Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fire: Page 2

There were more opportunities for the family, including Ruby making a specific new best friend, one of the Broke clan; Franklin had to visit the grocery store to do some kind of report; Precious had to read something and Sherman had another athletic one where he was to work out with the television or radio, jog and swim.

I think I’ve traumatized him… I sent him outside to swim and he freaked out. *chuckles* Poor Sherman.
Christian: You aren’t going to kill him again are you?
What? Me? Nah… I killed him once already. Now that his flower is gone, he can die of old age. I’m happy.
Christian: You’re rather twisted, Roo.
Why thank you, Christian. That is probably the nicest things you’ve said to me.

There was some nasty grilled cheese in the refrigerator. I was curious what would happen if I made someone eat it. While Precious wasn’t too pleased with her meal, she did choke it down eventually.
Christian: She actually ate it? *gags* That is disgusting! Why would you do that to her?
*blinks* Guinea pigs
Christian: Ah, right…

*grins* Franklin is such a cutie sometimes. He finished at the grocery store so I sent him home. I had forgotten to give him a make over… well actually I never did give him a real makeover. I simply gave him new clothes. The ones he transitioned in are hideous.
Christian: Hey Roo?
His new ones suit him just fine.
Christian: Roo… *looks anxiously at Precious*

*chuckles* Precious ran several times to the toilet.
Christian: Please tell me that’s from the grilled cheese.
Sure is! Unfortunately that is all that happened. I suppose it will take more than one sammich to do the trick.

Akara managed to get her skills in rather quickly. Having only one toddler at a time with grandparents around makes skilling easier.
Christian: What?! Again?

Hmm? Oh yes, remember she has to make a best friend and he too is flirty… oh but don’t worry-
Christian: Don’t say it. ‘She only flirted’… that is such a crock. That doesn’t make it right!
Nope, wasn’t gonna say that… although she did only flirt… I was going to say, your son welcomed her home ‘his’ way. *giggles*
Christian: Ha. That’s my boy.
*mumbles* Hypocrite
Christian: What?

Franklin gave me a great idea. I was wondering why Sherman suddenly spun up the wish to mop. Now I know! Hmm… Franklin, where is your mother… *pokes Precious out of bed*
Christian: What about Mother? You haven’t tried killing her yet…
I haven’t tried killing you either. Would you like the honors? *waves a dismissive hand* Doesn’t matter, she’s a spouse, you know the rule.

Obediently Precious gets to work Thankfully she gets zapped! Unfortunately she also causes a fire.
Christian: Ack!
I know, right? Stupid fire alarm woke up your father and got everyone running to the kitchen. Even those I tried distracting with other things came running and… hmmm
Christian: What?
Christian: What?!
I uh… tried to shoo Franklin outside. Don’t want the heir dying before he has a chance to take over. He almost made it out the door. Naturally, Sherman made it outside just in time to faint. The firewoman gave an EO roar for some odd reason and then promptly left.

Christian: What is that look for?
*shrugs* Who knows? It was early morning and maybe he just didn’t want to go to school? He does manage some of the best faces though.

After school he asked to go to a friend’s house. I love that. I really do. Instead of them always coming home with your simmies. It is a nice touch.
Christian: I have to laugh at his choice of LTW.
*chuckles* Yes, I agree. Although I didn’t give it to him.
Christian: Why not?
Do you have any idea how hard that would be?! *ponders* On the other hand… stop distracting me!

A fire started at the house. I like that it gives you the option to zoom your camera over there.
Christian: I don’t remember this fire.
You were at work and it didn’t last for very long. I had Precious put it out. Naturally the whole house ran to watch. *facepalm*
Christian: Naturally.
Which prompted a new idea

Christian was at work, I sent Franklin to the public pool, I sent Ruby & Sherman to the art gallery and I had Precious tinker.
Christian: Where was my daughter through all this?
Safely playing outdoors.
Christian: She hates the outdoors…
I know so I built temporary walls and brought her back indoors to appease her.
Christian: Is that when the fire started?
Yes, and it was huge! It started to fill the whole tiny room! It was awesome… until I realized I was killing the only adult at home with a toddler there.

That is when I decided to bring Ruby & Sherman back home. Did you know that if there is no door access to the fire, they wont panic and try to get in there?
Christian: Mhm.
Then why didn’t you tell me?!
Christian: *chuckles* Some things you simply have to learn on your own.
*pokes Christian* You really are a poop.

So Grim came, I deleted the walls, Precious’ ghost popped up from the ashes, Ruby mourned and Grim came inside. I guess since Franklin wasn’t home he didn’t see a reason to stick around. Weird, huh? *giggles*

I did mention I sent Franklin to the pool? Yes well he met his Uncle Steve there. They were having fun doing that silly hold your breath contest until they both realized Precious died. How odd is that picture? I mean that wobble water look is so bizarre.

Christian on the other hand went to visit a friend for comfort. Oh nice new work outfit!
Christian: Thanks. I just got the promotion and-
Ya, ya, shhh… she’s answering the door. She consoles him nicely and he whispers his intentions in her ear. Ah success…
Christian: What?! Again? Aw man!

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Anonymous said...

*waves bye to Rhoda*

The toddler head-chewing is not exclusive to your kids, mine do it too.

Now why ever would you want a fireplace in Christian's house? *smirk*

*points & laughs at Christian's throwing technique*

You can also find the cake if you look under entertainment in the function tab.

Ari is cute. So is Franklin.

LOL @ Precious eating her rotten GC.

How is it that their clothes disappear when there's a fire or electrocution?

Awwww. Poor Sherman. He just can't get a break.

Awww. Franklin playing with his rubber ducky is just too cute.

*hides from his evil face*

Am I wicked because I think Precious on fire is hysterically funny?

Anjel76 said...

Sherman is probably freaking out cuz he recalled that he died by/in the pool. So ... getting back into the pool probably isn't very high on his list of things to do. :O)

ruby, ruby, ruby. You are so cruel to your sims. :O)) *takes notes*

Franklin has such a wide variety of facial expressions. :O))

Burn, baby ... BUUUUUUUUURN!!!!

Heh ... jello!

Christian is looking very Double-O 7. :O) Who the heck is THIS chick?

SuziCat said...

I love your updates, Ruby! SO funny!!!! I am so glad you are still doing these guys--they are one of my fav Sims 3 families ever so far! :-D

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Yay for moving Rhoda off to the cemetery! *cheers* And you know you lubs Christian and his sass. :-b

Why can't we ring their doorbells at all hours of the night or call them whenever the urge strikes us, same as they do to us? Or at least give us the option of giving the caller a snarky answer like we get when we call too late/early. *grins* Not that I would know about that... *whistles innocently*

Such violent chillin's you're breeding over there! *grins* But that's sweet that they'll play together okay.

I wonder why Steve is so angry with Christian? It's not like Chris had anything to do with Steve getting kicked out. Not sure what you're going on about, Steve's house is actually pretty sweet. And plenty of room to add a wife and children to, hopefully someday soon. Yeah, okay, one bathroom kinda stinks, but it could be way worse.

OMG, I love the little leg lift when he throws!! *cackles loudly* I thought Awesomemod was supposed to stop the NPCs from aging faster, though? Haha, loved Steve's full-on wind-up and beaming the ball at Christian's head like that.

Just what mischief do you have planned with poor Ari? *peers at Ruby* But man, Christian looks thoroughly smitten in some of those pictures. *snickers*

Happy birthday, Franklin! But wow, he's a CUTE kid! Hope he grows up into a true hunk there. :-D OMG, Evil -and- Mean Spirited?? *cackles* Too darn perfect for Miss Ruby!! *falls out of her chair laughing*

Ooo, so you teased poor Christian, letting him think he was gonna get a little sumthin'-sumthin' and then yanked the rug out from under the poor man? *tsks* Very mean of you, Ruby.

I don't blame Sherman for not wanting to go swimming. I'd be prett darn traumitized too, if I'd actually DIED and then someone tried to make me go back in.

Wow, you really are quite mean to your sims, forcing them to eat spoiled food! Although... seeing that moodlet reminds me, I inadvertantly did that to one of my sims. I couldn't figure out why they kept stopping eating, so I forced them to eat. It was only after they got the nauseous moodlet (and why) that I figured out why they kept stopping. *snickers* At least I felt bad about it though, unlike you! *pokes Ruby*

I'm not sure we -can- kill them by forcing them to eat rotten food repeatedly. *wonders if she should try that with someone or other...*

Haha! Nice way Franklin welcomed his grandmother back home. *snickers* Not that she didn't deserve it or anything. Shame on sim-you for flirting like that!

Heh, my sim-self caused a fire trying to upgrade their television. Gotta remember to have someone chat up the fireman who showed up... I saved and quit while the fire was still going on. *grins* Oh, My, God, Franklin really is Evil! I can't believe he WANTS to have his mother die by fire!!

Yikes, that early morning face was downright frightening! Although I adored the bathtub face! *melts* Evil sims are definitely, um, interesting sims. Much more entertaining than Grumpy sims. They're just annoying!

Ha! Yeah, that's an interesting LTW option for an Evil, Mean-Spirited sim to want. I don't blame you for not giving it to him. *snicker*

Oh, poor Precious. She was doomed from the start. *sniffles* Wow, that's some huge conflagration you've got going on there! That really is a tiny room for a fireplace. Congratulations on your first Fire Ghost. *mourns poor Precious* So not fair. Although I must say, Adult-aged ghosts are much prettier than Elder-aged ones. *ponders* Is it weird that she's shaking Grim's hand? I mean, she didn't get to live out her full life or anything?

I haven't taken any pool pictures for just that reason, the water wobble is horrible. Damn, couldn't you have at least let Christian have an appropriate mourning period, instead of running to some blond floozie's house to get it on before his wife's body is even cold? *scolds Ruby* Shame on you!

Mao said...

So much for love, LOL! The blonde girl is quite pretty, though. ;) Going to try out NPC pregnancies? Too bad sims still don't have to pay, LOL.

Poor Previous. ;)