Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Spawn

Precious went in to labor while Christian was at work.
I was curious what would happen. I should have sent her home, but I did as I have done in the past and shoo'd her off to the hospital. She ran the whole way. *shakes head* Ya very realistic... NOT!

Now Christian had been there less than an hour. Apparently his part time job boss didn’t care and let him go… or Christian was more concerned with his wife’s well being and wanted to be there for the birth of their spawn than if he was fired from his job. It’s the same job he’s had since high school. It isn’t as if it pays a lot, and heck he doesn’t even ‘need’ a job for his LTW thingie.
Christian: Then why do I even ‘have’ a job?
Because in HS you wanted a part-time job and I just didn’t bother making you quit.

Unfortunately the absent minded, evil spawn misnamed as Franklin is a boy and not the girl I had hoped for.
Christian: You’re lucky I have offspring.
Totally should have named the thing Damien! Oh well, next spawn I’ll try the watermelon trick and see if we get the girl I want.
Christian: *raises an eyebrow* You have the next heir, there is no need for more offspring.

Precious’ hair is so long it keeps going in the boy’s eye. You’d think that would hurt him… or bug him… or something!

No sooner did they get home, she fed the mini-troll and plopped him in a crib. She hunted down her hubs for some snuggle time.
Christian: What can I say? She loves me.
Meh, love is over rated.

She also loves her dang guitar. She pulls it out and plays often. Christian decided he wanted to quit his job. It wasn’t as if he was making all that much anyhow so I let him. He has maxed his fishing and has at least 2 more skills at the level 6-7 range. He’s a renaissance man, max three skills. He’ll simply keep fishing, gardening, writing books, discovering stars and occasionally painting.

Hmmm… doesn’t look so pleased once he’s quit his job.
Christian: You have more work in store for me than my job ever had.

I had sent Christian out to catch a death fish for an opportunity that popped up. When I went back to check on the family…

He has a scared moodlet and he had fainted again. My guess is Rhoda scared him. If she keeps this up he may die of fright. Yay!
Christian: And you say my offspring is evil…

I almost regret having her move in. She bugs me to no end! I now have 3 absent minded simmies and every time she is around, they drop what is in their queue to look at her and do the ‘ugh a ghost’ action. Well okay 2 of the 3 do that, the infant does nothing but what an infant does.

For some time now Christian had this want to be mean to Steve. I can’t imagine why. *snickers* Anyhow, he finally had his chance. He insulted the way he looks or something to that affect. He seems quite pleased with the results as well.

Christian: Indeed. Did you see the look on his face? Priceless.

It was time for Steve to move out. He’s in the baby’s room and with Christian’s family growing it was time for him to go.

I wanted to see what happens if I just kick him out of the house. Now I kind of regret that. I don’t know where he is! Ah well, I’ll figure it out I’m sure.

Hey! When did he get a car? *blinks* I guess once he’s no longer a playable sim he just does his own thing but I mean he ‘just’ ran out of the house and already has a car? I left him with nothing in his backpack except his baseball that he loves so much.

Have I mentioned how annoying Rhoda is? She finds an empty bed and goes to sleep. She never really had a bed when she was alive. She simply slept where ever there was an available place. Mean aint I? *grins*
Christian: According to Mother, you’re evil. I’m beginning to believe her.

Precious wanted to play her guitar in the park. She practices often as I said and she is getting quite good. That old man dancing is Jayden Wilson aka my first Sims3 sim. Old age was unkind to him.

When the baby needs something most of them will go to him immediately. They’re very good at seeing to his needs. When the others are busy Christian will begrudgingly aid his helpless son. What’s funny is the moodlet the guy gets. Once Christian picks Franklin up I immediately make him take care of all of the needs. I figure he’s already got the bad moodlet, may as well exploit the situation *giggles*
Christian: You deserve an evil heir. He’ll be just like you.
*beams* You say the nicest things.

Yay for Sherman! He’s my first simmie to get a LTW or whatever it is they’re called. I have to say his uniform is hideous. It makes him look as if he belongs in an asylum.

The grumpy-never nude-dislikes kids-fishing-genius decided he wants to challenge someone to chess. I had him call the ranked person and invited her over. The faces he pulled were priceless. Unfortunately with that stupid slow pause I missed each and everyone. My favorite by far was the one of incredibility. He looked ‘at me’ as if to say, is she for real? *giggle snorts*
Christian: It was hardly a match. I am clearly her superior I beat her quickly and sent her on her way.

Not before she tried to be friendly.
Christian: She bored me. Naturally a heavy person such as herself is infatuated with the culinary facets of life. Could she not expand her intelligence as opposed to her waistline?
*blinks* You’re mean. She's a natural cook so naturally she enjoys talking about food.

I eventually forced Sherman to retire. I think he has deserved it. Often these two can be found enjoying their favorite dish and cheering. Sherman is so easy, he loves cookies.

Christian should thank me. Both of his parents are so jazzed at being grandparents they both spun up the wish to have 5 grandchildren.
Christian: They’ll get over it.
Yes, well I told them no.

I love having a teddy bear in the crib with the baby. But they don’t get the added moodlet from that, so I also added one in his inventory. The evil spawn loves that thing. I’m sure once he’s older he’ll deny it. *giggles*

George called. He told Sherman he wanted to hang out. So I sent him over. I think I made a good choice with Sherman after all. Old age was rather unkind to George as well.

If anyone is looking for George in Riverview. Here is his house. It’s a neat building although definitely a guy’s house.

The man has 3 cars. He’s a bachelor, why the frell does he need 3 cars?! 1st floor

2nd floor

3rd floor. Interesting layout of a house, but again definitely a bachelor’s pad… not easily adapted for a family

Crud! I knew it was his birthday and time got away from me.
Christian: He’ll learn to live with disappointment. We all do.
Hey! *pokes Christian*
Christian: *rubs his side* How did you do manage that?
You’re the genius, figure it out.

What is it with the kids in this house? None of them transition in pants! *shoos the heir to the dresser*

Much better. Introducing Franklin Gen 3 heir. Current traits: absent minded & evil

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Anonymous said...

Awwww. Franklin is a little cutie.

So he's it? You're not going to try for a girl?

SuziCat said...

Didn't he get a 3rd trait as a toddler? You know, an absent-minded evil person could be dangerous!!! He does look evil in his CAS pic there. I thought the same thing about precious' hair in his face as a baby--maybe that's why he became evil? :-) Steve looked REALLY angry when he got kicked out! I'd watch out for him! Oh and what the heck is the ghost doing in the pic after she scared the guy? Fun stuff!

Anjel76 said...

Ah. Sneaking in another update, are you? Man! You and Aer are putting me to shame with all of your sims 3 updates. :Op I guess I'll have to try to get one out eventually before the weekend ends. :Op

Christian looks hot in that first shot. :O)) Yay! Congrats on having the generation 3 heir! :O) Are you getting the hang of the TS3 baby stuff? People said it was hard(er).

I love Christian's facial expressions. Reminds me of Orrin. :O)) *LOL*

Oh dear. Poor Sherman. :O( Where'd she get those VR glasses from?

Bah ... why is Christian always being an ass to his brother??! >:O( Bye, bye, Steve. Look at him looking all hot in his leather jacket. :O) And he looks PISSED! You are so mean to your sims, rubes. :O)

If the ghost(s) really starts to annoying you ... you could always have her exorcised. >:O>

So does Sherman get any special LTW benefits?

Sometimes I really wanna smack Christian. He's a snob ... and a half!

DAAAAAAAAAAAAANG! O__o George's house is HUGE! But I bet I could "feminize" it. :O)) Hehe. Given the right lady ... it might be possible. :O) I'd have to play Sunset Valley more to get him befriended by someone enough to try. :O) Hehe.

Happy birthday, Franklin!

AeronwyDiobhell said...

*nodnod* During one of Brynn's deliveries, Christopher was also at work when she went into labor and he left early to go to the hospital. I wonder if he would have gotten let out early if she had the baby at home... *ponders*

You mean, in HS he wanted a part-time job and never spun up the want to quit his job.

Absent Minded and Evil? Fun! *cackles* And why is he misnamed? Franklin is a boy's name, last I checked. Oh, misnamed that way. *giggles*

Yay for a Renaissance Man! *cheers* They're very smexy. *nods* Heh, I think Christian's got you pegged, you definitely have more work for him than his job ever did. *grins*

*blinks* Is Rhoda looking through the VR thing for a virtual reality where she's still alive? *grins* And why don't you move her tombstone to the graveyard? Then she won't bug you.

Steve will eventually find a house, but you kicked him out with zero simoleons, so it'll take him a little while. At least, that's what happened to Giselle and Landon. I'll probably "move out" anyone else I need to from now on, instead of kicking them out.

Old age seems to be unkind to most of 'em. *cackles* Love the moodlet Christian gets when taking care of Franklin. *grins*

*boggles* What is Sherman's job? A janitor?

Yeah, the slow pause is annoying. If I think my Sims are going to make good faces, I slow my play-clock down to 1 (which is TOO SLOW), but that's the only way I'll catch them. *shrugs*

Wow, Christian really is mean. Or a super snob.

At least your elders got to have grandchildren. Both Brynn and Christopher were dead before Madison ever got married. That's what happens when neither of them wanted to have a child until they were already a chunk of the way into their adult years. *nods emphatically*

They get the moodlet from having a teddy in their inventory and not the crib? *raises her eyebrows* That's stupid.

I think old age was definitely more unkind to George. *nods*

He needs 3 cars because he's a bachelor. It's a guy thing, I think.

Ooo, Franklin's a little cutie!! *pinches the evil one's cheeks*

Mao said...

George Dean lives in a converted fire house. That's why it's a bit strange. ;)

LOL, Christian is too much. Seriously. I pity the poor mini-troll!

So far, so good. Franklin looks pretty normal...

Anonymous said...

I'm reading through. Franklin is super cute...I wonder what an absent-minded evil sim will be like.