Monday, July 27, 2009

We have located your pants

Hey Franklin, there are some pictures missing-
Franklin: Shhh… cant you see I’m spending quality time with my son?
*blinks* What in the blazes are you teaching that boy?
Franklin: Life, Roo… its harsh, its cruel, its full of love and betrayal
Uh huh… is that why some of my pictures are missing?
Franklin: I have no idea what you’re referring to. Now if you don’t mind…
Oh, I mind alright. I did manage to salvage one photo…
Franklin: *glances at photo and grins*
That’s it? Just a grin? No comments, no quips, no sarcasm?
Franklin: A picture is worth a thousand words.

Precious hasn’t given up on scaring. Oddly, she never scared anyone until she became playable. None of the other ghosts do this! It really is getting old… if I didn’t have another test for her…
Franklin: *chuckles* Nah, it’s still funny. Look at Oma jumping out of her skin… uh… well just uh…
*giggles* Silly sim.

Franklin: *raises eyebrow* We aren’t broke, Roo. Why aren’t we paying our bill?
Rainne mentioned the repo-man. Honestly I forgot all about him and just got in the habit of paying all bills. She also mentioned something about ‘git er done’ or some such thing.
Franklin: Ah, another test. Okay then… how did this one work out for you?

There she is… wait, ‘she’? I’ve never seen a female repo-man before.
Franklin: You do realize you’re going to have a house full of negative moodlets for this, right?
Sure, but two of you will have positive ones for watching the others suffer. *shrugs* I’m not really all that worried… are you?
Franklin: *scoffs* Not at all.
So she walks in the house and heads to the kitchen. *laughs* She doesn’t appreciate the nasty dishes left on the table.
Franklin: *chuckles* Can’t say I blame her.
Thankfully she took the purchased art, not the homemade paintings.
Franklin: Those repo-folks do enjoy their job.
Hmmm, I wonder if they’re evil or mean spirited…
Franklin: Sorry I was at work when she showed up.
*smirks* You have enough women in your life.
Franklin: *grins*

Franklin: Aw man, not my computer.
You never use it! You’re always out back fishing, or playing your guitar, or painting or at your Uncle Steve’s… besides, she’s taking the gem next to it.
Franklin: Oh, never mind then. We have so many of those.
Total side note: Were there any long lasting side affects from that test Elliot did on you?
Franklin: No. None that I can tell anyhow.

*giggles* I wonder if the maid is thinking he should just leave cuz he doesn’t want to do all the work and not get paid.
Franklin: *laughs*
Now I’m curious… when the mailman/woman was here earlier, did she drop off more bills or did the bills just not go away and we got things taken and had to pay… *ponders*
Franklin: Guess you’ll have to run the test again… just wait until next generation for that will ya?

*laughs* This is what happens when a family oriented sim gushes over the kids to someone who dislikes children.
Franklin: *smirks* Pop looks bored.
He was most definitely bored. Although if he got a glance at the kids he would have been anything but bored.
Franklin: Meaning?
They got all warped and glitched. Once I unpaused, they bounced back. It was creepy.
Franklin: *raises eyebrow* Eddie looks fine.

So I wanted to… are you okay?
Franklin: You already know the answer to that. You sent me down there.
Catacombs… right. So hurry with your bath. I want to see just how ugh Steve looks as an elder.
Franklin: I’m soaking. I’ve had a rough day.
*pokes Franklin*
Franklin: *chuckling and rubbing his chest* Afraid you might slip if you went for the side?
*ignoring the comment and moving on*

Hello?! McFly! I want to see Steve…
Franklin: Lisa needs my attention right now. You can go see Uncle Steve, he’s over in the kitchen.

Okay I wasn’t fond of TS2 elders, I’m really hating TS3 elders! Eep!
Franklin: Are you done gawking? I have something I’m going to uh… take care of. *waggles eyebrows*
o.O Franklin! I… ya go ahead… its not like she’ll end up more preggers than she is…

With everyone working, Christian gets to stay home with the toddlers and baby. The weird thing is if he gets too close to the sidewalk, even if he is only walking to a different part of the lot, the game flips out and says the kids cant be home alone. o.O Dude was going to take a nap for cripes sake.
Franklin: Didn’t stop you from hiring a babysitter anyhow.
Nope. Figured give the geezer a break.

Its time.
Franklin: To eat… ya, its time.
No, I mean its time to start prep work for my next test.
Franklin: Roo, I just made my dinner…
Ya but …
Franklin: Just let me finish… it isnt as if it can’t wait a few minutes later.
A few of my minutes is a few of your hours… *fidgets*
Franklin: Okay lets go.

Okay, I know Sandra is a slob, but that is so gross!
Franklin: She ate that?
Yes. Nasty aint it? I mean granted I made Precious eat a rotten grilled cheese sammich, but I didn’t make Sandra eat that.
Franklin: That’s gross. I wont be kissing her again. *wrinkles nose in disgust*

What is taking you so long? You missed your son’s transition! And he got the cherub curly hair, I love it. Rather fitting don’t you think?
Franklin: I told you… he is not my son!
Where are you?
Franklin: We’re just hanging out for a bit. He’s a bit stressed from the procedure.
*sighs* Fine. I guess I can wait a little longer.

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Anonymous said...

*shudders at Frankin teaching the boy about big, black, nasty bugs*
Hey! Why is that picture named "Hussy"?
*shakes head at a ghost being scared by another ghost*
*giggling @ Christian's face while being gushed at about children*
Oh noes! Scary stretchy toddler!
*eyebrow waggle* Lisa definitely needs some attention right now! Rawr!
OMG, Steve has sticks for arms now!
Oooooo, babysitter is cute!
*drools* That is all.
lol @ Sandra's nasty face!
*dies from cute toddler cute*
Procedure? What procedure?

Anjel76 said...

All children (especially young boys) should be taught about the intricacies of mother nature and the insect world. *NODS*

So playable ghosts come out during the day??? I thought they got dragged back to their graves at daybreak. *boggles*

Hiya repo-man-woman. :O)) So ... you never said. Did she say "Git'r'done"???

DANG! Steve's arms got so SKINNY!! O__o

Franklin is hawt.

So ... what's yer next test??

SuziCat said...

So did the repo-woman say "get er done"? You didn't say! Oh, I just saw that Ange asked that, sorry! :-)

I haven't seen the glitchy toddlers in my own game, but they always crack me the heck up when I see pics of them in other people's game! :-D I never have them near TVs, tho.

Yeah, poor Steve, he used to be so hawt and now he has Elder Skinny Arm Syndrome.

Franklin is a trip; I can see why you enjoy him.

AeronwyDiobhell said...

You're teaching your son about BUGS? *boggles* Wow. Um, don't you think he's a bit young to be learning all that? I think Precious has things more right, she's talking about parties and toys and flowers and stuff.

Why does Precious thinking a ghost scaring another ghost is really going to work though? *blinks*

Wow, a female repo man. Neat! You know, I should force the Diobhells to not pay their bill one day and see who comes a-knockin'.

From what we can see of this woman, she's actually pretty cute. Any way to interact with her? She'd have some good genes to introduce into the family.

I'm not sure I blame the maid for hesitating like that, you know.

Ech, I hate that glitch. *shudders* But at least my toddlers don't get to watch TV, so I shouldn't have that happen.

I'll poke his side for you, Ruby! *raises her hand to volunteer* I'll take the risk of "slipping" no worries. :-D

Ugh, Steve did not age gracefully! (Wait until you see Lewis Wolff, he's actually still cute as an Elder -and- he's kept most of his muscles!!)

Geeze, Franklin looks evil even when he's just getting ready to eat. *snickers*

Ew, she ate green fuming food? *grimaces and shudders*

Happy birthday! And so cute that he got the cherub hair. :D

WHAT? What's your experiment! *pokes RUBY*

Brian said...

Heh... and people say my Sims backtalk me. :)

The stretchy toddler bug was supposedly fixed in 1.3.24... it only happened when a toddler watched TV with someone else after learning to Talk.

Ghosts behave strange... Brian and Laurel's ghosts can't stand to be near each other - they make that rejection pose when they see each other.

Now, to see what's next...