Friday, September 25, 2009

I poked a badger with a spoon.

Hmmm… what a waste… maybe killing Hope wasn’t such a ‘fab’ idea after all.
Eddie: Who’s your… wait, is that the maid?
Yes, he’s good looking. Your daughter and he would make good looking babies.
Eddie: While I’m looking forward to grandkids, lets not rush things, okay?

Not to worry, Cora is still all teen. *peers* Aiden on the other hand…
Eddie: What about him?
He’s almost an adult and we have a bit of a problem.
Eddie: Other than he’s a ghost kid?
*giggles* Yes, other than that. Here, take a look. He has no LTW. I’m sure things will be okay… right? Just… yanno, lie to me.
Eddie: *chuckles* Don’t worry, Roo. Everything will be fine. Have a little faith.

Ack, Eddie you may want to move!
Eddie: Nah its okay, watch… faith remember… just watch.
*waits, watches and grins* Okay you’re right… this time. Last time things didn’t go so well and your fridge disappeared.


Eddie: Just go with it, Roo.
*sighs* Yes, but this really gets old! *pokes Aiden* Spin already. Lets see what happens. *waits and gets a pop up* Oh nifty. I get to pick his LTW.
Eddie: And which one did you go with?
Astronaut! Just think of the money they’ll save on equipment, he wont need oxygen cuz he isn’t alive!
Eddie: *laughs* I think it would have been funnier to see him as an international spy. He could get in places others couldn’t.
Golly, now why didn’t I think of that? o.O

Eddie: Will he marry and move out?
He hasn’t had a girlfriend, but he did meet a female the moment he transitioned… but…
Eddie: Hmm? Oh, yes… she does look old. You may want to wait a day or so before you get them attached.
You read my mind…

So I have been thinking about Franklin.
Eddie: Is Dad stealing candy again?
What? No, not this time.
Eddie: Hmph.
Trust, faith… remember? Anyhow I think its time to let him go.
Eddie: Wait, what?

Eddie: The maid again? What is your obsession with this maid?
Nothing, I thought it was funny how he brought up Cora during his little conversation with Franklin. Only to have Franklin mention her doting overbearing father.
Eddie: Hey!
Oh yes, and his thoughts turn to romance… so now the question is, is he wanting romance with you or with Cora…
Eddie: That’s not funny.

Franklin is getting a bit bored. I don’t think he appreciates being kept around for so long. So I sent him on a jog to the river to go fish. He is an angler after all.
Eddie: What is that?
Death fish.
Eddie: Interesting.

Eddie: Hmm?
You look tired.
Eddie: I’m just middle aged, nothing to be overly concerned about.
So while I had Eddie picking up their share of the businesses, I sent Cora out to buy partnerships in a few more. Ack! On the other hand, maybe we should have skipped the diner. o.O That’s nasty!
Eddie: Did you know you can rename the business once you own it?
Eddie: Yes, it is now the Babii Bistro.
Hey Eddie, who is that?
Eddie: I don’t know. *jogs over and makes nice* Lynnette Proffit.
She’s cute.
Eddie: *raise an eyebrow*
Relax, she’s not for you…

While out wandering around town, Eddie took time to chat with Lisa… and I spotted Fred again. He’s such a character! Which got me to thinking… we need another party.
Eddie: We do?
Eddie: Of course we do… Starsha will be there… we definitely need another party.
*rolls eyes*

Aha! I knew she was old… pfft… *kicks her to the curb* Next!
The usual suspects are on the guest list, Marjorie, Lisa, Evan, Mariana, Precious, Fred, Russ… *blinks*
Eddie: He’s grown up since the last party.
And out…
Eddie: Roo!
Wha? I’m just saying… uh hey, so we did invite Starsha…
Eddie: She’s not here? She’s not here. *grabs the phone* She’s… she’s not… she’s not coming….
What? o.O Srsly? Holy boop…

So instead of getting to tell his woman about his promotion, he shared his good news with his little brother. Evan is still a good sport and very supportive.

Wait there she is! Fashionably late.
Eddie: This must be what came up and why she couldn’t come over…
Wait… what?
Eddie: Ya that made my head hurt.

Transition time. Micah puffed his big cheeks and blew out his candles, he celebrated, he sparkled, he spun and poof he’s a little boy.

As all parties do, they end with the girls staying over night. This time was no different.
Eddie: Yes it was.
It was?
Eddie: *points to his wishes*
Ah yes, good point. The difference this time, Eddie wants another baby. Sorry Sariana!
Eddie: Oh for crying out loud, it’s Starsha! How many times do we have to go through this?

A few fun things before we end this update.
Eddie: This isnt ‘fun’, Roo.
Yes it is, tubby baby.
Eddie: *growls*

Only that isn’t what I was referring to… this is. Carmen and Cecil are hanging out again. This time at the community pool. I didn’t realize how cute Cecil is. So I poked Cora and had her talk to him. Unfortunately they had a clash of traits.
Eddie: Cora is a brave girl.
Which clashed with his loser. Still, they got along well enough. Hmm, did you know Lisa is filthy rich?
Eddie: I’d never have guessed.
Cora either. *giggles*

Last thing for this update. Aiden has joined the military and has met someone.
Eddie: Who?
Eddie: Nice.
Yes, they quickly became friends, and more
Eddie: How much more?
A whole lot more
Eddie: They’re going steady.
Eddie: Engaged?
Eddie: You’re kidding… they’re married?
Eddie: Well naturally she moved in.
Yes and more! She’s preggers! *beams*
Eddie: Poor girl hasn’t a chance.

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Lisa said...

*drools over Franklin & Eddie* Micah will most likely be drool worthy too.
*pouts because Franklin's other children are cuter than ours together*
I'm rather surprised that you let Aiden's wife move in with the family. I figured you'd kick him out.
And just how does lone clash with brave? I could see a coward clashing with brave.

Brian said...

"As all parties do, they end with the girls staying over night?"

I don't recall seeing a option for THAT kind of party.... o_O

Heh... Starsha reminds me a lot of Laurel Grisby (English) - all she needs a more severe hook to her nose. :)

Cora needs to hurry up and become an adult so I can make "my" debut! :D

Anjel76 said...

Cora really is quite loverly.

So ... since I haven't opened TS3 in a while ... what is it that the ray gun that Eddie is using does exactly?

Aiden is cute (though ... not fond of the 'stache). :O))

Is the maid interested in becoming part of the Babii family through Cora?

Franklin is still hawt.


Russ looks pissed about something.

Starsha looks good in that dress. And now she's preggers?? *snicker*

Wow ... Eddie IS tubby!

Cecil is GORGEOUS!!

Aiden looks good in uniform. :O) AND HOT DAMN! He moves FAST!!

Great update as usual. Thanks for the family tree reference page.

AeronwyDiobhell said...

HA!!! *crows gleefully* See? I toldja to leave Hope alone! *dances around Ruby, taunting her mercilessly* He's even got nice pretty violet eyes that you're gonna miss out on, now that you KILLED HOPE!

Happy birthday, Aiden! And congrats on getting a LTW! *claps*

*crosses her fingers that Aiden will get to have a wife and family*

Hehe, Eddie looks more than a bit unsure about letting Franklin wander off with Micah. *giggles*

*blinks* Franklin is teaching Micah about death? *boggles*

Aww, the maid has a crush on Cora! Age her up, quickly!

*blinks again* One of the patrons of the diner got sick from eating there? That is NOT a good sign for future profit potential!

Who's the chick outside the Bistro? Or was it just some random picture of the newly renamed Babii Bistro? (But that's cool that you can rename a business when you own 100% of it!)

You gonna hook Aiden up with Lynette? Or do you have any male teens she can meet?

Heh, Fred is definitely interesting. *grins*

Heh, good thing you found out she was old -before- Aiden fell in love!

Huh. Happy birthday, Fred!

Oooo, DISS! Starsha's apparently not happy being the mistress anymore or something. Although when she did finally make it, she's looking quite sharp there. :-D

Okay, seriously? Do you have to show us EVERY SINGLE SPARKLE shot, Ruby?? Really?

But happy birthday, Micah! You're a cute kid still and may elementary school be awesome for you. :D

Cecil is cute. It's too bad he didn't mesh with Cora. But I still think she should go for the maid. *nods*

Wow, congrats to Aiden and Lynette!! *cheers* He snagged himself a cutie! I hope they're eternally happy together and make lots of ghost-daddy babies! Dayum, I didn't mean you had to knock her up the first night, Aiden. *blinks*