Thursday, September 10, 2009

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I have never sent anyone to visit with their new neighbors, so I took the only one who was doing absolutely nothing and sent Evan over to the house next door. The house is full of old men and one teenaged young man.
Eddie: Evan seems to be a bit smitten with that boy.
Yes, they hit it off immediately so I took advantage of the situation and nudged him to take the next logical step which… *gets yanked home* I hate when that happens! Now what?

Eddie: Its Cora’s transition day.
Ah so it is, she spun, sparkled and we rolled… o.O really? *sighs*
Eddie: Ha, that’s my girl. Family oriented. I’m telling you, Roo. She is the next heiress.
Yes she is.
Eddie: Just give her a… did you just agree with me?
Yup, Cora is the Generation 6 heiress.
Eddie: *raises an eyebrow* You gave in… just like that?
Uh huh…
Eddie: Hmmm…

*Gets pulled next door* Oookay then, that gets kinda old. I guess this means its Evan’s turn. *taps foot, waits, waits more* He celebrates, he spins, he rolls and… *blinks*
Eddie: Wait, what? Ambitious? That seems to be in direct conflict with his couch potato.
Ya, I think its weird too. Oh well, he’s happy, I guess that’s all that *gets tugged yet again* Oh come on!

Oh good, I’ve been waiting for this. *taps foot even more impatiently then the last transition* What?! *headdesk* I think I jinxed it by being impatient with her last transition and giving her a cake. She’s an elder ghost. Well this isn’t what I was hoping for. I was hoping she would go back to her uncontrollable ghostie self!
Eddie: So now what?
I did what any ‘sane’ controller would do. I debated and chose the easy way out.
Eddie: It was a busy night.
Eddie: Starsha gave birth to my son, Russ.
Oh so she did. Congrats!

Anyhow, I decided that since I don’t play by the ‘official rules’, that I am not bound to any rules. I think Precious has served her purpose and seeing how she can’t be killed, the next best thing is to kick her to the curb… or more accurately move her out.
Eddie: *smirks* You mean kick her out.
Uh huh, exactly! *waves bye to Precious* And since I’m on a roll, lets see if we can get rid of Evan tonight too. *prompts Evan to call Cyriaque*
Eddie: Didn’t quite work.
No, the brat came to the house but then went home. *sighs* You do realize there is only six in the house…
Eddie: *grins* Yup… I’m all over it.
*chuckles* Go get her, Tiger.

*sighs* Franklin hasn’t changed. Now that Cora is older, she is fair game for his ‘antics’. Ah and before I forget to mention, Eddie was successful.
Eddie: Naturally.

Ah and please note, Evan has the bar again. It comes and goes on all of my simmies now. I keep resetting them and yet it comes back eventually… its always cooking that triggers it.
Eddie: We could start ordering out…
Nah, I’d rather reset everyone. It really gets old though. I wish it would just stop.

Fast forward, Gladys waddles off to the hospital in order to give birth to the spare. I thought it was kind of funny that everyone went about their business as usual. Students jumped on the bus, others got in their carpools and off to work everyone went. Including Eddie…
Eddie: Hey! I was already on my way to work as she went in to labor, that’s not fair.
*giggles* Yes well, I thought it was even more interesting to see who was standing in front of the hospital. *waves hi to Carmen and Cecil* Which got me to thinking, so I checked the family tree. Neither Carmen nor Cecil are married nor have children… but I did note that Zebulon is now in high school and Akara had another baby! She has a daughter, Katie.
Eddie: And I have a new son, Micah.
Yes you do. As Gladys came out sporting a new child on her arm, Eddie came out and promptly went to work leaving Gladys to taxi it home alone. I thought it was weird seeing how Sherman’s police cruiser was still in her backpack. *shrugs*
Eddie: Do you think she knows her days are numbered?
*tilts head* Sure looks like it

This time when Evan called Cyriaque over, he showed up and much to my delight, he too has transitioned to adult! So we invite him in and Evan works the magic on him. You know the drill, go steady, then propose, naturally their head is spinning so they foolishly accept and quick as a wink they’re married before they can object. We move him in and once again have a full house.

Cyriaque is an interesting looking sim. I hate his hair and I’m not too thrilled with the bulk. I’ve only tried this once so I thought to give it another go. Nice results but the hair must go. So we shove Cyriaque in front of a mirror… not bad… now for new clothes and… oh right, he’s clumsy. *smirks* He turns out to be a decent looking simmie. Who knew? So we… uh… *tilts head* Oh I could get used to having him around
Eddie: *laughs* Ya, I think Evan can, too.

Evan and Cyriaque aren’t the only happy sims in the house.
Eddie: No, they aren’t. I adore my children. They are my world. Can I go see Starsha? I haven’t seen Russ yet.
Soon. First I think we need to empty the house a bit.
Eddie: Are you going to kill off Gladys already?
Not yet.

Instead I prompted Evan to call and move him and his new hubs out. *blinks* Uh…
Eddie: *glances* Don’t worry. It’s a neurotic thing. He’ll be fine.
You would know… so off they go-
Eddie: Roo! You didn’t really send Gladys off with them did you?
*giggles* No but man I was tempted. *waves bye to the guys*

Instead I sent Gladys all over Riverview looking for gems and stones and ore and space rocks, etc.
Eddie: She doesn’t appear to be too pleased with this turn of events.
No not at all, she is famished and rather tired. I also had her explore areas I had forgotten about and even catch bugs when I saw them. She also grabbed some seeds if I noticed them.
Eddie: Hope came out for her first haunt.
Yes she did, she even mourned her father.
Eddie: Roo, can Gladys come home yet?
What? Oh she passed out after turning in the bugs… yes she can come home. By the way, I found it was difficult to kill a slob by starvation. The woman would belch and be good to go for another 7 hours! *shakes head*
Eddie: Disgusting.
I know right? So I sent her to bed.

She woke up in time to fall over dead of starvation. Grim came for her and she had no objections. I think she really was expecting it after all.
Eddie: Well this is the Babii house.
Yes that is true. Note the graves reacting to Grimmy again.
Eddie: Grim made himself at home.
Yup, he played some game and was rather pleased. That is until Franklin disrupted things. *blinks* Run Franklin!
Eddie: What the frell?
Its okay… they’re playing tag.
Eddie: I’m not sure how I feel about that…
Ya me either… simmies are weird.

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Anonymous said...

Forgot to do a "reset sim" on Hope, huh?
Nice. Hope is cute.
I like the mathmatical equations floating in the air while he's doing the experiment. I don't remember seeing that before.
Aw, too bad Grimmy didn't get a jolt when Hope shook his hand. That would be funny!
Cora is a cutie, too. I'm gonna have to breed my sim-self with Sherman to see what their spawn look like.
Looks like Evan at least got a decent outfit for his transition.
Dang, those Babiis have strong swimmers!
Am I the only one amused by gay Evan wearing pink scrubs?
Are those flowers on his undies? Zooms in. Yup, sure are. Another thing that amuses me.
*snickers at Evan's hubs freaking out over moving*
Aw. Poor Evan looks sad to be leaving. Maybe 'cause he has to leave broke.
Who knew Grimmy would play tag?

Brian said...

Oh dear... sometimes I think there are more deaths than births in the Babii neighborhood. :)

Can't wait to see where my Simself will find himself fitting into. :)

Anjel76 said...

I'm happy for Evan. :O) Dunno about that hair on his bf though. :O)

Congrats to Starsha and Eddie. :O)

Maybe EAxis broke the cooking skill somehow?

Congrats to Akara on her new baby. :O)

Congrats to Eddie on his new son.

I don't think Gladys can drive with a baby in her arms. EAxis didn't think about car seats.

Love Cyriaque's makeover. Umm ... how do you pronounce his name anyhoo? *slaps him in the ass of his interesting-looking shorts*

*ROTFLMAO at Cyriaque and his neurotic self*

Slobs burp and they're no longer hungry?! WEIRD!! HA! Died of starvation after getting up?! Stupid sim.

And speaking of graves. You did notice that all 3 of the flat headstones are a different color, right? You have a blue one, a green one and a ... I guess that's red?

DOH! Is Grim running after Franklin?! Oh! Tag! *WHEW*


Ndayeni said...

Glad to see you've posted here again, I've missed reading about the Babiis :) The family tree is getting rather hard to keep track of now with all the kids from mistresses and Perhaps you could consider posting outlines of how everyone's related sometime? I'm afraid Eddie isn't growing on me like Christian and Franklin did. He's ok, but...*shrugs* doesn't seem to have as much personality as they did. Should be interesting with an heiress next generation...get a woman's POV on the facts of life in the Babii household :)

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Huh. Okay, didn't see that coming, with Evan liking the boy nextdoor like that. *blinks*

Hehe, you go, Cora! Show that big ol' meanie Ruby that you're DESTINED to be the heiress! *cheers* And happy birthday, kiddo. Heh, Eddie really is awfully suspicious of you, Rubes.

Hmm. Wonder how that's gonna work out, being a couch potato AND ambitious. He wants lots of promotions, he just doesn't want to work for 'em? (What I hate? If your Sim doesn't have a regular job, they still get stressed out if they don't earn a promotion. What if they want to be a master painter? They don't need a 9-5 job for that!)

Why would you think Precious would become uncontrollable instead of transitioning to Elder? *tries to figure that one out*

Aww, poor Precious. First, you kill her off. Then, you don't let her keep the rest she has earned, you force her back to semi-life, make her have sex with random guys until she gives you a ghost baby and then instead of letting her finish living out her semi-life that you robbed her of when she was alive, you kick her to the curb! Literally! *tsks*

Poor Gladys. Your temporary safe period has ended, my dear. Expect to get knocked up and killed off soon.

Poor Cora. Shame on you, Franklin! And congrats on the upcoming baby. Sorry to hear it, Gladys.

Is it earning cooking through anything? Or only by watching TV? If TV, have you tried deleting all their current televisions and replacing them? Maybe one is glitched? Otherwise, no clue.

It looks like Zeb's sister's name is Karie, not Katie? Either way, congrats Akara!

Congrats Eddie and Gladys. *half-heartedly throws confetti* Welcome little Micah. I'd say she's aware her time is coming to an end too. *comforts Gladys* (Either that or Micah just took a dump and that's the face she's making smelling it.)

Congrats to Evan and Cyr! (Not even gonna pretend to type out his full name, weird thing that it is.) And nice body contouring there, Cyr! *cheers* Huh, wow. Who woulda thought such a cutie hide under all that ickiness? Nice catch, Evan. *wolf-whistles* VERY nice catch, Evan! (Can 2 guys or 2 girls have babies in TS3?)

Eddie sure is in a hurry for his wife to kick off. It's not like he'll get to move his lover in after his wife dies, so why the rush?

Bye guys. *waves to Evan and Cyr* I hope you enjoy the freedom of getting out of the Babii house alive. ;-)

HAHAHAHA!!! Okay, that's freakin' hysterical, that Gladys could belch and no longer be starving. *cackles* Sick and disgusting, but totally hysterical.

Aw, poor Gladys. *mourns the passing of another wife* And heck, why shouldn't Grimmy make himself at home? It's practially his second home there, considering how often he comes.

*glances at Franklin, then glances at Ruby* Right. Like you'd ever put him in harm's way. *tsks knowingly*