Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Mailman Cometh

*sighs* The man will not go away! OMG he’s been here for days. *pokes the mailman* Dude, if you’re tired, go home!
Christian: You do realize he can’t hear you.
Yes, I know… it makes me feel better to be able to yell at you senseless, mindless, drone sims sometimes.
Christian: *raises an eyebrow* We aren’t all that way.
Sometimes I wonder…

Christian: For someone who doesn’t like pink…
Don’t finish that sentence… I didn’t do it for me, I did it for Jenn.
Jenn: She loves me…
Christian: Okay, tell me I am not the only one who hears my wife here…
I don’t know what you’re talking about? *whistles innocently*
Jenn: You didn’t tell him?
Christian: Tell me what?
Jenn isn’t just another random mindless drone sim. She’s… well she’s…
Jenn: I’m a simme of a sim-Godess.
Christian: Holy boop!

I never thought I’d see the day when my simme was a grandmother to Jenn’s baby *giggles*
Christian: That is my daughter too. So naturally she is… Mother is your simme? *smirks* That explains a lot.
Mhm… *blinks* Hey! *pokes Christian* Have I mentioned how much I like the family tree? I think it is a nice improvement to what TS2 had to offer.

I have another ‘test’ I want to do. It will have to wait until Franklin transitions to teen. Thankfully Akara is ready for the challenge.
Christian: *narrows eyes* What are you up to?
The homework test! Once Franklin transitions, I’m going to have Akara copy his homework every day until someone catches her or something else happens.
Christian: That’s absurd! Akara is a bright young lady and has no need to copy from Franklin.
Heller… guinea pigs!
Christian: *grumbles*
Jenn: It could be worse, she still wants to know if children can die.

Franklin’s transition day! Yay! *blows horn*
Christian: You look ridiculous.
*pokes Christian* That boy that came home with Akara was laughing at Franklin. I thought about kicking him out, but figured I can do one better. Unfortunately it requires him growing up first… I have to say I do like the kids cheering for themselves, its so dang cute.
Christian: Just as I predicted, he’s handsome.
Pfft and an angler *headdesk*
Christian: Good thing we have a pond in the backyard.
I suppose. (hey!)

Franklin’s first act as a teenager, he made a beeline to his half sister, rubbed his hands together as she looked up at him innocently and then to her horror (and my great amusement) he stole her candy.
Christian: Does he realize Carmen has no pockets? Where does she stash this candy he stole from her? *shudders*
I’m not going to ask. That’s just nasty!
Jenn: He did what to my daughter?! Oh he will pay for that. *glances at Carmen’s face and breaks down laughing* Okay that’s just funny.

You two came home from work. (Christian & Jenn are both in the music career track) Christian wanted Carmen to learn to walk, so I had him finish off her skill.
Christian: Thankfully the positive moodlet is stronger than the negative one.
Not to mention the fact that you love your home décor and the music that is piped through out the house. You’re pretty happy when you’re home. I’m not overly concerned.
Christian: Naturally.

So each ghost is different I reckon. I’m guessing their behavior is dictated either by how they died, or their personalities. I’ve only had the two but they both act so differently. Case in point, every night that Precious comes out to haunt, she showers first.
Christian: You were hoping she was up to a bit of scaring.
Yes, I admit I was. The mailman was still hanging around and I was hoping she would frighten him to death.
Christian: Shame it didn’t work.
In the end she took a nap on the couch. In the morning she was pulled back to her grave as she always is. And I finally had Akara ask him to leave.

I decided to give Franklin a makeover. He was cute… not exactly the look an evil-absent minded-mean spirited-angler should have. It suits him.

Christian: What was all this about? Father is one of the few he actually gets along with.
That’s what I was wondering… didn’t matter though. They’re still very close.

He’s become a distinguished fisherman in his own right. It’s nice that you two fish out back together.
Christian: Yes, I had forgotten how fond of fishing I am.
That’s just because I have you concentrating on your last skill of guitar playing. I need you to max three skills. You’ve only gotten two. You’re slacking!
Christian: *shrugs* Relax, I’m still youngish. I have time. Speaking of time, Mother is pushing 95 now.
*headdesk* I know. The old bat wont die!

I decided I’m a homebody and just because I am, that doesn’t mean my sims have to be. Especially now that they have money they can spend and no downtown loading time! So after paying a few bills, undermining a charity to the tune of §250, I sent Franklin to the one place he chose to visit. The cemetery.
Christian: The cemetery?
Yes, the cemetery… and before you judge him too harshly, you should know your darling Akara wants to go visit there as well. Instead I sent her to school to take an art class.
Jenn: Is that the same night you sent us to dinner?
Um… yes… so I uh… *sighs* This wasn’t planned. Just know that okay?
Jenn: Hmmm…

As I mentioned Franklin went to the cemetery and naturally I sent him down in the catacombs. He didn’t do very well, he was mauled rather quickly. I suppose evil attracts evil. *shrugs* I sent Akara to the art class, I sent Ruby to a game, Sherman stayed home with Carmen to teach her to talk and I sent the newlyweds to dine at the bistro. I intended to snap a few pictures of the lovebirds dining but was distracted by Franklin and his antics. He autonomously decided to scare this guy. It was quite humorous until I got a pop up about Jenn speaking to a familiar name and how she enjoyed her conversation.

No, not the guy she is currently speaking to, the big guy with the plate… Tyler, her love interest! The man she was talking to was telling her a funny story or something. I don’t remember.
Jenn: He was a sweet guy.
Is that why you flirted with him?
Jenn: I… I don’t know what came over me. Did you do that?
Nope! But you know I got pictures.
Jenn: Of course.

For reasons I don’t understand, Christian wasn’t fazed as much as Tyler. I booted her off the phone to watch some fireworks. She immediately tried to flirt again, this time with her husband.
Jenn: *sighs* Yes, which he rejected.
And immediately upset Tyler once more. Although instead of being angry with her as I had expected, when he stepped up to her they flirted! *headdesk* Christian was just on his way back in for a drink. Cant say that I blame the guy. He stopped in his tracks to confront his new wife. It didn’t go very well.
Jenn: I can’t believe you let him do this to me.
What? What did I do? You’re the one who cheated on him!
Jenn: Flirted! It isn’t as if I stuck my tongue down his-
Jenn! *giggles* Okay right you didn’t, but still. His mom is flirty so that isn’t something your grumpy hubby likes to witness.

So Christian had enough of her antics after only a few days of marriage and broke things off. *sighs* My poor Christian.
Jenn: What about poor me?
What ‘poor you’? I set up with a decent home! 2 bedroom, 2 bath… it’s nicer than what I did for Steve.

First thing Christian did when he got home was take a soothing bubble bath. You’re looking a bit tired…
Christian: Not now, Roo. I am tired. Isn’t it time for Franklin to take over?
*glances at age* Um, no… you have 11 more days.
Christian: *groans*

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Anonymous said...

OMG, that postman is creeping me out!

Franklin definitely grew up well! hubba hubba

And then the big meanie steals his sister's candy? Priceless!

That scaring someone interaction is so absurd. Who stands still to wait to be scared?

Awwwww. Poor Franklin, first is mother is all flirty in front of him and then his wife. *waves bye to Jenn* It was nice to see you for a bit.

SuziCat said...

The stalker postman is funny! I didn't know that would happen in Sims 3 like it did in Sims 2! At least he went home when somebody finally told him to!

Wow, Franklin was cute before his "evil" makeover. :-) I think that strange face hair is what Grandpa was upset about! Or the hat, ha! I love that Franklin is an Evil Fisherman, ha ha ha!

Oh yeah, i think ghosts do act according to their personalities--my Simme's ghost played video games and read books when she came out, hee hee!

Look at Jenn--her sim self in your game is a ho! Ha ha ha!!!

AeronwyDiobhell said...

OMG, those eyes would freak me out. Leave! *shoos the mailman*

Heh, Christian never knew what Jenn was? Well, that should make for an interesting marriage. *grins and rubs her hands together*

*nods at Christian* Yes, it really does explain a lot, doesn't it. *cackles*

Heh, poor Akara. As a spare, she's doomed to take your absuse most of her life, isn't she. But why wait until Franklin transitions to a teen? She can start copying his homework now.

Ooo, Franklin is a cute teen! *cheers* And happy birthday!

OMG, Carmen looks absolutely horrified there! Poor kiddo. (Gregg Wolff-Diobhell, as an Evil sim, keeps spinning up wants to steal candy from his kids, at the same time he'll spin up a want to cuddle them or play with them. The man is thoroughly confused!)

*blinks* How does a ghost get dirty and need to shower? And yeah, I think they do behave according to their personalities. Leighton Diobhell is constantly picking the infants and toddlers up that his daughter has given birth to and Aeronwy Diobhell constantly makes a beeline either for the television (couch potato) or the computer to write (her LTW). *grins* Oddly enough, Brynn and Christopher Doe just sort of hang around when they haunt.

Wait. You never had anyone bother to ask the guy to leave before? Well, no wonder he stuck around so long!! He had free entertainment with their television, free food from their fridge, he got to make frequent guest appearances in your blog, AND he didn't have to work! Why wouldn't he stick around? *pokes Ruby*

Goodness, that is some set of personality traits your heir has. That's going to be ... well, probably not fun, but certainly not boring!

Wow, Ruby's getting quite old there. I wonder what she's waiting for. Maybe a great-grandchild? *grins*

Why do your kids want to visit the cemetary? Planning where they're gonna bury their grandparents?

*snickers* Franklin must have looked like something that had crawled out of the grave, what with him being all burned, no, sorry, mauled, and all. But uh, what happened with Jenn? *blinks*

Ack! She flirted with some random stranger, instead of her husband or her boyfriend? For shame! (Did it kick Tyler out of the "love interest" category?) Yeesh, that's one seriously bad dinner out, with all those negative signs flying about willy nilly. Shame on Jenn for flirting like that!

He broke things off?!? Wow. Um, ouch? That was a fast marriage. Glad Sherman wasn't so unforgiving with Ruby.

You moved her into a home? How much did THAT cost the Babii family? Wow, looks like you cut the Babii family wealth by more than 50% there with that little move.

Poor Christian. *comforts*

Anjel76 said...

Somehow over the past week of multiple updates, I missed this one. So ... I read it. :O) Hehe. Poor evil Christian. Jenn-I-Love-Pink cheated on him by flirting with another dude right in front of him. If that doesn't say "I'm never gonna be faithful" to you, nothing will! :O( *pets Christian's very nice cheekbones* Is the toddler staying in the main house? Or is she going with Jenn?

Mao said...

Wow, poor Christian! He is just not having any luck with love. I blame you, LOL! ;)

Franklin turned out very nice!

Anonymous said...

Franklin is super handsome. Too bad he's an evil mean-spirited absent-minded angler.

I sorta felt sorry for Christian there with Jenn doing all that flirting.