Thursday, September 10, 2009

Never put a sock in a toaster

The last time we visited with the Babii family they had… issues. *snickers* Okay perhaps that is a poor way to put it since the majority of my simmies have major issues. When in reality we had a few glitches. Such as, yet not limited to:
1. Aiden believed there was no school in the neighborhood.
2. Hope’s permanent culinary study bar.
3. The school bus didn't show up for the simmies who remembered they were still students.

Hey Eddie, you seem to be in a bit of a hurry…
Eddie: I just got it in my head that I wanted to see my little girl and her beautiful mom. Did you have something to do with that?
Not exactly, it was in your wish panel, I simply nudged you in the right direction. Although I tried to get you to change out of your work clothes first. *nudges once more*

Eddie: I am one lucky guy.
Yes, yes you are. Where is your baby? *looks around on the floor* wow already?!
Eddie: Yes, she’s growing like crazy. Are you ‘sure’ I cant move them in with me? I’m missing out on so much of Maricela’s life.
Sorry Eddie, you know the rules.
Eddie: Ya I know. Cant blame a guy for trying.
Whoa! *is dragged back to the main house*

I hate when that happens! Oh… Hope’s transition. Well okay then, lets get this done.
Take note of the items behind Hope, these things are in preparation for a certain someone’s demise
Eddie: You mean Gladys.
I mean Gladys. There are two trash compactors and two dishwashers and I moved the sink. When the time comes, it will be easier to enclose her momentarily.

In the meantime, its Hope’s turn, note the study bar is still in place. *sighs* She cheers, she spins, she rolls… kleptomaniac. Nice!
Eddie: Isnt it time to move her out?
She has no love in her life at the moment. I will need to wait a few days for Precious to rejoin the uncontrolled ghosts in the backyard before I can finally get her hooked up and kicked out. In the meantime, she can search for her new love and get a makeover.

*snorts* Precious is so oblivious. Unfortunately this means they both lost a friend… again. Meh that’s their problem. I have more pressing matters to attend to, such as a certain young man who is not in school because he believes there are no schools in the neighborhood. Odd kid. Anyhow Aer suggested something so simple it cant possibly fail.

Go in neighborhood mode, select the school and see if it lets him go. It did! So I sent him off. He hopped in to his Sherman’s police cruiser and headed to the school. Walks in *blinks* I uh… guess I should have let him tend to his needs first but… meh. No sooner did he walk in the doors, I got a pop up, much like if someone was going for a job. Naturally I accepted that he start school and he immediately exits. He starts tomorrow first thing. Yay! Let’s hope the bus shows up to pick him and Evan up.

Now back at the… Eddie? o.O
Eddie: Its okay, I’m fine. Just an explosion in the lab, no problem.
I uh… okay… You still have the death plants in your inventory right?
Eddie: *checks his backpack* Yup. No worries.
Uh huh…

Speaking of work, one of three things they need in science is handy skills. Eddie got an opportunity to fix his boss’ stereo. He did that easy peas-
Eddie: Now you did say you don’t kill the heir… right?
*giggles* Right. Your skill was plenty high enough, I wasn’t worried. After he finished fixing it, I took advantage of having a stereo for him to work on and upgraded the speakers. Don’t know if that will please his boss or not, but the skill points from the work was so worth it.

Hope aging to adult has taken care of her study bar. Unfortunately it was passed down to the next eldest teen… either that or Evan is thinking about food while he bathes… Lisa mentioned resetting the sim and how it worked to get rid of Ian’s plate in hand situation so I will be trying that on Evan here shortly.

Thankfully the next school day the bus showed up as usual and the students went off to start their day in school.

I love how Franklin is with his granddaughter. He takes a break from being a big meanie and takes good care of her. Then it hit me. He’s a mad scientist! He can perform experiments on household items. I’ve seen it work in the Shiny One’s blog so I got curious as to what the purpose of said experiments are.
Eddie: While I appreciate the gesture, I find it odd to suddenly become inspired while going to the bathroom.
Yes but you are at least inspired! I will have to try this on other items. This is way cool.

Its Christopher! *waves* He’s come out for a visit… is this an omen? *ponders* Nah the ghosts always come out to visit. This is just his first time.

Aaaaaaaaaand its back. Hope has the stupid learning meter yet again, so I tried the resetSim and…
Eddie: And?
It worked! No harm, no foul. She simply moved over a bit and reset. *shoos Hope to wash dishes*
Eddie: She broke the sink! *fidgets*
Down boy… on the other hand…
Eddie: Yes?

Hope has inadvertently volunteered to fix the appliances.
Eddie: She did?
Yes. So I boxed her in. Then I glanced at her new ‘home’ and decided to move out the cabinets that aren’t in need of repair or anything.
Eddie: Why? Were they in the way or something?
Nah, just that the last time I had someone work on an appliance it started a fire. If Hope does, it will have less to burn. So I moved things around and checked her ‘handy’ skill. Hmm… 2 skill points. She should be okay to do this. I hope. I think perhaps the water on the floor will help conduct electricity for us. I moved the appliances closer to the water and set her to work.

Eddie: It worked. Yet she survived.
Yes, she was a bit singed, so I prompted her to try again.
Eddie: Success! *narrows eyes, watches quietly deep in thought*
She’s fried! Yes! Once Grim showed I chose to remove the walls seeing how Hope popped up next to her urn on the other side of the wall. And before you ask again Aer, no it wont keep Grim at bay, it simply speeds up the process a bit. Thankfully Hope accepted her fate with a bit of dignity and joined the others outside. What I find odd is that not only is hope’s plaque different to signify how she died, but it is also a different color.
Eddie: Knowing I have handy skills, why did you hire a repairman?
*shrugs* You were busy getting ready for work. So I just called him out. Which I am glad I did. I had no idea the stereo was broken, too!
Eddie: Hey, Roo?
Eddie: Now that you fried Hope, does that mean Gladys gets to live?
*ponders, shrugs* She has to give us a spare.

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Anjel76 said...

Yay for kleptomania! :O) Hopefully she pilfers some nice stuffs. What did you make over about her besides her clothes?

I'm glad you got your glitches fixed and worked out.

*LOL* at Eddie behind the plants looking all singed.

*waves "hi" to the ghostly Christopher*

You killed HOPE?! O__o

M.McMillan said...

Yes! You killed a sim I love it.

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Aww, Eddie really is a sweetie, wanting them to move in with him. *melts*

sheesh, they really do have a lot of dishwashers and disposals, don't they. *snickers* Oh and happy birthday, Hope! Congrats on being a klepto, Hope! *giggles*

*whistles at Hope* She's really cute!

Aww, poor kid. Let's hope he doesn't have an accident in class his first day of school too. Heh, don't you love how "start immediately" means start tomorrow? But hey, at least the poor ghost can go home and pee. And why DO ghosts have to pee anyway?? But yay for the glitch fixing! *crosses her fingers that the bus will come for him tomorrow too*

*chuckles at Eddie* He seems to need constant reassurance that you're not out to get him. I don't know if he's got what it takes, Ruby. *tsks and shakes her head*

*blinks* Seriously? Evan suddenly sprouted a skill bar when Hope transitioned?? How very bizarre!

*frowns* So... the expirment made the toilet bowl somewhere he can become inspired? Or he death ray'd the toilet bowl because he got inspired? And hey, I get lots of inspiration in the shower, so the bathroom is a great place for inspiration! Or when I'm going to the bathroom at work, I got plenty of inspiration for my novel there too.

YAYAYAYA!! I'm glad the reset worked on Hope. *cheers*

Hey now! Why'd she volunteer to fix the appliances?? She didn't do anything wrong! That's supposed to be Gladys' fate!! *grumbles* Hope was cute and she put with your b.s. and then instead of giving her someone to love and sending her off to live safely out of your clutches, like every other Spare, you force her to live out the fate that was supposed to go to Gladys? I CRY FOUL!! Unfair! Unfair! *mutters and mourns Hope, sighing loudly*

I find it rather fitting that my word verification is "cheater." *hmphs*