Monday, July 20, 2009

Time for plan B

So the plan is to have for Shawanda give birth, let her go, call in Sandra, marry them off and have another kid. I see no reason to have the heir/heiress and spare from the same set of parents. It isn’t addressed in the official rules either. So meh, I’m exploring all possibilities.

Taking an idea from Jenn-
Franklin: Jenn… Jenn Emm-Babii? What did she have to say? Since she’s an ex-wife, I don’t see how she has any say about what happens in this house any longer. Besides, this is ‘my’ time. Mine!
Relax! *poke* Not Jenn Babii the sim, Jenn the sim-Goddess said she gives the locator to the wife of the heir and while she’s preggers she sends her around collecting.
Franklin: *rubs side* I see. Clever use for a spouse, I admit. They’re on maternity for a ridiculously long amount of time. *nods* Good, send her off and let her earn her keep.
As I was saying… Shawanda was sent off to the mine to gather rocks, minerals and gems. While she was out she pooched, giving us the official ‘Gen 4 heir/heiress is on the way’ notification.
Franklin: Ah, my first offspring. This is good… very good.
*blinks* I… see… *blinks again* Moving along…

I mentioned before that Shawanda has one trait. That trait is ‘Brave’, which makes sense seeing how she was a firefighter.
Franklin: I am Brave as well. It is a good trait to have. Not much scares you, even if you are startled. You survive and move on.
Which is a bad thing. She isn’t afraid of ghosts. As a matter of fact, when she spots one, she does an annoying arm pump as if to signify how happy she is that there is a ghost. Once this spawn is born, she will not be an easy one to kill. I was hoping for scared to death.
Franklin: Kill? You’re going to kill my wife?
Naturally. You didn’t think I meant to let her go… as in move out now did you? *laughs*
Franklin: *smirks* Interesting.

These two are funny characters. While Franklin is not the overly loving husband, he does enjoy the perks that come with it.
Franklin: *chuckles* Naturally. I am a sim-man after all.
On the other hand Mr. Dislikes Children is looking forward to becoming a grandparent? *giggles* Okay well careful what you wish for Christian.
Franklin: Why did he have so many of us if he hates kids?
‘Dislikes’ is hardly ‘hate’ and I told you, some choices are out of your control and occasionally against your nature.
Franklin: And you say I’m evil?
Mhm… you’re just not as evil as I am. As soon as you spun into adulthood, Christian wanted to be a grandparent. Naturally I locked his wish.

Franklin is in the science field. I don’t remember if I mentioned this before or not. If not, well now you know. The reason for this picture? Please note, Franklin has socks. Granted he still has high water, where’s the flood pants… but he does have socks. What I wonder now with others having the no sock issue is if they bother to remember putting socks on their sims. As you can see, I make sure my sim-guys wear socks.
Franklin: No one appreciates it more than I do.

Akara invited her best friend over, introducing Brett Hunter, son of Christian’s boss Lacey Hunter and future spouse to our spare heiress.
Franklin: Strange guy, gray eyebrows. Do you think he did that on purpose?
I haven’t a clue. He went straight to the backyard where Franklin was so Akara had to walk all the way around the house to greet him. She hates the outdoors and her mood dropped immensely. Franklin was quite pleased at this turn of events.
Franklin: *smirks*
Akara ignores that she is outside in order to snuggle, kiss and warm Brett up to the idea of becoming another Babii statistic.

The science building… where Franklin works… we uh… just… well we’re waiting for Franklin.
Franklin: Its not quite done.
*paces* Seriously? Still not done?
Franklin: This is a precise science experiment you requested. It will take some doing. Now be patient.
Ugh fine… *peeks at the house, Christian and Akara are still playing video games* They make some of the goofiest faces. *giggles*

Aaaaaaaaaaand?! *prepares to poke*
Franklin: It’s done. Is this what you had in mind? You seemed rather pleased.
Yes! *claps* This is exactly what I wanted! I’m so happy I could… uh… ya never mind.
Franklin: I’m guessing this would be another one of your experiments.
Most definitely! Time to go home! *bounces* I can’t wait to see Christian’s face.
Franklin: This should be interesting.

It’s day light and Precious is not making for the grave… which is currently in her backpack which I find odd. *shrugs*
Franklin: You’re not going to make me stand around and watch now are you?
Actually your skill in guitar is lacking. Go practice.
Franklin: *whips out guitar and begins playing for his parents* Have I mentioned that I hate you?
Not lately.

Christian and Precious wasted no time at all getting reacquainted as they cuddled on the couch. Things heated up. I kicked them in to a higher gear because I’m much too impatient for their slow and easy speed… and success. They are a very happy couple once more.
Franklin: You are one odd sim-Goddess.
Why do you say that?
Franklin: You go out of your way to kill her, only to bring her back.
Science, my boy… all in the name of science.

Shawanda has been sitting on zero days to transition for a day now. Once she gives birth, I expect her to transition to elder… unless she really is glitched like I fear.
Franklin: What is all that noise?
I miss the simple ‘Shoo-flee’. Anyhow, Shawanda is going in to labor. Last time Precious insisted on going to the hospital, so I let her. This time I intend on making her have the baby here at home. I want to see how things play out. Franklin came in to the bedroom with the intention of going to sleep. Ha, that didn’t happen. He promptly flipped out like a good mindless sim.
Franklin: Hey!
Then she decided they were going to the hospital. I was having none of that. So I x’d it out.

Where are you off to?
Franklin: The baby is coming. We’re heading to the hospital. It’s what we do.
*waves a dismissive hand* Not this time. I X’d out the action. She isn’t going anywhere. Your spawn will be born here at the house so I can oberve.
Franklin: Interesting. In that case I’m going fishing out back. Let me know when my offspring arrives.

I bet you thought I was going to leave you hanging right here at the birth of Generation 4, didn’t you… don’t deny it… I know you think I’m ebil… it’s okay… I wear that badge with pride. Only I’m not going to leave you there this time. Shall we proceed?

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Anjel76 said...

"Beam me up, Scotty!"

That's what popped into my head when I first saw this first image. What the devil is going on in the first image?!

SOCKS!! *smacks fo'head* I thought I'd given Angelo some socks ... but ... *shrug* I'm probably wrong. :O))

Ah HA! Made the fire ghost playabvle didja ... so let's make with the ghost babies!!

Franklin has an interesting expression on his face as he watches his parents make out on the couch. :O))

Franklin really is sexy with that expression. I feel like a dirty old woman for saying that. *pumps fist*

M.McMillan said...

Loads of fun 'All in the name of science

Tracy said...

I just love that smirky little eyebrow quirk Franklin has... kinda looks smug like "I know something you don't know."

Ooh, you going for a ghost baby?

Yeah, I had a sim that ended up having a home birth (I just sat back with my hands off the mouse and wanted to see if she'd go to the hospital on her own)-- she didn't..but the huffing and groaning took forever! I was like "aw come on, just do the twirl already." (lol)