin, what are you doing? You cant’ kill yourself in the bathtub
Franklin: Are you sure? You’ve utterly humiliated me. I can’t believe an old man beat me up.
You never worked out a day in your life. You’re just naturally this good looking… I’ll tell you what. You have all that gym equipment in that room. Get out and we’ll have you buffed in no time.

Crap! I forgot it was Eddie’s birthday. All this other stuff going on and it just slipped my mind. At least he wasn’t alone. He had his Aunt Hope with him. I hope he rolls something interesting…
Franklin: *laughs* Be careful what you wish for… you just may get it.

I sent them home seeing how it was getting late and Eddie was in need of a makeover. I hate that they change his hair for him. I picked which style I want him in darn it. *growls* So Hope hops on her little bike and heads home followed by Eddie… on a little bike? o.O
Franklin: It appears I’m not the only one in the family that needs to work out.
Nope you aren’t the only one. Eddie is a chubby baby. At least he’s still a cutie.

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Ndayeni said...

Wow, Franklin's kids really do look like him. Eddie seems almost his spitting image in that last "still a cutie" shot.

Great but kind of freaky shot at the birthday party where you can see the kid (Evan?) through Precious. Almost makes it look like she's wearing a shirt or tunic with his picture on it.

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Interesting title for this chapter, by the way. *grins*

Heh, yeah, it bothers me, if I wanted someone specific to bring a kid to the cake for a photo op and someone else picks the rugrat up instead. *grumbles*

Ooo, that's a whole lotta very yummy looking backs there! *smacks her lips*

Happy birthday, Evan! And he's a total cutie, with his black hair and green eyes, by the way. :-) Too bad his hair straightened out though. Glad you're gonna give them back to him. *claps*

Boy, Franklin really is in a snit! *snicker* But why does he insist on refusing to acknowledge Evan as his son? You know something? You should force Evan to be the Heir and not a Spare. That would -really- get under Franklin's skin! *grins wickedly*

Too bad there isn't an extra woman around, 'cause Israel is cute! *whistles*

*laughs at Franklin* You need to send that boy to bed. He really is being a stinker!

*snorts at Franklin* So that's what his snit is all about? He's thinking you're gonna kill him? Hasn't he figured out yet that you don't do that to the Heirs, former, current, or upcoming? *pokes Franklin through Ruby*

*blinks at Ruby* You don't have that option turned on in AwesomeMod? There's a setting in the configuration to prevent people from waking up/dropping their actions to zerg-swarm someone transitioning. (Or maybe it's just for non-cake transitions?)

I think Lisa wants Franklin to take her on some tropical vacation, it looks like.

*fights back a smirk as she glances at Ruby* It would serve you right if you got Lisa knocked up again.

*giggles at Evan* Yay for his curls back and too funny watching him make faces at himself!

*blinks again* What's with the newspapers littering up the family graveyard? Well, they ARE ghosts. They can walk through walls, why couldn't they get through a fence? *tickles Ruby* So you can wind up with too many newspapers in a house and delivery stops?

What perfect garden did you remember? And wouldn't that get his suit pants all dirty? *snickers like a schoolgirl*

*gasps* Franklin, shame on you! You're supposed to be an adult! Yeah, okay, an Evil adult, but you're not hot tempered... were you? *frowns* I don't think you are. So shame on you! Bwahahahaha!!!! *claps a hand over her mouth to stifle her giggles* I mean, I'm so sorry the Old Man whupped your butt, Franklin. Really. *snickersnorts*

So are a few of her friends staring, Franklin. *glances quickly at Ruby* Do I have to keep scrolling down? *stares and sighs happily* You've got a problem with being a slab of meat? *peers at Franklin, looking him up and down*

Heh, nice mix of traits Eddie's got there. *giggles*

Well, he went to the park with that bike. He's gotta go buy a teen bike now to ride around on and get rid of the kid's bike. What, you thought he'd magically find a teen bike to steal or something? *grins*

Eddie is still a cutie, chubby or not. :-D

Anjel76 said...

Yup, definitely an interesting start to this chapter (page 1). :O) Yeah he does look better with his curls. Glad you gave them back to him. Maybe you could use the excuse that the sparkles gave off heat and caused his hair to straighten. *snickers*

Hah. I love that expression on Franklin's face when you're discussing the fact that it's not his birthday cuz you made him eat the life fruit. :O)) *snickers*

So ... he ghost had a birthday. She went from what age to what age??

Lisa is preggers, eh? I had heard that there's a chance for pregnancy even if you don't "try for baby" ... right? Or am I thinking about something else? I dunno ... *scratches head about the "no chimes"*

What the heck is up with all the old newspapers?? I just throw the paper away almost first thing in the morning (drag and drop, baby!). :O) Saves time and effort!

I like Lisa's swimsuit ... but it looks like her boobs are about to fall out. ;O)

HA! Frankling got OWNED!!! And by an OLD MAN no less! HA!!

Damn ... Franklin is HAWT ... *drools profusely as he steps into the tub* I love it when they dunk themselves underwater. :O) I've seen Angelo do that (but in clear water).

*snickers* Eddie looks funny on his child bike. *snickers*

Brian said...

Great stuff, Ruby!

Neurotics Sims doesn't really have minuses, but they do have benefits. If you have a Neurotic Sim in a stressful job, have her Freak Out just before leaving for work. The Tranquil moodlet lasts 8 hours.

Not to mention the "Calmed" moodlet they get from checking the sink and stove. Heck, they usually wake up wanting to make the bed, so there's an easy Fulfilled moodlet right there. :)

And I think something is going on with the "no chimes"... a certain female Sim Tried for Baby four, yes, four times on her wedding night with no chimes... but she was pregnant anyway.