Thursday, June 18, 2009

Prep Work

So we left off with Gen 2’s transition. He decided he was the new Neo and went with the red. It was an eyesore to many. For me, I thought it was funny and let him wear it for a few days.
Christian: *sighs*
Hey, you’re the one who transitioned in to it. You did rather well with your teen outfit so I suppose I expected too much of your adult transition.

Christian: *grunts* Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh!
You’re going to hurt yourself.
Christian: Go. uh. Away!
You’re not that lucky mister. Unfortunately, Mr Heir here didn’t date anyone in high school. I suppose he’s saving himself for marriage. *sighs*
Christian: There’s…. ugh… nothing… gah… wrong with abstinence.
It might help with your mood. *pokes* Anyhow problem is, he knows more guys than girls. And for some odd reason, Riverview is swarming with guys… I need an heir for Gen 3 darn it!
Christian: I have no intention of creating any offspring for your enjoyment.

The only female at the gym is a girl from high school. Figures. Hmmm, she’s cute. I wonder when she grows up. *begins plotting*
Christian: *scoffs* The child is a slob. Next!
Well sure she has green fumes, you know she was just on the treadmill.
Christian: It is one of her traits. Do keep up.
*blinks* Uh huh… moving along…

Rhoda Bagely’s ghost is already haunting. Its only her second day dead for cripes sakes. *shoos the ghost*

Sherman is obsessed with death and his impending doom. His transition day is only 4 days away, as is Steve’s. On the other hand, today is Ruby’s transition day.

There she is. I’m not ready for this.
Christian: *smirks* It’s like watching yourself age. It isn’t pretty is it. Soon she will be pushing up daisies with Aunt Rhoda back there. How are you going to handle that? Hmm? *laughs*
Hey! You’re not evil, you’re grumpy. Now pipe down, Buster, or you’re going to have a houseful of spawn.
Christian: *laughs harder*

Oddly enough, she spun in to her every day clothes and out of her work clothes before transitioning. I know, odd isn’t it?

*sighs* She’s too skinny. Look at those arms. They’re scary thin!
Christian: *chuckles*
I hear you.

I had to give her a makeover. Mercy she seriously looks like my mom.
Christian: Is that fear I hear in your voice?
That’s it. Time to find you a wife.

*blinks* Wow, next!
Christian: *sighs* What is wrong with this one?
Have you SEEN her profile? *shudders*
Christian: Now that you mention it. I haven’t.
Well don’t. It isn’t pretty. *shoos him along*

It got late, the streets started to empty. I find that odd, they all really do leave and go home, very unlike TS2 where downtown is never empty.

The next day I sent him to visit my first choice for the Gen2 spawn bearer, Precious Jones. Much to my delight, she is Christian’s age and not Steve.
Christian: Isn’t this the same girl that is a love interest of my brother’s?
Something like that. Trouble is he is still a child while she is now a woman. A good looking woman with money… in other words, if you want her, she’s yours.
Christian: Interesting.

*stares* So I pay her to eat my food?
Christian: You don’t pay her, we do.
You know what I mean. Hmmm, maybe we’ll go old school and marry in a maid to the family.
Christian: Preposterous. I will not marry the hired help. While there is nothing remotely wrong with being a maid, I simply will not marry one because it suits your needs.
*laughs* That’s what you think.

Sherman here is sinking lower in his happy place. He’s having more breakdowns than ever. So I decided to push things along as I often do. I had Ruby call the gang over for a birthday party. Plus bonus, it is the weekend. Lets have a pool party! *grins*

Jayden always seems to be one of the first to arrive. Granted he only lives down the street, but still…

Naturally I invited Georg Dean, Sherman’s partner. He’s sexier in uniform.

And I invited Precious Jones, daughter to Ruby’s old boss Hannah (who is standing at the door) and future spouse of Christian.
Christian: We aren’t even dating. Isn’t that statement a bit premature?

*raises an eyebrow* Perhaps it is. Tell me Christian, do you prefer dancing with George over dancing with Precious? If so we can change things. You’ll stop hearing my voice, you’ll move in with George and you will never have to worry about spawn.
Christian: Rubbish woman, here in Riverview two men dancing together is simply a sign of friendship and nothing more.
Just checking… he is rather delicious and manly.
Christian: Others may be willing to indulge in such lifestyles, I am a traditionalist.

Hmmm… maybe I need to buy another cake for Don. He should be old too!

It’s time. Sherman is getting ready.

I can honestly say I am not fond of elders. While TS2 elders were also slouchy, at least they didn’t suddenly become anorexic.

She didn’t. She couldn’t. She wouldn’t!
Christian: She most certainly did.

Don looks rather smug about it. At least she waited until her ‘mid-life crisis’ before she flirted with him.

I made her apologize to Sherman.
Christian: Why didn’t you have her apologize to her children?
*shrugs* Because you have enough going on, you’re barely friends with her anyhow.

They did eventually make up. It only took a day or so.

This is Christian after his makeover. He’s contemplating interesting objects in the room. It is something he spontaneously does and it gives him a fascinated +10 moodlet. Considering he’s usually very grouchy, this is a handy little feature for a genius.

Cassanova here was moving too slowly for my taste. At the party he managed to be flirty and alluring before she left. It is early enough that she wont have to run off any where… okay Christian, time to work the mojo.
Christian: I have no ‘mojo’.

In my hands, even the grouchy genius can find enough mojo for a first kiss…

going steady…

getting engaged…

and married all in one afternoon. *pokes da boy* Okay kiddo… the moment you’ve been saving yourself for. Go make a baby.
Christian: Are you daft? I loathe children.
No, you ‘dislike’ children therefore you can make a child and put up with it long enough for the spawn to grow, nourish and take over the house as you have.
Christian: I denounce your logic and replace it with my own. You will get bored with us and move on to another project. Therefore I have no need for spawn.
You don’t want to woohoo with your lovely wife?

Christian: I never said that…
They’re actually quite affectionate towards each other. Nothing like a 3lb Sims2 couple, but they’re cute.

Did I mention she is a hussy? She lost a friend in Steve, he was crushed and betrayed. Moshe Caplain is apparently also a love interest of hers. Shame we can’t ask if they’re ‘seeing’ someone. You only have the option of single/married.
Christian: She what? Moshe? My so called ‘friend’ Moshe?!
Easy there fella, you aren’t program to say I am single but I’m seeing someone else.
Christian: …

While I think its awfully cute when girls sit like this… uh…
Christian: Perhaps he should console Moshe on their mutual loss.
Meow. What gives?

Christian: The buffoon implied my mother is a llama. He forgets himself. If my mother is a llama that makes his mother a llama seeing how we came from the same set of parents.

You stole his girlfriend, made her your wife and impregnated her. He’s just lashing out as children are apt to do.
Christian: Regardless, I want him out of my house as soon as he has transitioned to… did you say impregnate?

I sure did. Your wife is expecting! I hope it’s a girl… a boy will be fine, but this time I’d like a girl heir.
Christian: Indeed.

Steve wanted to go swimming. It wasn’t enough that we have a pool in their backyard, no he wanted to visit the community pool. So I sent him…

And he transitioned… alone.

Christian. It’s time.
Christian: Time?
Time for you to go to work. I love how they no longer park their car on the road and keep it in their inventory. I love how everyone can own a car. I have to say I do miss their interactions within the car… but it’s a minor thing compared to the benefits. Oh for cripes sakes, hang up on Sarah. She will get over being jilted for the position as wife. *shoos Christian*

Goodness… apparently it really is time!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Ms. Slob girl is kinda cute, but I can see why you wouldn't want her to be the Gen. 2 spouse.

Aunt Rhoda's ghost is creepy. I really don't care for the ghosts in this game.

Awww. Poor Sherman. Don't be afraid to croak. Nothing will really change.

Steve looks fierce cheering his mom on towards elderhood.

Ruby sure has some strange looks on her face before she blows out her candles.

Awww. She's a cute elder. If she looks like your mom, then you made Ruby right, I'd say.

*giggles* That nose could poke out an eye!

The maid is cute. But I'm not impressed with her work ethics.

Man, poor Sherman. Old age has not been kind to him.

*shakes head at Ruby's flirtiness*

*giggles* That pic of Steve with his legs crossed reminds me of one of B's friends. He's a bit fruity.

Yeah, calling your brother a "Son of a Llama" is not a very effective insult.

Yay, moar spawnz!

SuziCat said...

Ha ha, I love that you are using Riverview, since I am too, and I see all the same folks! I have a funny story with Slob Girl--one of the twins wants to be a Chess master, so she invited Slob Girl over (she was another ranked whatever) and kicked her butt at chess. Slob Girl started acting all inappropriate and the twin made her a Nemesis (!) and her boyfriend beat her up, ha ha ha!!!

AeronwyDiobhell said...

You're so mean to your sims! *giggles*

Heh, sorry, Christian, you're not gonna have a choice. You -have- to create offspring. That girl is pretty cute, but she better grow up fast, if you wanna use her. Oh, yeah, okay, next is right. Landon Doe is a slob and it is one of the most annoying traits. (At least as much so as 0 or 1 neat point sims in TS2 are!)

Yeah, Brynn came out quickly too. Christopher never came out before the family all moved away. Poor Sherman. *comforts* Unfortunately, death comes for us all, buddy. But whew, Christian sure is snarky!

Hahaha!! Ruby looks rather disgusted with her wrinkles there. *snickers* Yikes, those arms ARE scary thing. *blinks* What happened?

Oh, I think Christian is right, that did sound suspiciously like fear. But she's cute after her makeover, so it's all good I think.

Hello! What'd he find in the chest? *pokes* But I do love that the community lots start clearing out after the sun sets. :-) Very realistic. (Although we need a club scene that's hopping at that time of night. *nods*)

Hmm, well, that's not gonna sit well with Steve, I'm thinking. But oh well! Precious is very pretty.

Thank goodness the maids get paid a flat daily rate, instead of by the hour, eh? She's a cute maid though. :-)

Poor Sherm, you're going to shove him into the deep end!

*blinks* Does George have makeup on??

Christian still doesn't quite get the hang of this, does he. It doesn't matter what HE thinks. You're the one in control!

Both guys look a wee bit unsure what everyone else will think about them dancing together there. *grins*

*nodnodnod* If your adult wasn't heavy, then they become anorexic when they're adults. *pouts*

That's a whole lotta negatives going on there. What just happ... oh. Shame on you, Ruby! *stifles her snickers* Hehe, he does look quite smug though. *grins*

Shame on Sherman, he shoulda made her grovel! Although it was just a flirt, not a kiss...

I like Christian's makeover!

*blinks* Talk about a whirlwind romance. *feels dizzy from the speed* Heh, he does have a point about your attention span though. *smirks*

Wow, she is a hussy! *chuckles* And wow, yeah, not a terribly manly pose. I don't think I've ever noticed my male Sims sitting like that, but then again, they're not given much leeway to do their own thing long enough to strike that particular pose.

*cackles* I love the faces they make when they're going into labor. *grins*

Anjel76 said...

Wow ... that was a longer update than the previous one. Glad that there's only two people in the lab today. :Op Hehe.

I have to say ... Christian's grunting and groaning almost sounded sexual to my ears. ;O))

I love how "shiny" the ghosts are in TS3. :O)

I can understand how Sherman feels ... regarding death. *nods*

Happy birthday to Ruby! Love her makeover. :O))

*GASP* Christian! Haven't you ever heard the saying, "Blood is thicker than water?" Precious is WATER, Christian! But your brother is BLOOD!! *shakes head and tsks*

Boy ... Christian is a bit of a snob if he doesn't want to consider the maid for a wife. :Op Or was he just saying that to spite you?

Jayden really is muscular. :O)

Elders do lose muscle mass ... but DANG!! He's positively GAUNT now! O__o

Ruby, you shouldn't flirt with Slutty Don while your family is home with you. *snorts*

Christian, you've done a cruel, cruel thing to your brother. I am ashamed and disgusted. ;O}

Hmmm ... mebbe Steve is bi? :O)

Wow ... her mouth got HUGE when she screamed out her labor pains. O__o Hehehe!

Kristen said...

Ok, let's hope the spawn doesn't get little miss hussy pants' mouth. Holy moly, it's huge.

There is so much I want to say about this update, but I really can't find the words. Poor Steve, he transitioned alone. Why weren't you keeping an eye on Ruby so she wouldn't flirt with Don? Unless you wanted to...hmmm? Christian contemplates objects in the room? Like, hmm, I'm liking if that chair were a tad to the left, I just may sit on it.

Can't wait to see what the new spawn of Generation 3 looks like. =)

Mao said...

Christian is a riot! This is hilarious. :D

Isn't the jealousy seriously lame? It like, doesn't even matter if you cheat. There's no negative reaction, just a moodlet that makes ZERO sense and a loss of relationship. Woohoo. Big deal. Sigh.

Let's hope Christian pops out some cute babies!