Monday, June 29, 2009

So where were we?

Ah yes… bringing home the baby.

Akara Babii, the clumsy-outdoor hating spare.
Christian: Where have you been?
What’s that? I’ve been here… erm… in Sunnyville… erm Sunset Valley. Why? What’s wrong?
Christian: Nothing. Just living in limbo for weeks is unnerving. Thought you may have changed your mind and left us for good.
I considered it actually. Now that the official TS3 Legacy challenge rules are out I don’t need to play around here any longer.
Christian: I see. You would simply abandon us. Delete us as you have so many sims before us.
*blinks* Uh… something like that.
Christian: *sighs* Continue…

Alrighty then… these two have done nothing but throw wants to woohoo and various other tedious things.
Christian: Tedious for you perhaps.
Utterly tedious for me, yes. You’re lucky I give in to these whims occasionally.
Christian: Indeed. You aren’t considering any more offspring are you?
Nah. I’m not nearly bored enough. Oh! Something different happened.

Rhoda has taken up residence within the garden when she’s bored. I don’t know if you can tell or not, but the plant ‘dies’ the fruit rattle around and then she moves on to another plant, rinse repeat. I’m waiting for her to scare Sherman to death, but so far he’s only fainted at the sight of her. Which is often.

Another thing I have noticed is this sparkling paintbrush of Precious’. She has a perk thing for painting and now she uses this sparkling brush. Kinda hokey but its good to know that she has that perk I suppose. Although if you are in to story telling with your simmies, ya that can be a drag.

Sherman has an opportunity to jog around town for an hour. Their home is so far from downtown that it takes over an hour to even jog there. Naturally this means he accomplished it long before he got to town. He really is a good sport. Shame I didn’t manage to get him to drown last time.
Christian: *chuckles* He’s thwarting your attempts. You’ll see. He’ll die of old age just to spite you.

That’s okay. I like Sherman. He has definitely grown on me. He’s great with his grandchildren.
Christian: Someone needs to be.
Pfft seriously. They would die if left in your care.
Christian: Mother isn’t much better.
Nor Precious, that stupid absent mindedness of theirs would have gotten those children taken by the social worker had it not been for Sherman.

Christian: Then why all these attempts on his life? He maxed his handiness thanks to your constant attempts.
Because he’s a spouse… all spouses, once they’ve served their purpose, are fair game to a date with Grimmy.
Christian: *coughs* Including Precious?
Mhm. She’s given birth to the heir and spare. She’s done as far as I’m concerned.
Christian: *grumbles* What about the founder and heirs?
Usually they get to die of old age… but Ruby is taking a really long time. I may have to reset the age back to 90 again.

I have to say, I really do like the new gardens. The vibrant colors and assorted new plants are a hoot. And while at first I dreaded having to hunt down seeds instead of having them readily available, even that is not a big deal any longer.

Hey, Christian? I was thinking. I am getting way bored with your family and-
Christian: Now? Really? This is not the time to speak with me. What is it with you and your fascination with me in the shower?
Your lack of nakedness? I do my best thinking in the bathroom? Because this is where you were when the idea popped in to my head?
Christian: Roo, you need help.

*waves a dismissive hand* Whatever anyhow, as I was saying… I was thinking…
Christian: *chokes* What are you thinking?
Fire death.
Christian: Now? Can’t this wait? I’m very much in love with my wife.
*sighs* Okay but someone has to die. I’m bored!

Christian: Again? I thought you liked Father and given up on the pool.
I do like Sherman, I just came up with a different approach.
Christian: I see we still lack ladders.
Not that those are any help, but right… so instead, I would x out any actions of his own and kept him moving constantly. He eventually got too exhausted and drowned. Even that took quite a long time. His icon didn’t go away immediately, it became a wicked dark yellow just like in the photo and remained that color for some time. He flailed his arms and went under then…

Poof, he disappears. The pool was empty. I thought perhaps a glitch, but waited and that’s when a new poof happened. Grim shows up just outside the pool area near where Sherman disappeared at. That’s when I heard a gasp. My heart jumped.
Christian: It’s traumatic watching your father die. What did you expect from me?
I think it was about this time that I started to regret my decision to kill Sherman. Watching you was heartbreaking.
Christian: Then why did you do it?
In the name of science, naturally…

No one else in the house seemed to notice or care about what was going on outside in their own backyard. It strengthened my resolve to allow this to continue and be sure to save upon exiting.
Christian: You are heartless and cruel.
And you’re breaking my heart. Watching you watch your father was hard. I finally had to ignore you and concentrate on Grim and Sherman. Something big was happening and I was determined not to be distracted by your antics.
Christian: Mourning the loss of your father is not ‘antics’.
Says you.

So up from the water comes Sherman. Blue, water dripping but thankfully unlike TS2, no puddles! yay!
Christian: Father looks rather pleased for someone who just died.
There’s a reason for that. He had been having a blast swimming up until he couldn’t swim any longer. Well… that and he had an ace up his sleeve.
Christian: He was shirtless-
It’s an expression for cripes sakes.

Besides I’d rather not think about where he pulled this death flower from, thank you very much. The fact remains he has it in his possession and has presented it to Grimmy. Grimmy looks taken aback by the flower or repelled, I’m not sure. This is my first experience with the flower and Grim. Grim snatches the flower and appears upset when suddenly we come to find out

He’s rather ‘touched’ by the gesture! Who knew Grim had a softer side? I know I didn’t. For those that do not click on links, Grim goes on to ‘say’: “Aww, Sherman, that’s so sweet of you! I need to hurry home and put this flower in water! I know just the right vase…” I was laughing so hard. This is great stuff. Well done EA.
Christian: It was rather ‘odd’ to watch Father returned to us. I was grateful to have him back, mind you… it was simply eerie to watch.

I can only imagine by Grim’s thought bubble that if we could see his moodlets, there would be a positive reaction to Sherman’s thoughtfulness. Unfortunately this whole ordeal was just a bit more than our sweet Sherman could handle and he did as he always has…
Christian: He fainted.
Oh but of course. In true drama fashion, back of the hand to the forehead and all…

Christian: I was not nearly as amused as you were by this ordeal.
No, you most definitely were not.
Christian: Such a spectacle.
Ahem, this is the same man you were mourning just moments ago!
Christian: Because he was dead! Not this… this lump of cowardice on the lawn.
Careful Christian… Grim is still around… and he has other things now on his mind.

Christian: Such as? Who did you sic him on next?
No, no, nothing like that. He simply made himself at home playing doll house with Franklin.
Christian: Franklin?! My son? My heir?
Yes, the evil spawn himself was networking

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Anonymous said...

Omg, what a riot! Poor Sherman. I'm thinking he can't be scared to death because he always faints first.

And I think Grimmy is fast losing his street cred.

Anjel76 said...

Oh my F***ing GOD!! That was HILARITY at its BEST!! *give standing ovation to ruby* The Death that Wasn't. Sounds like a good title for a movie, don't it? :O> And then for him to take up playing house with the heir apparent ... cuz the heir is NETWORKING?! PRICELESS!! Bahahahhhahahaaaaa!

SuziCat said...

Okay, those last few shots are hysterically funny! I thought Death playing chess with the girls was odd, but the dollhouse??? With the EVIL spawn??? That is just TOO perfect!!! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Heh, glad to see you haven't completely abandoned these two! (I haven't given up on my Does yet either, but I need to catch up on blogging some. *nods*)

Huh! I didn't know ghosts could inhabit plants like that. Kinda creepy, actually. *grins*

HEY! She painted the same chipmunk picture Madison did, that I lost! Hopefully that means Mady can maybe some day paint it again, 'cause I really liked it. (Although I love the ninja painting Madison did that you guys haven't seen yet.)

I'm glad Sherman is able to take care of the grandchildren, since nobody else seems able. *shakes her head*

I love the gardening in TS3, but it takes up so much time! Although it means the skill absolutely FLIES up. Any Sim I've got who touches the garden always maxxes out that skill before anything else.

Heh, I don't blame you one bit for being fascinated with him in the shower. *nods*

Geeze, poor Sherman. That's just downright CRUEL, what you're doing to that poor man! *wonders if anyone is taking bets on how long it takes the Social Worker to show up once Sherman is dead*

Oh. My. God. Woman!! You made Christian watch Sherman die? That's just downright CRUEL! Poor Christopher. Maybe you won't make him suffer such a fate by watching Precious die before her time too, you think? *scoffs* Sorry, forgot who I was talking to there. :-b Meanie. He looks so sad in those pictures. *sniffles for Christian and Sherman*

Oh no, they didn't! *giggles and tries to stop* They have a hand reaching up from the water on his tombstone?? *stifles her continued giggles*

I like Grimmy's black plumbob necklace, by the way. *grins* And yay for the Death Flower! *cheers* Who doesn't click on the links? *blinks* But that's so ... sappy of Grimmy! *snickers* Such a softie, that one little flower can move him so much. *snickers a bit more loudly*

Geeze, it's like something out a really badly written soap opera or something here! *rolls on the floor with laughter at Sherman's fainting, back of the hand to forhead and everything*

Um, yikes? I wouldn't want the Grim Reaper wandering around my home, thinking about me! Oh, dear. I'm not sure having him sitting around playing house with my child is really any better. *shudders*

Mao said...

"Lump of cowardice on the lawn" LOLOL!! Hilarious. xD

I've not messed with the death flower yet... but it just goes to show, that grim is a big old pansy in TS3. I miss scary Grim.

Mean Ruby, traumatizing poor Christian!

ASimWen said...

Ha I wondered how the death flower worked. Started Pinstar's Sim of the Month...and the first one Gordon Loadsworth found one in the graveyard. Had him pick How many days of life does he have now? Was it the same as when he died, or did that change?

Anonymous said...

This is fantastic! Evil spawn networking! Poor Sherman, he doesn't deserve such abuse.