Friday, June 19, 2009

That time again?

So Mr. Never Nude is adapting to being a father… kind of. He also asked to get a job in the music field, so I let him. I reckon my plan to get him 3 maxed skills was just too much for him, or he wanted out of the house more often in order to get out of doing things with his evil spawn.
Christian: Indeed.
Meaning a bit of column A and a bit of column B?
Christian: Yes. *sighs* And why do you take pleasure in photographing me at the most odd and uncomfortable moments of my life?

Do you mean moments such as this one?
Christian: Yes.
Because your son and I enjoy them.
Christian: Pardon? Did you say my son enjoys these ‘moments’ with me?
Yes, because it causes you such discomfort and sorrow. He is evil after all.
Christian: I see…

Franklin is an interesting spawn… erm toddler. While he doesn’t mind doing the every day mundane things such as having a meal with the family or playing along with Grandpa

He takes greater joy in the odd behavior or what a ‘normal’ sim would consider abnormal. I thought it odd he would play with a doll house until I took a closer look and watched with pride as he tried to rip the heads off the dolls (note the tongue on the boy! ha!). He would beat them, pull at their heads and when that didn’t work he tried to rip them off with his teeth.

Ruby tends to go a bit stir crazy because I make her write until she’s stressed then for fun she paints. I moved her easel outdoors in order to alleviate this issue for her. That is when I noticed the very, very large space rock on the lot next door. I immediately sent Precious over to snatch that baby up and to my delight it wasn’t just enormous, it is work oodles of simoleans!

Christian wants to play chess again. So he calls in the next ranked player. He joyful beat the pants off this guy who threw a bit of a temper tantrum. Pfft whatever dude. I then told him to send everyone home. I thought this was odd since there was only one guy visiting but what the heck, send them ‘all’ off the lot.

That’s when we got this message. Interesting… I wonder where she’s off to. So naturally I follow her.

She looks like she’s using her Mom’s old car. I followed the limo…

To the hospital? Really? How odd. I wonder how long she will stay away. Her tombstone is still at the house so she will probably be back.

Ew, horny old people! *gags*
Christian: *chuckles*
Just wait, one day you’ll be old.

Christian: Yes, but I’m not old yet…
True, which is why ‘things’ tend to happen.

Christian: As if you had nothing to do with that?
Christian: That’s what I thought.
I think I mentioned wanting a girl
Christian: Indeed.

For his insubordination, I sent him off on an errand.
Christian: One that thankfully had nothing to do with my offspring.

I also tried something… they were both pretty tired but I sent them swimming any way.
Christian: Both survived thankfully.
Ya. I wasn’t too happy with that. I forgot they can climb out of the pool without the ladders. *grumbles*
Oh and I seem to have the weird floaty water ring glitch too.

Another observation: Precious is wearing pink. Ruby and Precious both wore blue with other pregnancies. I’m hoping this is a good sign! Also it really helps to have elders in the house to train toddlers. Sherman worked the skill up then stopped. Once a parent had the wish, I allowed that parent to finish his training.

I miss the shooflee.

All three of the boys were born in the hospital. I thought perhaps this time I’d like to see a birth at home. Everyone dutifully panicked. Followed by the couple autonomously running off to the hospital against my wishes. o.O Rude little simmies. At least the went in the cab together.

Once they arrived they both looked at me triumphantly. I found this quite humorous.

What I found even more humorous was her parents were outside of the hospital and her mother dutifully went in to panic mode. Dad could care less about womanly issues and walked away.

It’s a girl! Akara Babii, she Hates the Outdoors and is Clumsy.
Christian: You have your girl. We are done with the offspring.
*snickers* You seem upset Christian.
Christian: *glares*

Two more oddities and I’ll end this update. 1. I found that I you leave life fruit in the fridge, someone is bound to make pancakes out of them. And no, they do not add life to your bar when eaten in this fashion.

2. Even at level 8 the portrait / still life is ugly! *sighs* Brilliant painting my big toe.
And before I forget, Rhoda came home a day or so later.

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Anonymous said...

*snickers at evil moodlet*

I'll have to watch closer to see if my kids try to bite the heads of the dollies.

That landscape doesn't look too bad. I don't have anyone with high painting skill yet.

Whoa! That is a huge rock!

*waves bye to Rhoda* I wonder what she's going to the hospital for.

What a tiny watermelon.

*boggles* You were gonna drown the old peeps?

Welcome Akara!

Boo, Rhoda! Why didja hafta come back?

SuziCat said...

Ha ha, my Sim ghost did the sam ething last night! It was after a party, tho. The party ended, and she got in a car and drove off! I didn't think to follow her, tho. :-) At level 10, you get some pretty good portraits. Not as good as Sims 2, but not bad. Plz give us more?

Phoenix said...

Oh ruby.... You never sease to make me laugh hysterically...

This time I was literally crying from laugh as I read through all of these to catch up... Keep up the good work can't wait to read more!!!

Anjel76 said...

Heh. I'm glad they finally had that girl. :O) Christian though ... totally needs to see a therapist. Granted, I understand how he feels. ;O) Hehe!

As for the painting ... I believe that's supposed to be that style of painting where you kinda dab, dab, dab in tiny dots/circles to create your picture. :O)

Mao said...

The portraits and ability to paint still life blows in this game. It always tries to make it look shitty with some stupid filter. I wonder which chucklehead thought up THAT idea. "Hey guys, you know what would be cool? LIQUEFYING PORTRAITS!" /stab

Yay, a girl! :D Love the name.