Friday, September 25, 2009

I poked a badger with a spoon.

Hmmm… what a waste… maybe killing Hope wasn’t such a ‘fab’ idea after all.
Eddie: Who’s your… wait, is that the maid?
Yes, he’s good looking. Your daughter and he would make good looking babies.
Eddie: While I’m looking forward to grandkids, lets not rush things, okay?

Not to worry, Cora is still all teen. *peers* Aiden on the other hand…
Eddie: What about him?
He’s almost an adult and we have a bit of a problem.
Eddie: Other than he’s a ghost kid?
*giggles* Yes, other than that. Here, take a look. He has no LTW. I’m sure things will be okay… right? Just… yanno, lie to me.
Eddie: *chuckles* Don’t worry, Roo. Everything will be fine. Have a little faith.

Ack, Eddie you may want to move!
Eddie: Nah its okay, watch… faith remember… just watch.
*waits, watches and grins* Okay you’re right… this time. Last time things didn’t go so well and your fridge disappeared.


Eddie: Just go with it, Roo.
*sighs* Yes, but this really gets old! *pokes Aiden* Spin already. Lets see what happens. *waits and gets a pop up* Oh nifty. I get to pick his LTW.
Eddie: And which one did you go with?
Astronaut! Just think of the money they’ll save on equipment, he wont need oxygen cuz he isn’t alive!
Eddie: *laughs* I think it would have been funnier to see him as an international spy. He could get in places others couldn’t.
Golly, now why didn’t I think of that? o.O

Eddie: Will he marry and move out?
He hasn’t had a girlfriend, but he did meet a female the moment he transitioned… but…
Eddie: Hmm? Oh, yes… she does look old. You may want to wait a day or so before you get them attached.
You read my mind…

So I have been thinking about Franklin.
Eddie: Is Dad stealing candy again?
What? No, not this time.
Eddie: Hmph.
Trust, faith… remember? Anyhow I think its time to let him go.
Eddie: Wait, what?

Eddie: The maid again? What is your obsession with this maid?
Nothing, I thought it was funny how he brought up Cora during his little conversation with Franklin. Only to have Franklin mention her doting overbearing father.
Eddie: Hey!
Oh yes, and his thoughts turn to romance… so now the question is, is he wanting romance with you or with Cora…
Eddie: That’s not funny.

Franklin is getting a bit bored. I don’t think he appreciates being kept around for so long. So I sent him on a jog to the river to go fish. He is an angler after all.
Eddie: What is that?
Death fish.
Eddie: Interesting.

Eddie: Hmm?
You look tired.
Eddie: I’m just middle aged, nothing to be overly concerned about.
So while I had Eddie picking up their share of the businesses, I sent Cora out to buy partnerships in a few more. Ack! On the other hand, maybe we should have skipped the diner. o.O That’s nasty!
Eddie: Did you know you can rename the business once you own it?
Eddie: Yes, it is now the Babii Bistro.
Hey Eddie, who is that?
Eddie: I don’t know. *jogs over and makes nice* Lynnette Proffit.
She’s cute.
Eddie: *raise an eyebrow*
Relax, she’s not for you…

While out wandering around town, Eddie took time to chat with Lisa… and I spotted Fred again. He’s such a character! Which got me to thinking… we need another party.
Eddie: We do?
Eddie: Of course we do… Starsha will be there… we definitely need another party.
*rolls eyes*

Aha! I knew she was old… pfft… *kicks her to the curb* Next!
The usual suspects are on the guest list, Marjorie, Lisa, Evan, Mariana, Precious, Fred, Russ… *blinks*
Eddie: He’s grown up since the last party.
And out…
Eddie: Roo!
Wha? I’m just saying… uh hey, so we did invite Starsha…
Eddie: She’s not here? She’s not here. *grabs the phone* She’s… she’s not… she’s not coming….
What? o.O Srsly? Holy boop…

So instead of getting to tell his woman about his promotion, he shared his good news with his little brother. Evan is still a good sport and very supportive.

Wait there she is! Fashionably late.
Eddie: This must be what came up and why she couldn’t come over…
Wait… what?
Eddie: Ya that made my head hurt.

Transition time. Micah puffed his big cheeks and blew out his candles, he celebrated, he sparkled, he spun and poof he’s a little boy.

As all parties do, they end with the girls staying over night. This time was no different.
Eddie: Yes it was.
It was?
Eddie: *points to his wishes*
Ah yes, good point. The difference this time, Eddie wants another baby. Sorry Sariana!
Eddie: Oh for crying out loud, it’s Starsha! How many times do we have to go through this?

A few fun things before we end this update.
Eddie: This isnt ‘fun’, Roo.
Yes it is, tubby baby.
Eddie: *growls*

Only that isn’t what I was referring to… this is. Carmen and Cecil are hanging out again. This time at the community pool. I didn’t realize how cute Cecil is. So I poked Cora and had her talk to him. Unfortunately they had a clash of traits.
Eddie: Cora is a brave girl.
Which clashed with his loser. Still, they got along well enough. Hmm, did you know Lisa is filthy rich?
Eddie: I’d never have guessed.
Cora either. *giggles*

Last thing for this update. Aiden has joined the military and has met someone.
Eddie: Who?
Eddie: Nice.
Yes, they quickly became friends, and more
Eddie: How much more?
A whole lot more
Eddie: They’re going steady.
Eddie: Engaged?
Eddie: You’re kidding… they’re married?
Eddie: Well naturally she moved in.
Yes and more! She’s preggers! *beams*
Eddie: Poor girl hasn’t a chance.

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Reference: Family Tree... ish...

This will be updated as often as possible. It is a work in progress.

Gen 1
Ruby Babii
Founder, Ruby married Sherman Bagely. They have two children, Christian and Steve.

Gen 2
Christian Babii
Heir, Christian married Precious Jones. They have three children, Franklin, Akara and Hope.
After Precious’ death, Christian married Jenn Emm. They have one child, Carmen.
Precious (ghost) has one child with Don Lothario (ghost), Aiden.
Spare, Steve never married, never had children.

Gen 3
Franklin Babii
Heir, Franklin married Shawanda Chastain. They have one child, Eddie.
After Shawanda’s death, Franklin married Sandra. They have one child, Evan.
Franklin has two children with Lisa Petalbrook, Fred and Marjorie.
Spare, Akara Babii married Brett Hunter. They have two children, Zabulon and Katie.
Carmen Emm has not yet married, has no children.
Spare, Hope Babii died before she could marry or have children.
Aiden Babii married Lynnette Proffit. They have one child, Beth.

Gen 4
Eddie Babii
Heir, Eddie married Gladys Do. They have two children, Cora and Micah.
Eddie has three children with Starsha Simme, Maricela, Russ and Marilyn.
Spare, Evan Babii married Cyriaque Spear.
Fred Petalbrook has not yet married, has no children.
Marjorie Petalbrook is a teen.
Zebulon Babii is unmarried and has no children.
Katie Babii is a child.
Beth Babii is a toddler.

Gen 5
Cora Babii
Heiress, Cora Babii is a teen.
Maricela Simme is a teen.
Russ Simme is a child.
Spare, Micah Babii is a teen.

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Little Red Cookbook

Cora is growing up. She takes on chess opponents regularly, within the house and guests. I suppose its her way of staying out of harms way. Harm being her grandfather.
Eddie: She still has me to comfort her when he does manage to hurt her feelings.
Yes she is one lucky little girl.

This time I wanted to see what it was like when Eddie went to burn something nearby. While out on the town, he dutifully picked up their half of the business take when I clicked to have him burn something nearby… only he didn’t give the option, which as you can see I forgot to get a screenshot of. oops?
Eddie: That didn’t exactly stop you from trying it at home.
Nope. I remembered the next day after he came home from work. I saved then sent him off to burn something. He walked a few feet away.
Eddie: Only there were no flames. I’m not sure what happened.
Me either! It did set off the fire alarm in the kitchen. Then it promptly went out.
Eddie: A firefighter still came to the house.
And fined Franklin for a false alarm. Both Eddie and Franklin immediately wanted to fireproof things. *giggles*
Eddie: That’s when you had the crash?
Yup, the house froze and crashed.

So I had Eddie try again… he didn’t seem too eager to help me out this time around but he did head to the bathroom where it claimed there was a fire. One that did not burn again.
Eddie: At least the fire alarm didn’t go off this time.
True, so there was no fine.

Eddie: Who is Dad talking to?
That would be your half-sister, Marjorie. She came home from school with Aiden.
And she put my son on the floor… why?
To transition. He sparkled, spun and *blinks* he loves pink.
Eddie: Dad didn’t waste any time.
No, he didn’t even wait until I could send Micah to the dresser before he stole his candy. He did eventually get to the dresser… but not before…

Eddie: Cora’s such a good girl.
Yes and rather proud of her block tower. That isn’t what I was talking about. I meant it was her turn to transition. She celebrated, she… *blinks*
Eddie: Hmm? Oh that... yes I had a mishap with the dishwasher. It’s nothing a good hot shower won’t fix.
Uh huh, go shower… back to Cora, she sparkled and spun… great kisser. That should make some men happy. She is a beauty. I like her with short hair so I let her keep it short.
Eddie: What the frell is she wearing?!
You don’t approve? I think she’s adorable!
Eddie: *growls*

Cora is the first sim I have ever had that autonomously went to teach a toddler to walk.

Eddie: Dangit Roo, what am I doing on this stupid machine again?
You’ve gained weight. At least I’m not making you suffer alone.
Eddie: Gained weight? I have not!
Oh? I have proof.
Eddie: Oh ouch. Ya okay, maybe I have… but I’m getting older so I don’t see any need to keep that body of when I was younger.
Pfft your transition day is coming. You’re having a swim party. You want to look good in your suit dontcha?
Eddie: *grumbles*

So the day of the party, Russ shows up as a young boy. Maricela is in high school as is Zebulon and Fred. Carmen showed up, still single.
Eddie: Poor Micah, everyone tried to ply him with food and bottles.
He hated it and eventually got away to hide in his room.
Eddie: Hey Roo, who is that with Dad?
*peeks* That’s Lisa.
Eddie: She’s… she’s an elder… and Dad is…
Still a YA yes, I know. It doesn’t appear to bother him a bit that’s she’s older, so leave them be. Besides it’s time you transition. *prods him to blow out candles*

Eddie: Hmm… I wish… I wish… *spots Starsha* Oh ya… I know what I want.

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Never put... Page 2

I have never sent anyone to visit with their new neighbors, so I took the only one who was doing absolutely nothing and sent Evan over to the house next door. The house is full of old men and one teenaged young man.
Eddie: Evan seems to be a bit smitten with that boy.
Yes, they hit it off immediately so I took advantage of the situation and nudged him to take the next logical step which… *gets yanked home* I hate when that happens! Now what?

Eddie: Its Cora’s transition day.
Ah so it is, she spun, sparkled and we rolled… o.O really? *sighs*
Eddie: Ha, that’s my girl. Family oriented. I’m telling you, Roo. She is the next heiress.
Yes she is.
Eddie: Just give her a… did you just agree with me?
Yup, Cora is the Generation 6 heiress.
Eddie: *raises an eyebrow* You gave in… just like that?
Uh huh…
Eddie: Hmmm…

*Gets pulled next door* Oookay then, that gets kinda old. I guess this means its Evan’s turn. *taps foot, waits, waits more* He celebrates, he spins, he rolls and… *blinks*
Eddie: Wait, what? Ambitious? That seems to be in direct conflict with his couch potato.
Ya, I think its weird too. Oh well, he’s happy, I guess that’s all that *gets tugged yet again* Oh come on!

Oh good, I’ve been waiting for this. *taps foot even more impatiently then the last transition* What?! *headdesk* I think I jinxed it by being impatient with her last transition and giving her a cake. She’s an elder ghost. Well this isn’t what I was hoping for. I was hoping she would go back to her uncontrollable ghostie self!
Eddie: So now what?
I did what any ‘sane’ controller would do. I debated and chose the easy way out.
Eddie: It was a busy night.
Eddie: Starsha gave birth to my son, Russ.
Oh so she did. Congrats!

Anyhow, I decided that since I don’t play by the ‘official rules’, that I am not bound to any rules. I think Precious has served her purpose and seeing how she can’t be killed, the next best thing is to kick her to the curb… or more accurately move her out.
Eddie: *smirks* You mean kick her out.
Uh huh, exactly! *waves bye to Precious* And since I’m on a roll, lets see if we can get rid of Evan tonight too. *prompts Evan to call Cyriaque*
Eddie: Didn’t quite work.
No, the brat came to the house but then went home. *sighs* You do realize there is only six in the house…
Eddie: *grins* Yup… I’m all over it.
*chuckles* Go get her, Tiger.

*sighs* Franklin hasn’t changed. Now that Cora is older, she is fair game for his ‘antics’. Ah and before I forget to mention, Eddie was successful.
Eddie: Naturally.

Ah and please note, Evan has the bar again. It comes and goes on all of my simmies now. I keep resetting them and yet it comes back eventually… its always cooking that triggers it.
Eddie: We could start ordering out…
Nah, I’d rather reset everyone. It really gets old though. I wish it would just stop.

Fast forward, Gladys waddles off to the hospital in order to give birth to the spare. I thought it was kind of funny that everyone went about their business as usual. Students jumped on the bus, others got in their carpools and off to work everyone went. Including Eddie…
Eddie: Hey! I was already on my way to work as she went in to labor, that’s not fair.
*giggles* Yes well, I thought it was even more interesting to see who was standing in front of the hospital. *waves hi to Carmen and Cecil* Which got me to thinking, so I checked the family tree. Neither Carmen nor Cecil are married nor have children… but I did note that Zebulon is now in high school and Akara had another baby! She has a daughter, Katie.
Eddie: And I have a new son, Micah.
Yes you do. As Gladys came out sporting a new child on her arm, Eddie came out and promptly went to work leaving Gladys to taxi it home alone. I thought it was weird seeing how Sherman’s police cruiser was still in her backpack. *shrugs*
Eddie: Do you think she knows her days are numbered?
*tilts head* Sure looks like it

This time when Evan called Cyriaque over, he showed up and much to my delight, he too has transitioned to adult! So we invite him in and Evan works the magic on him. You know the drill, go steady, then propose, naturally their head is spinning so they foolishly accept and quick as a wink they’re married before they can object. We move him in and once again have a full house.

Cyriaque is an interesting looking sim. I hate his hair and I’m not too thrilled with the bulk. I’ve only tried this once so I thought to give it another go. Nice results but the hair must go. So we shove Cyriaque in front of a mirror… not bad… now for new clothes and… oh right, he’s clumsy. *smirks* He turns out to be a decent looking simmie. Who knew? So we… uh… *tilts head* Oh I could get used to having him around
Eddie: *laughs* Ya, I think Evan can, too.

Evan and Cyriaque aren’t the only happy sims in the house.
Eddie: No, they aren’t. I adore my children. They are my world. Can I go see Starsha? I haven’t seen Russ yet.
Soon. First I think we need to empty the house a bit.
Eddie: Are you going to kill off Gladys already?
Not yet.

Instead I prompted Evan to call and move him and his new hubs out. *blinks* Uh…
Eddie: *glances* Don’t worry. It’s a neurotic thing. He’ll be fine.
You would know… so off they go-
Eddie: Roo! You didn’t really send Gladys off with them did you?
*giggles* No but man I was tempted. *waves bye to the guys*

Instead I sent Gladys all over Riverview looking for gems and stones and ore and space rocks, etc.
Eddie: She doesn’t appear to be too pleased with this turn of events.
No not at all, she is famished and rather tired. I also had her explore areas I had forgotten about and even catch bugs when I saw them. She also grabbed some seeds if I noticed them.
Eddie: Hope came out for her first haunt.
Yes she did, she even mourned her father.
Eddie: Roo, can Gladys come home yet?
What? Oh she passed out after turning in the bugs… yes she can come home. By the way, I found it was difficult to kill a slob by starvation. The woman would belch and be good to go for another 7 hours! *shakes head*
Eddie: Disgusting.
I know right? So I sent her to bed.

She woke up in time to fall over dead of starvation. Grim came for her and she had no objections. I think she really was expecting it after all.
Eddie: Well this is the Babii house.
Yes that is true. Note the graves reacting to Grimmy again.
Eddie: Grim made himself at home.
Yup, he played some game and was rather pleased. That is until Franklin disrupted things. *blinks* Run Franklin!
Eddie: What the frell?
Its okay… they’re playing tag.
Eddie: I’m not sure how I feel about that…
Ya me either… simmies are weird.

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Never put a sock in a toaster

The last time we visited with the Babii family they had… issues. *snickers* Okay perhaps that is a poor way to put it since the majority of my simmies have major issues. When in reality we had a few glitches. Such as, yet not limited to:
1. Aiden believed there was no school in the neighborhood.
2. Hope’s permanent culinary study bar.
3. The school bus didn't show up for the simmies who remembered they were still students.

Hey Eddie, you seem to be in a bit of a hurry…
Eddie: I just got it in my head that I wanted to see my little girl and her beautiful mom. Did you have something to do with that?
Not exactly, it was in your wish panel, I simply nudged you in the right direction. Although I tried to get you to change out of your work clothes first. *nudges once more*

Eddie: I am one lucky guy.
Yes, yes you are. Where is your baby? *looks around on the floor* wow already?!
Eddie: Yes, she’s growing like crazy. Are you ‘sure’ I cant move them in with me? I’m missing out on so much of Maricela’s life.
Sorry Eddie, you know the rules.
Eddie: Ya I know. Cant blame a guy for trying.
Whoa! *is dragged back to the main house*

I hate when that happens! Oh… Hope’s transition. Well okay then, lets get this done.
Take note of the items behind Hope, these things are in preparation for a certain someone’s demise
Eddie: You mean Gladys.
I mean Gladys. There are two trash compactors and two dishwashers and I moved the sink. When the time comes, it will be easier to enclose her momentarily.

In the meantime, its Hope’s turn, note the study bar is still in place. *sighs* She cheers, she spins, she rolls… kleptomaniac. Nice!
Eddie: Isnt it time to move her out?
She has no love in her life at the moment. I will need to wait a few days for Precious to rejoin the uncontrolled ghosts in the backyard before I can finally get her hooked up and kicked out. In the meantime, she can search for her new love and get a makeover.

*snorts* Precious is so oblivious. Unfortunately this means they both lost a friend… again. Meh that’s their problem. I have more pressing matters to attend to, such as a certain young man who is not in school because he believes there are no schools in the neighborhood. Odd kid. Anyhow Aer suggested something so simple it cant possibly fail.

Go in neighborhood mode, select the school and see if it lets him go. It did! So I sent him off. He hopped in to his Sherman’s police cruiser and headed to the school. Walks in *blinks* I uh… guess I should have let him tend to his needs first but… meh. No sooner did he walk in the doors, I got a pop up, much like if someone was going for a job. Naturally I accepted that he start school and he immediately exits. He starts tomorrow first thing. Yay! Let’s hope the bus shows up to pick him and Evan up.

Now back at the… Eddie? o.O
Eddie: Its okay, I’m fine. Just an explosion in the lab, no problem.
I uh… okay… You still have the death plants in your inventory right?
Eddie: *checks his backpack* Yup. No worries.
Uh huh…

Speaking of work, one of three things they need in science is handy skills. Eddie got an opportunity to fix his boss’ stereo. He did that easy peas-
Eddie: Now you did say you don’t kill the heir… right?
*giggles* Right. Your skill was plenty high enough, I wasn’t worried. After he finished fixing it, I took advantage of having a stereo for him to work on and upgraded the speakers. Don’t know if that will please his boss or not, but the skill points from the work was so worth it.

Hope aging to adult has taken care of her study bar. Unfortunately it was passed down to the next eldest teen… either that or Evan is thinking about food while he bathes… Lisa mentioned resetting the sim and how it worked to get rid of Ian’s plate in hand situation so I will be trying that on Evan here shortly.

Thankfully the next school day the bus showed up as usual and the students went off to start their day in school.

I love how Franklin is with his granddaughter. He takes a break from being a big meanie and takes good care of her. Then it hit me. He’s a mad scientist! He can perform experiments on household items. I’ve seen it work in the Shiny One’s blog so I got curious as to what the purpose of said experiments are.
Eddie: While I appreciate the gesture, I find it odd to suddenly become inspired while going to the bathroom.
Yes but you are at least inspired! I will have to try this on other items. This is way cool.

Its Christopher! *waves* He’s come out for a visit… is this an omen? *ponders* Nah the ghosts always come out to visit. This is just his first time.

Aaaaaaaaaand its back. Hope has the stupid learning meter yet again, so I tried the resetSim and…
Eddie: And?
It worked! No harm, no foul. She simply moved over a bit and reset. *shoos Hope to wash dishes*
Eddie: She broke the sink! *fidgets*
Down boy… on the other hand…
Eddie: Yes?

Hope has inadvertently volunteered to fix the appliances.
Eddie: She did?
Yes. So I boxed her in. Then I glanced at her new ‘home’ and decided to move out the cabinets that aren’t in need of repair or anything.
Eddie: Why? Were they in the way or something?
Nah, just that the last time I had someone work on an appliance it started a fire. If Hope does, it will have less to burn. So I moved things around and checked her ‘handy’ skill. Hmm… 2 skill points. She should be okay to do this. I hope. I think perhaps the water on the floor will help conduct electricity for us. I moved the appliances closer to the water and set her to work.

Eddie: It worked. Yet she survived.
Yes, she was a bit singed, so I prompted her to try again.
Eddie: Success! *narrows eyes, watches quietly deep in thought*
She’s fried! Yes! Once Grim showed I chose to remove the walls seeing how Hope popped up next to her urn on the other side of the wall. And before you ask again Aer, no it wont keep Grim at bay, it simply speeds up the process a bit. Thankfully Hope accepted her fate with a bit of dignity and joined the others outside. What I find odd is that not only is hope’s plaque different to signify how she died, but it is also a different color.
Eddie: Knowing I have handy skills, why did you hire a repairman?
*shrugs* You were busy getting ready for work. So I just called him out. Which I am glad I did. I had no idea the stereo was broken, too!
Eddie: Hey, Roo?
Eddie: Now that you fried Hope, does that mean Gladys gets to live?
*ponders, shrugs* She has to give us a spare.

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