Wednesday, July 8, 2009

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*sighs* Usually if someone goes to interact with the toddler while he/she is sleeping, I stop them. This time I let Sherman continue thinking because she is asleep it would drop from his queue.
Christian: You were wrong. Father woke up Akara in order to tickle her then promptly put her down and not back in the crib.
*sighs again* Yup, the old coot… and why did he put her down? To hug his wife. *headdesk* Yes because that is so much more important than taking care of your granddaughter! Why wont your mother die already?!
Christian: Very good question. You do realize that she is well over 90 now.
Ya, I know. And just as airheaded as the day she moved in.

Christian: What is his problem? Did we ever figure that out?
No, but I did have your father talk to him and invite him in.
Christian: Where he promptly tried to kill Father.
He did not, he just bored him to death… erm to the point that he passed out from boredom. It was funny although rather annoying.

Christian: No, what was annoying was Mother flirting with the man!
Mhm… he’s a cutie… shame I don’t have anyone around to impregnate…
Christian: *facepalm* Again… your fault.

What is funnier still, he isnt allowed to flirt back. She gets all offended *smirks*
Christian: I suddenly have an overwhelming urge to see Jenn… and it can’t wait. I’m sure you had something to do with that.
Ah yes… I had another thought. Someone mentioned something and I wanted to see if it would work for me.
Christian: Another way to kill off a sim?
Hmm? Oh like the tinkering with a fire place while its lit? No, nothing so drastic… although if something were to happen to Jenn… what would become of Carmen? Would she come to you or go to an orphanage? *ponders*
Christian: You’re going to kill Jenn?
Nah, I just now thought of this, maybe a different generation will get to experience that test.

Christian: This is something I can get used to.
Glad you said that. *pokes*
Christian: Ow! *spins in to nicer clothes* What are you up to? Why do I have another… oh… I see…

I love their reaction, I hate their waddle to hug afterwards though
Christian: Jenn did not waddle. She uh… shuffled her feet a bit
Either way, she accepted. For some reason that is beyond me, I couldn’t get her to move in!

Oh for Cripes sakes! Again? *sighs* She’s something else.
Christian: Hey! You made her flirty. You have no one to blame but yourself.
Not that any of you followed through with your upset with Ruby actions. I was ready with my camera and you both failed me. Again! So I figured, meh… lets throw a party! Christian had the wish so I let him… erm after giving him the legendary host, naturally.
Christian: I can’t believe you didn’t update Father’s formal wear.
*giggles* Ya I totally forgot.

The couple got ready as the guests started arriving. The mailman stayed for the wedding as well.
Christian: Don is looking kind of… old
Yes but at least he dressed appropriately. Unlike that tubby friend of yours. *scoffs* And I now understand everyone’s hatred for the lack of a wedding arch. I set up some flowers for a nice background and had you call Jenn over… didn’t quite make it to the spot I wanted you to, but you got close! Steve showed up and … uh…
Christian: Yes, now you see why you should have changed Father’s formal wear.
*smirks* Nah, that’s just more funny stuff.

So the vows are said, the crowd gathers around and stands and gawks… I specifically set out a couple of benches to see if they would sit. Naturally, they didn’t.
Christian: *shrugs* We’re sims… we aren’t perfect.

A few other events happened during the wedding party which by the way lasted for hours! 1. Jenn and Carmen moved in. 2. Carmen kept her last name of Emm (which is what I wanted to see, I wanted to see what last name Carmen would have after the wedding) 3. I found out Jenn had a love interest! oops?
Christian: She what?! Again? What is it with these women? First Precious, now Jenn.
You asked if she was single… we’ve gone through this. At least it wasn’t Steve again.

4. I forgot transitions! That would be Akara cheering for herself because I forgot a cake. Oh that blond baby in the back, that is Carmen! Trust me, they both got a makeover. I uh… simply forgot to take a picture of Akara’s.
Christian: At least you didn’t make her sit outside for her transition.
And if you noticed #4 was plural, meaning there was another transition that evening.
Christian: *shrugs* Mine wasn’t as important as Akara’s. I’m just getting older, she’s starting out in life… this is a very important time in her education!
*pokes Christian* Oh stop already!

Whew I’m exhausted… so we’ll end it with the wedding night. Franklin and Jenn bond over homework, Sherman and Ruby got happy moodlets for being the parents of the groom. Something they only get if there is a wedding party, I suppose. Neither got that when he married Precious.
Christian: Why are my sheets pink?
Because your wife is Jenn.
Jenn: And I love pink, pink is so me!

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SuziCat said...

Very fun again! Jenn is so lucky! :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow. That is a huge fire. I'm glad it was put out ok. It doesn't make sense that a sim can not only make a fireplace fireproof but that he can do it with a hammer. *shrugs*

Ooooo. That firefighter is cute. Too bad you have an heir instead of an heiress.

Franklin is such a cutie and I like his monkey shirt. *wonders if I would look totally stupid with a shirt like that*

Sherman is so sweet.

Jenn is so cute! I can't wait to see what Carmen looks like when she grows up. Hey! Maybe you could hook her up with the firefighter. If he isn't too old by then.

Poor Ruby. It looks like Steve is torturing her. He looks so fierce.

Grrrrrr. Stoopid sims, I hate when they swarm the babbies/toddlers like that.

*laughs* I don't think I've ever seen a sim bored to the point of passing out! That's awesome!

Awwwwww. The girls are cute!

Anjel76 said...

That really was quite the huge fire. :O)) Would it be fun to see how big it would have gotten if the fire never got put out? >:O)) *muahahahhahaaaa*

Jenn = Pink. :O))

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Heh, Christian -really- doesn't trust you AT ALL, does he. *snickers*

Ooo, that is a cute fireman. I need to remember not to pre-hook up all my heiresses and call some firemen and policemen over for meet-and-greets. *nods*

Better screens so the fire can't jump outside of the fireplace? *blinks* Yeah, that's kinda all I can think of for making a fireplace fireproof. *snickers*

Hehe, the whole Good versus Evil thing is rather amusing in the Diobhell household. Aeronwy was Good, so were most of her kids, although one was Evil. Shiarra isn't Good, but she's not evil. Gregg, her husband, however, is Evil. Two of their 6 kids now are Good. They're constantly donating to promote or undermine a charity. Good thing they're making lots of money!

*snickers* Now aren't you glad you asked, Christian? *grins*

Glad someone likes listening to Franklin, even if it's the most unlikely person in the house. ;-)

Hiya Jenn! *waves hello* And hmm, just what are you up to, Ruby... *peers*

Welcome Carmen! *cheers* But that was almost mean, making him meet an infant.

Shame on him for taking advantage of Jenn's hopeless romantic nature. *tsks*

Haha! Nice to leave him all alone with a brand new daughter. *cackles*

Too funny he came home 'cause he got nosy! *giggles loudly*

Goodness, I can't wait to see what you're going to do with Precious and Jenn there. *ponders*

I hate when they wake up toddlers to snuggle them or something, because then the brats won't go back to sleep until their tired hits a specific level again. *sighs*

Wait. Sherman fell asleep from a boring conversation? Really?!? That's too darn funny!!

Wow, Christian looks -really- peeved at the thought of you killing off Jenn! *grins* Hmm, just what ARE you up to, Ruby? *peers again*

Congrats on the engagement! Can't wait to see what Precious thinks about all this.

Right in front of her husband? C'mon, show a little class, Rubes? Please? *pokes sim-Ruby* A wedding party, eh? Nice!

Eh, Sherman's formal wear isn't attrocious, at least. Isn't that like considered bad taste, to wear the same thing as the bride or groom's parents? *grins*

Congratulations to the happy couple on your wedding and finally living together! *cheers* You gonna get Carmen's name changed to Babii or leave it Emm?

Hmm, I wish "love interest" was one of the options when you ask if someone is single.

Heh, I've noticed it's somehow harder to remember to take pictures in TS3 than it ever was in TS2. I'm not really sure why. But wow, happy birthday to everyone! *claps*

So, Ruby... Are you going to be able to handle that much pink in your game? *giggles*

Mao said...

The pink! It burns, LOL! Oh boy. Here's hoping Carmen turns out to be a cutie!

Such distrust between you and your sims. ;)