Monday, August 10, 2009

I... uh... Page 2

Hope went to visit her ‘Hunter’ friend who’s name escapes me. So I followed her in… Akara had her baby… it’s a boy…
Franklin: *laughs* You forgot to write down his name.
Uh… yes… he um… does it really matter what his name is?
Franklin: *shrugs* Not to me it doesn’t.

Franklin: Who the frell is that?
Evan. He transitioned before I realized it. He lost his curls again and those eyebrows are more suited on Eddie or you than him…
Franklin: He looks like a Babii for the first time.
Hey now, not all Babii’s are evil, thankyouverymuch.
Franklin: *scoffs* Its not as if it matters, knowing you the way I do, you sent him to the mirror and gave him his stupid curls back.
Hey! Erm… yes, yes I did.
Franklin: *laughs*
Then I went and changed his clothes… the boy has some odd clothing sense! o.O

And apparently he has no common sense either. Seriously, if you’re hungry there is plenty of food in the fridge, leftovers and things to cook!
Franklin: *smirks* He’s hungry because Mr. GoodyTwoShoes is a vegetarian.
No, that isn’t why he is hungry. He was hungry before going to bed so he is wickedly hungry when he got up. Doesn’t matter Eddie made pancakes.
Franklin: I’m sick of these do-gooders
Uh huh… well it would seem Evan wasn’t too keen on hearing how much ‘good’ sims suck… seeing how he too is good.
Franklin: Of course, that is why I complain to him about ‘good’ sims?

As I mentioned, Eddie made pancakes. Lime pancakes… o.O ew…
Franklin: Actually they were surprisingly tasty.
Uh huh… I’ll take your word for it. Anyhow, this is the closest I have gotten to having a sit down meal with the family. I either need 2 more chairs or a bigger table or something…

Franklin: Wait you want ‘me’ to fix the garbage disposal? I thought you didn’t let the heir die…
I’m not trying to kill you silly. Your handy skill is high enough to successfully fix it and it will help your skill advance for your next promotion. You’re so close to the top, why stop now?
Franklin: Hmmm…
Trust me…
Franklin: Well you did say you wouldn’t kill the heir or future heir…
Exactly. See? All done. You’re the man… erm… sim.

Oops there he goes again. He loves to steal candy from Aiden… but he can’t seem to help but help comfort him afterwards. He’s so conflicted.
Franklin: I dunno, Roo. Looks to me as if he’s walking away.
True, but see his wish panel? He wants to snuggle the brat.
Franklin: I have an odd son.

Yes, but he is definitely yours.
Franklin: *chuckles* Yes he is.

Evan has volunteered to test the body adjusting thingie for me.
Franklin: We said the next test subject would be made fatter…
Yes we did. Evan stepped in to the machine, it kicked on doing its ‘thing’ and out he came with a round belly. Shame I missed the shot of him happily rubbing his tummy. *snickers*

Hey Franklin, I uh… *blinks* That’s not you
Franklin: No it isn’t and I’d appreciate it if you didn’t stare at my son… its just a tad creepy.
I’m not staring… if I wanted to stare at someone in the shower, I have plenty shots of you to stare at.
Franklin: Why am I not surprised. I think you have too many of those.
Blasphemy, there is no such thing as too many nekkie pictures of you.
Franklin: *smirks*

Anyhow I was just thinking… your dad is pulling one of those, he just wont die things like his parents. I’m worried…
Franklin: About what?
I adore Christian and was freaked a bit about him being replaced by you… and now I cant wait for him to die… am I going to feel that way about you?
Franklin: *shrugs* Its possible. Especially if the house is full like now and the next generation is about ready to take over the house.
*sighs* That’s what I was afraid of.
Franklin: Its okay, Roo. I know I’m your favorite heir.
Franklin: *laughs* I heard that.

So Eddie invited Gladys over and Franklin invited Lisa over and we got ready for the inevitable…
Franklin: Just because I ate the ambrosia, doesn’t mean the rest of the family doesn’t continue to age…
Ya, I know.

There’s something different about Gladys, and I don’t mean just her clothes. It turns out she has already transitioned to young adult. Bonus for me, means I don’t need a second cake. Ready Franklin?
Franklin: I am now.
*chuckles* You’re such a brat.

So Eddie is ready, the family gathered, he blew out the candles, they all cheered excessively, Eddie sparkled, spun, got his last trait and took over the reigns. *tilts head* You’re handsome.
Eddie: Naturally, I look like Dad.
Speaking of your father, where did he run off to?
Eddie: *chuckles* Lisa is here… where do you think he went?
*smirks* Naturally…

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Anonymous said...

*nods* Hope is quite cute after her makeover.
Jenn! Couldn't you at least marry the guy before you go around having more babies named Babii?!
Yay for an Akara kidlet!
Yeah, but Lisa was wearing pink in my game & had a boy. So there ya have it.
Oooooooo. House is looking good.
Hush Franklin. Evan has to have his curls. They're his trademark.
lol @ the purple bunny slippers!
Man, those Babii men sure are well formed!
Eddie is definitely a chip off Franklin's block. *eyebrow wiggle*

Anjel76 said...

I thought the sims in TS3 were supposed to be SMARTER than sims in TS2. And yet ... they CONTINUE to put the babies on the cold linoleum floor! If someone did that in real life, child services would be on them so fast, their HEAD would be spinning.

And by the GODS, ruby. What's with the mix-n-mismatch decor in the kitchen? Red fridge with stainless steal doors, purple/red/blue curtains, green tile sinks??? *blinks*

Dang ... he really DOES look like the rest of the Babii men with those eyebrows. AND he looks evil. Glad you gave him that makeover so he looks more "angelic" and "good". ;O))

And what's with the bunny slippers? *LOL*

*slaps another nekkie ass* Eddie does look like his dad though. :O))

I think sooner or later, we'll all be ready for certain sims to die. *nods* Especially if they live WELL PAST their prime. *stares at Christian*

Yay for green thumbs!

He really is handsome though.

*smacks Franklin in his pirate underwear-wearing ass* ;O))

Why is my word verification word "Gasoli" ... is it telling me to tell you to set Christian on fire??? ;O))

Ndayeni said...

Hope turned out pretty good looking, I agree. Though she looks like she's yakking in her plate in that family breakfast picture.

Eddie definitely takes after Franklin, though Evan is a cutie too. Will be interesting to see how Eddie's mix of traits plays out and works for him.

Ah, such relatively little fanfare for the changing of the guard this time. See ya Franklin, we'll miss hearing from you. At least we'll still have you around for background eye candy for awhile ;)

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Well, I guess if the girl has to be Inappropriate, at least she can be Charismatic too and maybe get herself out of trouble occassionally. ;-) We can't see her hair, but yeah, her clothes are kinda ... dull. Hope is definitely pretty after her makeover though!

Heh, yeah, the Zahms have Zeeva's co-worker haunting their house. I couldn't find her tombstone ANYWHERE though, until I tore everything down for their newly constructed 2nd Gen home. Still gotta remember to dump her in the cemetary though.

Well, good for Jenn! :-D And Shea is actually pretty cute too. *grins*

It's fun getting a glimpse into everyone's behaviors at the party. Christian and Carmen, Eddie and Gladys, Jenn's graceful aging. :-D

Hmm, Cecil looks a bit unsure about being there though. Poor kid.

Ugh, I hate that outfit Brett is wearing. It always makes the guys look like they're freakin' blimps! Lewis Wolff was wearing that outfit at Madison's high school graduation and I was kinda bummed that she was going to get hooked up with an overweight guy. Imagine my thrilled surprise when he turned out to be anything but! Yet the outfit really makes them look porky. :-(

Why is Fred going to be living with his great-uncle? *blinks*

Oh. Landscaping. Right. That's why the Zahms are missing. *makes a note* The Babii house looks really nice!

*blinks* Uh, um, right. I'm kinda glad we don't know what she wanted from him. Especially since they're DEAD! *shudders*

Happy birthday, Akara's Son! *throws confetti* And happy birthday, Evan! *throws more confetti* Odd? More like horrible color-blind clothing sense!

*tsks* Franklin, you shouldn't talk about your flesh and blood like that. Good on you, Evan! You show that bully what-for!

Pfft, you can't have a sit-down meal with more than 3 sims, because #1 finishes before #4 ever gets to the table. Stupid Sims.

Oh, quit being a whiny chicken and fix the disposal, Franklin. *pokes the Heir*

Scaring a ghost? *blinks* Isn't that sort of defeating the point of scaring someone? It's not like they have a heartbeat to suddenly start pounding...

That's all it did? Give him a round belly? Not much of a body shaper, is it?

Well now, he really is a chip off the ol' block, isn't he? *grins at the shower scene* Agh! Stupid photobucket said the "plenty of shots" image violated their terms! *grumbles* I bet there weren't even any naught bits showing, either, was there? Stupid Photobucket.

Interesting that yours don't want to die off and mine seem to die the moment they hit 90 days. *shrugs*

Congrats on Gladys already growing up! Tsk, that was mean of you, Franklin, evil Sim or not.

Nice last trait Eddie got there. :D And you're right, he did grow up cute. *cheers, then snicker-snorts about the comment of where Franklin is* Fare well, Franklin. You were a riot to watch give Ruby her due. Good luck, Eddie, you've got some big shoes to fill here.