Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hark! A Lark! Flying through the Park!

Akara had a friend come over to visit. Shame she was stuck in detention. *shrugs*
Christian: Again? I thought you were giving up on that test.
Ya, maybe… probably… eventually… In the meantime she is still testing the homework copy. Franklin has one female friend (Sandra Krebs) that is in high school with him. Sure they’re best friends, but I have never seen the girl. I have no idea what kind of traits she has nor do we even know if they’re compatible.
Christian: What about this girl? She isn’t too hard on the eyes, perhaps they will be compatible?
That’s what I was thinking… until they actually talked to each other. I’m not sure what traits she has, but whatever they are Franklin wants nothing to do with them or her.
Christian: Akara is home. Poor thing is still mourning the loss of Father.
I had Franklin call Sandra over. She was happy to stop by but uh…

Somewhere along the way she decided to grow up. She’s a young adult now! Although this can be to our advantage. I mean, he’s about to become a young adult, too. I can have a birthday party for him, he’s already gotten the you’re gonna age soon pop up so… well it’s a thought. She’s kinda cute.
Christian: Not to forget the little blond girl. She was supposed to go home. Instead she goes for a swim then takes a nap… in ‘my’ bed.
Maybe we should have sent her home… but I didn’t. You know me, I want to see how things play out.

That night we were visited by ghosts. Sherman hasn’t gotten over his fear of ghosts even though he ‘is’ a ghost. *rolls eyes* First he fainted when he saw Precious. Then Ruby showed up and he fainted again. Ruby just looked at him then started playing video games, which annoyed him because the tv rudely woke him. So he yelled at the TV and turned it off, while Ruby was still playing. Precious decided now would be a good time to haunt the couch. *giggles* The couch haunting didn’t phase Ruby. Once Sherman moved out of the way, she started playing video games again. As annoying as they can be, they’re pretty funny too.

Where was Christian during all of this? In the kitchen… dealing with the blond kid. Who’s name I obviously don’t remember.)
Christian: *shrugs* She isn’t family so her name isn’t relevant.
That is a very good point. Not to mention the brat insulted your home after having slept on your bed.
Christian: She is apparently mean spirited and/or inappropriate. I’m surprised her and Franklin don’t get along better.
Huh… good point. *ponders*

Miss Thang was on her way out once more. Sherman managed to distract her. They stared each other down for a while giving Franklin time to catch up to her. Then he took over and chat her up before the school bus arrived. He did such a fabulous job they became BF/GF in a matter of one sim hour along with his first kiss.
Christian: You aren’t seriously considering her for his wife are you?
I was until she drove off in a limo. She’s rich. *pauses* Hmmm
Christian: What? The mailman? My son needs an heir, a blood descendant. Rather difficult to do if you turn him gay.
What? Oh no, no, not for Franklin…
Christian: Run, Akara!

The boys went to the park to hang out and play a little chess. Not as if they couldn’t do that at home, but I don’t allow them to go downtown very often so I figured without women they may be safe. It was horridly boring at the park there was only one person there. A child…
Christian: Is it just me, or does she look vaguely familiar?
She should look familiar. That’s your daughter, Carmen! So I had Franklin invite her over to play but uh she wasn’t having any of that. She sat down for a hot minute, looked at them both and then left.
Christian: You weren’t paying attention to the time. It was her curfew. She had to get home.
You should go visit her… or invite her over to the house. We are missing her whole life!
Christian: Must I remind you…
Right, dislikes children… *sighs*

So it’s a lovely Wednesday afternoon of copying homework when I remember both Akara and Christian have the day off of work. Today would be a good day to have Franklin’s transition day.
Christian: The time has come at last. What? Wait! Who is on the guest list?
Jenn and Franklin are still good friends, besides she’s still like family and I want Carmen there as well. Naturally I go with a pool party which makes no sense since no one ever swims at these parties!

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