Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hark! Page 2

Christian: I meant to ask you about the title of this update…
What about it? *blinks* Oh guests!

The first guests arrive. What luck, the two ladies I have in mind for Franklin. I’m just not sure which lady it will be.
Christian: *stares* Isn’t that the firefighter that showed up back when Precious tried to fix the dishwasher?
Yes, and I’m not sure how old she is. She may be out of the running. The other one I know is a young adult.
Christian: He seems rather taken with the younger one.
Not really, he just enjoys scaring people. I wonder if he will grow out of that. You know, like teens that give noogies will eventually grow out of that when they transition to young adults.
Christian: Don’t hold your breath, this is TS3 not TS2.
*sighs* Good point…

Look its Jenn! *waves and sighs* She can’t hear me any more.
Christian: She looks good… very good.
Having second thoughts of divorcing her?
Christian: Maybe.
Interesting. Hold on to that thought. So the party is going and people are still showing up about 30 minutes after it started. Oddly only one brought food. *shrugs* Not a big deal, Christian has been wanting a buffet table so I finally get them one. Problem solved. Yay Carmen is here, time to blow out the candles!
Christian: Hmmm… I’ve been looking forward to this time yet now that its here…
*hugs Christian* I’ll miss our talks, too.
Christian: Okay, enough of that. Lets get his over with.
*pokes Franklin*
Christian: Wait! Who is Jenn dancing with?
*peeks* Oh that’s Bob Newbie. I moved them in together so she can inherit his house when he dies. He’s a bachelor with no children to take over his home.
Christian: I see…
*tries to hide her smile*

Now its time and the crowd gathers… well most of them do, his girlfriend and his uncle don’t seem to think his transition warrants their stopping what they’re doing in order to cheer him on. Ah what to wish for… hmm…

Heh someone looks pretty excited about his transition though.
Christian: Stop stalling, Roo.
Right then, sparkles flare, he weebles, he woobles, he spins and… *blinks* damn…

Brave… really? I’m not exactly complaining here its just that you’re already evil and mean spirited, add brave to that mixture and we’re looking at a dangerous little sim.
Franklin: *cackles* Not so little anymore, Roo. They’ll rue the day… rue it I say!
*sighs* And it begins…

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Anonymous said...

Ah Sherman! He amuses me greatly. *snickers* Really, Sherman? How does yelling at the TV work?

Kids these days! They sure do have a nerve!

Woot! You go, Franklin!

I've noticed that there aren't many people around town after dark.

*shakes head* Nope, he won't grow out of scaring people.

That girl standing behing him sure does have a funny look on her face.

*giggles* Weebles wobble, but they don't fall down! Yes, I am 12, dammit.

Anjel76 said...

Sherman, Sherman, Sherman, SHERMAN!! Dude!!! You are a GHOST! If you look at yourself in a mirror, are you going to faint again?! Get over it! It's the afterlife! :Op Hehe.

Yay for birthdays. What an interesting combination of traits young Franklin has. :O) So ... have we decided who his wife is going to be?

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Poor Akara. *comforts her*

So why don't you have Franklin invite his best friend over so you can get to know her? *tickles Ruby*

Sandra's pretty cute. And if they're already friends, then she must be able to tolerate Franklin.

Heh, I guess one Akara's friend's traits is Inappropriate, for her to sleep in their bed like that? *grins*

*blinks* Sherman, c'mon already, man. You're DEAD! It's not like the ghosts can hurt you now! *shakes her head* Funny scene with all the ghosts there. *grins*

Looks like Christian is finally learning, that blond girl doesn't matter.

Glad you're not considering the mean-spirited inappropriate Miss Thang as a wife for Franklin. Besides, he'll probably enjoy breaking up with her so he can marry Sandra. *winks*

Okay, either that is VERY creepy, that child sitting in the park like that, or that's VERY sad, that her parents forgot about her and she's stuck waiting for them. Since this is your story, I'm gonna go with Children of the Corn creepy. *nods*

The firefighter chick is gonna be way too old. She's at least an Adult and probably close to Elder I bet. (I really wish there was a way to figure out roughly how old they were.)

Nope, they don't grow out of it. Gregg Wolff-Diobhell is Evil and still loves scaring people. I let him scare their maid so he doesn't traumatize anyone in the family. (Actually, that's pretty much the only ones he'll try to scare, the maids.)

*hides her own smile* You really are so mean to your poor simmies. And happy birthday, Franklin! (I'll miss your talks with Christian too. He was a hoot!!)

Brave, huh? Well, that is a very interesting mix of traits. *snickers* Have fun dealing with him, Ruby!

Hehe, why do I have a feeling you're going to be sighing quite often, until Gen 4 takes over? *giggles*

Ndayeni said...
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Ndayeni said...

Oops. Messed something up the first time.

Aww, I'm going to miss Christian. I loved your conversations with him. Franklin might prove interesting as well though I suppose.

And a ghost being afraid of ghosts is just too funny.

SuziCat said...

Ha ha at "Roo" and "rue" in the last part! :-) I'm a word nerd, sorry! :-) Yeah, this new heir should be loads of fun! :-D

Brian said...

How incredibly interesting. :) Looks like I've got more chapters to read after this one! :D

I don't know if I could ever let a sim in my family roll Evil...

Mao said...

You forgot the "SPLAT" that comes after that lark. ;)

I love evil sims! They are so much fun. I will definitely miss Christian, though. Hopefully Franklin can fill the void!