Sunday, June 14, 2009

It starts here

As many legacy challenges go, it all starts with one sim. Plop them on an empty lot and see what kind of damage can be done.
Mind you, I never play by rules. Besides, as far as I'm concerned they're more like... guidelines...

This is Ruby Babii. I put her on an empty lot. What size? Pfft, like I paid attention? it was some where near the river in Riverview.
Ruby: Hey! I thought you weren't gonna blog this.
Uh.. ignore her. As I was saying, I bought her a few things, a piece of wall, a toilet, a shower, a refrigerator, and a bed. She promptly grabbed a head of lettuce and shoved it in the ground and watered it. Next she grabbed a pole out of her ass and started fishing.
Ruby: It's not in my ass, its in my magical inventory that you don't get to see. Besides, I caught two fish. How's that for no skill?
Well done. Next I sent her down to see if we could find some seeds and maybe a man.

Ruby: That's where we met Sherman. He just came out of the movies. He's single, he's friendly, he's nice and man is he cute.
Its your first day. Do you want to settle for the first guy you successfully flirt with?

Ruby: How can you ask me that question? Look at that face!
I'll tell ya what, you get the man to give you that first kiss you're wishing for and I'll consider him.

Ruby: He's so dreamy and his kisses... *swoons*
Hmmm... so I left them alone to interact. Apparently they do like each other.

All sorts of autonomous flirting going on between them.

Next morning I sent her to the fridge for some juice. Kinda hard to have waffles with no stove or counters. She grabbed her drink and sat down on the only 'chair' available.

Classy, Ruby... very classy.
Ruby: If you buy me a sofa or a chair, I wouldn't have to resort to such things.
Or you could stand...
Ruby: *scoffs*
So we invite Sherman over day 2. Get the whole BF/GF done and figure.. meh... why not take it a step further.

He accepted.
Ruby: Naturally.
Don't be so cocky. What happened with your first flirt attempt?
Ruby: *blushes* He found me inappropriate. Hey, I only complimented him on his personality!
He was married.
Ruby: Pfft, like I knew?
We didn't waste much time. We lured him in to bed and got Ruby knocked up. Then she propose marriage.

Ruby: He said yes right away.
It was shortly after this that we found out Mr Wonderful is a coward.
Ruby: He's more than that, he's friendly, good, neat, lucky and wants to be a forensic specialist!
And a coward. He was afraid of the dark. *headdesk* So with his money he brought in I figured we dawdled long enough on the lawn and built a house around them. Nothing big, just enough to get them started...
Speaking of started, you started making breakfast and then ran off to work. Leaving the food cooking in the oven.
Ruby: I thought Sherman would take care of it!
Boy did you think wrong. A fire broke out in the kitchen and Mr Wonderful freaked out. Ran outside and fainted.
Ruby: He did not!

Oh yes.. yes he did.

Ruby: Good thing we got that alarm.
Ruby: Oh hey, he got a new job. He's no longer in the military. He was lucky and got a job immediately in the police force. He needs to work on his logical skills.

That is why we got him a new chess set.
Ruby: You do realize that is an 'outdoor' chess table, right?
Yes, it is also cheaper than the indoor version. Until you two are well off, you make do.
Ruby: Oh that was right before I went in to labor.
Heh. You made funny faces.
Ruby: Hmph, I'm sure you made plenty of your own funny faces when you gave birth.
Oh I'm sure I did. Thankfully no one took pictures.

Like this one.
Ruby: You are evil.

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Crystalle said...

Loved it!

Anjel76 said...

Ruby's right, ruby. He IS cute. :O)) Why tempt Fate? Grab him before he gets away! Oh good ... :O)) She grabbed him. Hehe. I wonder if they'll make nice behbehs. Oh ... and that's a very nice hunk of space rock you have sitting on your carpet. And y'know ... the house seems pretty large in the ending shot. :O>

Jen said...

Haha, a very fun read, Ruby! I like the banter between you and the other Ruby. :D

Anonymous said...

I want to see the beh-beez!!!!!!!!!!!

SuziCat said...

I agree, very fun! You two should make beautiful bebehs together! :-)

Oydie said...

Heh! He fainted! *Snicker snorts*.

MPD-Designer--Jenn said...

hahahaha he fainted! OMg, TDF. I was laughing out loud, mom had to come out of her room to see what was up.

AeronwyDiobhell said...

*grins* What a shock, that you don't "play by the rules." *giggles* Ruby is cute! Just like her player. :-D

Haha, I like that answer. "It's in my magical inventory that you don't get to see." She's not afraid to sass you back.

Congrats on finding a single guy so quickly! *cheers*

Wait, she sat there to drink her juice, not 'cause she was going to the bathroom? *snickers* That's priceless!

Interesting outfits they've both got there. *grins*

Nice of you to focus on his one bad trait. *pokes the RL Ruby* But hey, at least he brought in enough money to put up walls. (And hopefully lights...)

Oh, poor Sherman. *snickers* You're going to enjoy tormenting the poor guy, aren't you. *shakes her head*

That is evil, taking a picture of her labor face! *grins* But it looks like they're doing fairly well for themselves there. *cheers*

Kristen said...

Love the fainting shot. LOL

Debbie said...

Great read! This will help me wait for the Sims 3 for myself. I can't wait to see the baby and what happens next.

Mao said...

Ruby! I didn't know you had a TS3 legacy. This is hilarious--I love your commentary. :D

Kerry said...

I'm confused--was he single, or married? Why did he turn down her flirt? *scratches head in confusion*