Monday, September 21, 2009

Little Red Cookbook

Cora is growing up. She takes on chess opponents regularly, within the house and guests. I suppose its her way of staying out of harms way. Harm being her grandfather.
Eddie: She still has me to comfort her when he does manage to hurt her feelings.
Yes she is one lucky little girl.

This time I wanted to see what it was like when Eddie went to burn something nearby. While out on the town, he dutifully picked up their half of the business take when I clicked to have him burn something nearby… only he didn’t give the option, which as you can see I forgot to get a screenshot of. oops?
Eddie: That didn’t exactly stop you from trying it at home.
Nope. I remembered the next day after he came home from work. I saved then sent him off to burn something. He walked a few feet away.
Eddie: Only there were no flames. I’m not sure what happened.
Me either! It did set off the fire alarm in the kitchen. Then it promptly went out.
Eddie: A firefighter still came to the house.
And fined Franklin for a false alarm. Both Eddie and Franklin immediately wanted to fireproof things. *giggles*
Eddie: That’s when you had the crash?
Yup, the house froze and crashed.

So I had Eddie try again… he didn’t seem too eager to help me out this time around but he did head to the bathroom where it claimed there was a fire. One that did not burn again.
Eddie: At least the fire alarm didn’t go off this time.
True, so there was no fine.

Eddie: Who is Dad talking to?
That would be your half-sister, Marjorie. She came home from school with Aiden.
And she put my son on the floor… why?
To transition. He sparkled, spun and *blinks* he loves pink.
Eddie: Dad didn’t waste any time.
No, he didn’t even wait until I could send Micah to the dresser before he stole his candy. He did eventually get to the dresser… but not before…

Eddie: Cora’s such a good girl.
Yes and rather proud of her block tower. That isn’t what I was talking about. I meant it was her turn to transition. She celebrated, she… *blinks*
Eddie: Hmm? Oh that... yes I had a mishap with the dishwasher. It’s nothing a good hot shower won’t fix.
Uh huh, go shower… back to Cora, she sparkled and spun… great kisser. That should make some men happy. She is a beauty. I like her with short hair so I let her keep it short.
Eddie: What the frell is she wearing?!
You don’t approve? I think she’s adorable!
Eddie: *growls*

Cora is the first sim I have ever had that autonomously went to teach a toddler to walk.

Eddie: Dangit Roo, what am I doing on this stupid machine again?
You’ve gained weight. At least I’m not making you suffer alone.
Eddie: Gained weight? I have not!
Oh? I have proof.
Eddie: Oh ouch. Ya okay, maybe I have… but I’m getting older so I don’t see any need to keep that body of when I was younger.
Pfft your transition day is coming. You’re having a swim party. You want to look good in your suit dontcha?
Eddie: *grumbles*

So the day of the party, Russ shows up as a young boy. Maricela is in high school as is Zebulon and Fred. Carmen showed up, still single.
Eddie: Poor Micah, everyone tried to ply him with food and bottles.
He hated it and eventually got away to hide in his room.
Eddie: Hey Roo, who is that with Dad?
*peeks* That’s Lisa.
Eddie: She’s… she’s an elder… and Dad is…
Still a YA yes, I know. It doesn’t appear to bother him a bit that’s she’s older, so leave them be. Besides it’s time you transition. *prods him to blow out candles*

Eddie: Hmm… I wish… I wish… *spots Starsha* Oh ya… I know what I want.

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Lisa said...

Hey, the firefighter is cute.
What the heck is Eddie wearing there?! It's hideous.
*snuggles Micah* He's so cute. And very obviously a Babii.
*wolf whistles* Lookin' good, Cora!
*boggles* I didn't even know they would autonomously teach a toddler skills.
Russ looks so cute in his watermelon shorts!
Zebulon is a looker too.
Ok, how wrong is it that I'm a cougar now?!
That Eddie. He has such a one track mind.

Brian said...

Wow, Cora did turn out to be a beauty.

Heh, I think I need a score card to keep track of who's related to whom... :D

Anjel76 said...

*agrees with Brian* :O))

Man ... I gotta wonder at the EAxis individual who designed the lab coats. *uses bleach to clean her eyes out*

So the whole "burning stuffs" isn't working out? *pout* That's too bad. I thought maybe you could do some sort of "Fire Starter" thing. :O))

*blinks* Eddie really has put on weight. *blinks*

Marjorie needs some cucumbers ... for her eyes. They look all puffy and whatnot.

Putting a boy in pink ... *shakes head*

Cora really is a beauty.

Russ looks like he's wearing makeup.

Dang ... that life fruit is POWERFUL if his pops is still an YA and Lisa is an ELDER. Mebbe you shoulda given some to her! ;O)

*grins at Eddie grinning at Starsha* :O))

AeronwyDiobhell said...

*tsks and scolds Franklin for being mean to his granddaughter*

Weirdness, with the whole setting on fire but not really setting it on fire. *blinks* But hey, cute firefighter! And making a fireplace fireproof... doesn't that sort of defeat the purpose of actually HAVING a fireplace??

Very weird that twice, you had "fires" without any actual fires. I wonder if that's going to mean though, that you've got an invisible fire that's going to keep happening on your lot?

*grins at Ruby* So, fess up... did you change all of Franklin's outfits to be shirtless? *giggles* But geeze, the man could have at least had the decency to wait until it wasn't Micah's birthday to steal his candy!

Oh and Marjorie needs more sleep or something.

*snickers* You almost had your heir fry himself and you weren't aware of it? *cackles*

Yay for fun traits! *cheers* Cora's -really- pretty! Although I can't quite say I blame Eddie for being upset about what his little girl is wearing.

*blinks* Seriously? They can do that? Autonomously teach toddlers anything? *blinks again*

*ponders* Think my husband would get upset if I used that shot of Franklin and Eddie working out shirtless? *grins broadly*

Oh, Eddie. *tsks sadly* You're not allowed to let yourself go to pot like that. You're the eye candy!

Fred showed up to a pool party in slacks and a cardigan? Dork! *giggles*

You know, that's getting kinda weird. Franklin is hooked up with an old lady now and his son is about to become older than he is. *peers at Ruby* Doncha think it's time to let him go, maybe?

*snickers* You go, Eddie! Enjoy your birthday in style! *leers at Starsha*