Thursday, September 24, 2009

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This will be updated as often as possible. It is a work in progress.

Gen 1
Ruby Babii
Founder, Ruby married Sherman Bagely. They have two children, Christian and Steve.

Gen 2
Christian Babii
Heir, Christian married Precious Jones. They have three children, Franklin, Akara and Hope.
After Precious’ death, Christian married Jenn Emm. They have one child, Carmen.
Precious (ghost) has one child with Don Lothario (ghost), Aiden.
Spare, Steve never married, never had children.

Gen 3
Franklin Babii
Heir, Franklin married Shawanda Chastain. They have one child, Eddie.
After Shawanda’s death, Franklin married Sandra. They have one child, Evan.
Franklin has two children with Lisa Petalbrook, Fred and Marjorie.
Spare, Akara Babii married Brett Hunter. They have two children, Zabulon and Katie.
Carmen Emm has not yet married, has no children.
Spare, Hope Babii died before she could marry or have children.
Aiden Babii married Lynnette Proffit. They have one child, Beth.

Gen 4
Eddie Babii
Heir, Eddie married Gladys Do. They have two children, Cora and Micah.
Eddie has three children with Starsha Simme, Maricela, Russ and Marilyn.
Spare, Evan Babii married Cyriaque Spear.
Fred Petalbrook has not yet married, has no children.
Marjorie Petalbrook is a teen.
Zebulon Babii is unmarried and has no children.
Katie Babii is a child.
Beth Babii is a toddler.

Gen 5
Cora Babii
Heiress, Cora Babii is a teen.
Maricela Simme is a teen.
Russ Simme is a child.
Spare, Micah Babii is a teen.

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Anonymous said...

Love Ruby's pic!
*swoons* Franklin!
I love this family, but my sim's kids are not very attractive.

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Thanks for the explanations of who's kid is who and who's boffing who. *giggles*

But why is there no picture of Eddie?