Monday, June 15, 2009

Time passes

Last update we watched spawn 2 transition to toddler.
Ruby: Will you please stop calling my sons, ‘spawn’?
This blog is about my test subject and her ‘legacy’. Mostly its things I’ve discovered and found either funny or notable and a few things here and there that are… well just because I can.
So you've seen everything, done everything. I'm about a week behind everyone in play.
Yet I haven't seen anyone talk about the subject of others dying, such as family, that are not playable. More to the point, the inheritance…

Sherman's Mom is loaded. He recently discovered she's rich. *shakes head* Yes his own mother and he had no idea?

So he goes to visit his mother, Ma Bagely.

She has an interesting layout. Maybe I should have had Ruby move in with them instead of moving him out with her.

She has some interesting items in her home. Her daughter who is older than Sherman is still living with her. Sherman and Ma Bagely are still best friends. Rhoda or whatever her name is, she isn’t friends with him. They don’t see things / life / the law in the same way.
That’s right, Sherman is a good boy police officer. They’re naughty thieves.
Getting away from my point here. Oops.
I make sure to keep Ma there happy with her little boy. She is an elder and maybe some day when she kicks the bucket, she will send over some of that money she’s been hording / stealing / laundrying.

Back home, Steve is having fits. About what? Who knows? He has no needs that are not at least half way filled. He’s just a little stinker.

See? And this kid isn’t even the grumpy one.

Ruby took the boy genius out for some quality mom / son bonding. His next trait is fishing…
Ruby: Angler
Whatever. Problem is they don’t talk to each other. Or is that just my imagination? I mean, I don’t think I saw even one talk bubble between them.

On the other hand grumpy boy can converse with dear old dad while he kicks his butt in chess.
Ruby: He’s a genius.
Probably makes you feel inferior doesn’t it?
Ruby: I … um… no… he wouldn’t… he loves me!
You keep telling yourself that.

Oh ya I forgot about those warnings. So welcome to adult hood… no one came to cheer for you? They were all too busy to care I suppose.
Ruby: Not true.

Ruby: See? Christian loves me. He is the only one to come outside to cheer for me.
Well whataya know? Maybe he does. Okay now that you’re done paying the bills and transitioning, go work on that story.

Ruby: Why am I outside? I was gonna do something…
You did, now go inside and work on your book.
Ruby: Huh? Do what? I came out here for a reason….
Ruby: Wow, you shouldn’t do that. You're going to permanently dent your forehead if you don't stop that.
Déjà vu?
Ruby: Really? Where?
You make my head hurt.

Speaking of hurt, oh I know that had to hurt. Don’t worry, he survived.
Sherman here is a police officer. He’s also a pretty handy guy to have around. Unfortunately he and I both forget about his reports. So occasionally he has to go out to his neighbors, befriend them and then question them. I really should work on his charisma, it would make this much easier! Anyhow, by the time he got done questioning one of the women at the Broke lot it had gotten dark. He started to panic. So I sent him home.

No sooner did he get in the house, he freaked out. *shakes head* I think a coward does not make a good police officer. Perhaps that is why he wants to be in forensics? Perhaps he feels safer there?

Some of their work uniforms are cute. Ruby is in the journalism track. I am digging the trench coat!

Oh, it Steve’s birthday. Look at me, I remembered a cake. Yay me!
Ruby: You forgot more often than remember.
I do? Oh right.

Like this time?
Ruby: Yes.

Or perhaps this time…
Ruby: At least now I know why I have the absent minded trait…
*blinks* No one gave you permission to be snarky.
Ruby: Do you have pictures of them after they transitioned?
*blinks again* Uh…

Yes! See?
Ruby: As handsome as my husband is, they want to see my children.
No one wants to see the spawn.
Ruby: Roo!

Fine, here’s a shot of the spawn at dinner. One of the few times I managed to get them all at the table together. I made her sit back down seeing how she was the first to finish.

And here’s a better shot of spawn 2.
Ruby: Steve has grown to be his own sim.
Yes, he has his own style. It suits him. Just like Precious.
Ruby: Who? Who is this ‘precious’?
Precious Jones, they are very good together. Although I have to say I may have picked the wrong kid to be heir. While I forgot to write his traits down, I remember Christians and well…
Ruby: Well, what?
He’s not just a grumpy genius fisherman… he’s a grumpy genius fisherman that doesn’t like kids.
Ruby: Oh… right… well… hmm.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for pics of the spawn! I love spawn spam!

Woo! Go go, Ruby, you are stylin'!

SuziCat said...

Fun updates!!! I think the husband looks pretty good, myself, tho maybe I need to see "more" of the work partner, heh heh.

Oydie said...

Doesn’t like kids? And he's your heir? ROFLOL!

Kethwyn said...

he’s a grumpy genius fisherman that doesn’t like kids


No, I think you've picked the right heir. What a perfect follow up to a cowardly father but a son who hates kids (yet needs them to carry on the lineage). *giggles more at Sherman's antics*

Anjel76 said...

I started writing a comment at work, but then suddenly got sidetracked and was unable to get back to it. *quickly re-reads the post in hopes of remembering what she was going to write*

Sherman looks so adorable with that facial expression in the first picture. I just wanna hug him an' squeeze him, an' call him George. :O) So his mum is loaded, eh? But she and his sister are into the thievery business? No wonder he's such a spineless jellyfish. His mom was too dominating ... as was his sister. HE'S BEEN EMASCULATED!!!!

Dang ... that kid looks TOTALLY evil with that doll in his mouth. *hides from the scary toddler with the I-can-cut-diamonds-with-these-cheekbones*

Sherman looks so serious in his cop uniform at the chess table. Don't cheat kid ... yer dad might haul you off to jail. :O))

Happy birthday to Ruby! :O) What the heck is with that "?" thought bubble?

OW! Poor Sherman.

Ruby looks more like a Private Investigator than a reporter in that getup. :O)

Hehehehehehehehe! Missed a few birthdays didja?

Sherman definitely looks more mature now that he's an adult. And the kids grew up to be quite nice-looking as well. :O)

I love Steve's (a.k.a. Spawn #2's) outfit and makeover. :O) Why can't he be the heir? Can't you change your mind? :O}

*snicker-snorts at another amusing update*

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Holy freakin' cow!! That is SOME homestead Sherman comes from!! *boggles* Although the house is far from the front of the house, it must take a Sim-Hour just to get from inside to the cab. *snickers* But yes, you should have had Ruby move there. It's got a pond and a barn and everything!

Haha! Sherman's mom and sister are thieves? That's too funny! *cackles* And explains the 2 TVs, 2 radios, VR equipment, etc.

Steve's just giving YOU a hard time 'cause you're Evil. HAHAHAHA!!! Okay, the facial expression while biting the doll's head is freakin' PRICELESS!!!!

Dunno... the one time Christopher took Giselle and Landon out fishing, the "hopping" spots were spread out across the lake, so they wound up far enough apart, Landon actually got his "desert island" mood bonus. *snicker*

Whew, you really are mean to your Sims. Telling poor Ruby that nobody loves her. *pokes*

*snickers* The facial expression there is pricess. *giggles*

Good call on forsenic work, Sherm. *nods*

*grins at the cake discussion* There's that absent minded trait in you too, eh? *grins*

I don't mind staring at her hubby. The spawn grew up cute too though. :-)

Huh. The not liking kids could become an issue. But I love Steve's look there!

Kristen said...

You have quite the family there! Man, are they either cowards who faint at anything, or very very scary and bite the heads off dolls. Wow. They must be totally fun to play! And sure Christian is growing up great, but I really want to see what happens to Steve.

Mao said...

Okay, this is so awesome, LOL. I am just as snarky with my sims... they deserve it, especially in this game! It's like they're brainless zombies.

Love the references to "spawn"... hehe.