Thursday, July 23, 2009

Your earrings would make a great fishing lure

So Franklin… uh… Franklin?
Franklin: Shhh… *grins*
What are you do- *blinks* Never mind, I know what you’re going to do. I suppose the question is, who is your scare victim?
Franklin: Shawanda of course. You wanted to see if people can be scared to death.
I see… so this is in the name of science.
Franklin: And fun.
Very well then, proceed. *waits to elevator music*
Franklin: *chuckles* That never gets old.
Actually, yes it does. I’m so over it and by the way, you can’t die from fright any more.
Franklin: Aw, no more scaring?
*shrugs* You can scare who ever you want to.
Franklin: Sweet.

So I’m ready to…
Franklin: Roo?

Franklin: Roo, it’s just Pop. It’s not as if you haven’t seen him in his drawers before. Snap out of it, Woman.
He’s… he’s…
Franklin: Old. Ya, it happens.

Franklin: Roo sent Shawanda swimming. She swam for hours on end. She directed her to swim to each corner and back again until finally she was so exhausted she drowned. While I heard rumor that Grandpa Sherm died that way already, he was saved by a death flower. This will not happen for Shawanda. I have control of all the death flowers in this family. *smirks*

Franklin: *shakes head* Pop and I continued to fish while Grim did his speech and drama. I think we’ve seen enough death in this house that we aren’t really fazed by ‘Grim visits’. Look, Roo, Pop got a nice one there, a perfect specimen!

Franklin: Oh snap out of it. He’s old. He will die. We all die. Just like my wife just did.
What? Shawanda? Oh… right… she wasn’t happy about it either. She tried begging for more time.
Franklin: It didn’t work. She had nothing to offer him.
No, I made sure you have all the death flowers. Soon I will give half to Eddie.
Franklin: What? Those are ‘my’ death flowers!
Yes, only the current and future heir should have one.
Franklin: *snorts* I have four.
For now… just call her okay?

Franklin: Ah, another perfect specimen!
*pokes Franklin* Call her.
Franklin: I have an overwhelming urge to see Sandra. It must be the grief. *rubs his side*

Once again we have three graves in our backyard. I’m just relieved these drowned ghosts do not leave water puddles around the house like the ones in TS2.
Franklin: She’s coming over. Will this be another whirlwind romance?
Franklin: *nods* I’ll go get ready then.

I think he’s ready.

Franklin: Of course…
Hmmm… okay so a flirt, a kiss and… wow already alluring… okay, go for steady, she accepts.
Franklin: Naturally.
*raises eyebrow* Another flirt, kiss, make out and he’s irresistible. Propose, she accepts.
Franklin: Is that Mom’s belly ringing?
*blinks* Kinda… she has an opportunity at city hall.

Franklin: *chuckles* Something about a pregnant woman toddling off on a bicycle just cracks me up.
*pokes Franklin*
Franklin: *laughs rubbing his side* It was worth it.

Seeing how he is so ‘irresistible’ I had him propose marriage. For the same reason Shawanda wouldn’t simply move in, we had the same hang up with Sandra. I wonder if its my game getting glitchy. Gosh I hope not.
Franklin: She brought some money with her when she moved in.
True, but she had come from seemingly no where. She had no ‘house’ listed. Just like Shawanda. I think that is a true NPC thing because I have yet to see a random neighbor have that issue. Okay enough of that go make a baby. *shoos them off*
Franklin: *grins* My pleasure.
Oh wow, its time!
Franklin: To quote you, ‘Bow chica bow wow!’
*giggles* Not that, you go ahead. Your mom is going in to labor.

Franklin: Oh don’t worry about us. We’ll entertain ourselves and Eddie is already asleep in his crib.
Uh huh, so here we are. Precious is walking out of the opportunity early in order to give birth. There’s the ‘face’… *tilts head* it looks different all glowing like that. Shortly after she got there Christian came running to join her. They had a girl. I named her Hope… because I’m hoping for a ghost baby.

Not that I got one. *sighs* I was so disappointed I forgot to write down her traits.
Franklin: *grins* You may be disappointed… my new wife on the other hand is quite satisfied… I think we heard chimes.
What? Chimes? Oh boop!
Franklin: You told us to try for baby. You can’t blame me for this one. *smirks*
*headdesk* Eddie is an infant… Hope is an infant… and Sandra is pregnant? What the frell was I thinking?
Franklin: *laughs* I don’t know, Roo… what were you thinking?
*pokes Franklin*
Franklin: *laughs harder, rubbing his side* Still worth it.

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Anonymous said...

Shame on that evil, mean-spirited man for scaring an old woman!

*hides eyes* Christian is icky now.

Shawanda looks so surprised to be drowning.

He doesn't look quite ready.

lol @ the baby calling Precious!

There's just something not right about a pregnant ghost riding a bike.

*facepalm* You're gonna have 3 babies close together? Didn't you learn anything from Brian?

Ndayeni said...

Ok, I have to admit, as much as I liked Christian and was sad to see him get relegated to ISBI-land (so to speak) Franklin is very entertaining. If this family keeps breeding the Evil trait though, in a few generations they're going to be giving you suggestions on how to torture their kinfolk ;)

I feel for you having to deal with 3 toddler/infants at once. I was doing it for awhile in another family I was playing and it about drove me nuts. It seemed like one or another of the toddlers was always squalling...sometimes for no apparent reason.

Anjel76 said...

I know what she was thinking. She was secretly desiring to have TRIPLETS!! Maybe Franklin's new wife will have multiples. >:O)) MUAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAAAAA!!!

The water ghost doesn't leave water? I thought it did??? Guess you'll have to follow the very nicely colored, water-droplet ghostie around for me ... see what she gets up to. :O))

So ... no ghost baby? :O(( I'm disappointed, too. *sniffles*

SuziCat said...

You'll just have to try again for a ghost baby--right away! :-D

I like the chipmunk painting or whatever it is on the easel while Franklin is proposing,I haven't gotten that one yet.

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Dude, you can't scare her if she's standing there STARING AT YOU!! *shakes her head at Franklin*

Man, every time I see an Elder, I get P.O.'d all over again at how -skinny- EAxis made them. That's just frakin' stupid! If my sim was fat or muscular, they shouldn't suddenly look anorexic when they get old! *flails*

Drowning has to be a harsh way to go. Although at least it doesn't hurt as much as fire.

Aww, bye Shawanda. At least you got to have a child to carry on your legacy before you died, cold comfort I'm sure that is.

Hehe, the "speech and drama" picture... I swear, you can practically HEAR Grimmy thinking "What the heck is wrong with those two? I'm over here killing their family and they're completely ignoring me!"

Yes, I'm sure it's the grief causing you to call up your other chickie for a little booty call, right?

Congratulations on another successful whirlwind romance, Franklin. *tosses confetti half-heartedly*

You hadda show us the craptastic way EAxis did their pregnancy meshes there though, didn't you. *sighs loudly*

Congrats on the new bride! This is the same day the old bride died too, isn't it. *shakes her head and grins lopsidedly*

They probably both lived in some women's shelter or some such. *nods sagely*

Oh, that "it's time"! *giggles* Congrats Precious and Christian!

*tilts her own head and grins* The labor face is actually almost cute on a ghost.

Welcome baby Hope! Sorry it wasn't a ghost baby though. :-( I guess both parents have to be ghosts, maybe?

*giggles* Gotta agree with Franklin on that one. *snickers* At least you weren't quite so foolish as I was with my Diobhells. Gregg Wolff-Diobhell wanted to raise 5 kids to teenager, but Shiarra Diobhell has a career LTW. So after the first 2 single kids, I gave one of them the fertility perk and had Shiarra read both books and watch the kids channel, hoping she'd have triplets and I'd get it down with. Nope, she had twins. So the day they brought them home, she got knocked up. I had her avoid the books and the television and yet, she had another set of twins. *sighs* So they've got 2 toddlers and 2 infants in the house! (Along with a teenager and a child.)

M.McMillan said...

Good old fashioned slightly evil fun