Monday, June 15, 2009

And we're back...

So where did I leave off last time?
Ruby: *scoffs* I went in to to labor.
Right, with the funny faces no less.
Ruby: Sometimes, I hate you.
Sometimes? You'll learn to hate me more than that soon enough. So back to the story.
Ruby: It isn't a story, it's my life.
It's a story, you're a sim. Get over it. Not that I got a picture of it, but I had thought since both of them were home, they'd hop in to a cab together as I sent her off to the hospital. Well no, first Sherman had to freak out. Then he was able to take a second cab and follow along. I sure am glad these cabs don't cost money!

As I sat watching the door waiting for the couple to exit with their new spawn...
Ruby: Baby.
This fella came waltzing out the door. Now why pray tell, is Don Lothario visiting the hospital in his Paper Boy work uniform no less?
Ruby: *whistles innocently*
What do you know?
Ruby: Hmm? Me? Nothing! He's just a co-worker.

The whole ride home, the spawn...
Ruby: Baby.
... was a deep yellow. Sure he was sleepy and needed to pee, but for it to be 'that' yellow? Wow.. Then I remembered his traits. He may be a genius, but he's a grumpy genius. *headdesk*
Ruby: You're going to permanently dent your forehead if you don't stop that.
Seriously! Seeing how often all y'all do something so gods awful stupid...
Ruby: Heeeeeeeeeey...

At least they came home together as a family. *ponders* I suppose now would be a good time to buy you a crib and a changing table.
Ruby: A changing... what?
*blinks* Right, you don't use those any more, scratch that... you need a crib... and a teddy bear.
Ruby: I do? Why do I need a teddy bear?
Your manly husband wants a toy for your son. Speaking of your husband, shortly after this I gave him a tad bit of a makeover.

Ruby: Yes, I've been meaning to thank you for that.
Trust me, it was my pleasure...
Ruby: Hey!
I only look, he's all yours, relax.
Ruby: Time to introduce my son and heir?

Sure, why not. Introducing Christian. Boy grumpy, genius.
Ruby: Who's da little heir? You are! Yes you are! You're my heir aren't you?
*makes gagging noises*
Ruby: You do realize my boy is named after your own son...
Yes, who is also a grumpy genius which I find ironic. While I did not pick genius for him as I wasn't given a choice, the dice picked grumpy.

I found this interesting. When he gives to charity, thanks to his 'good' trait, he gets a temporary halo. I dunno, I find it disturbing.
Ruby: That's because you're evil.
Hmmm, makes sense.

Speaking of evil, what is with the looks you two are giving each other? I swear Ruby you're the only sim I know that can insult/offend a ghost. What the heck did you say?
Ruby: I complimented him!
You flirted! *laughs* You slay me.
Ruby: Shut up!
*laughs harder*

Hold it, you're either needing the bathroom or you're preggers again...
Ruby: I was going in to labor.
Cake on the counter... who's birthday did I miss this time?
Ruby: Christian's. He's a toddler.. my sweet baby boy.
*scoffs* He's a grumpy mean spirited brat.
Ruby: That's my son you're talking about!
*shrugs* Hate me yet?
Ruby: ...

Now would be a good time to end the update.
Ruby: You like to leave me hanging like this.
It's that evil thing. You'll get use to it.

Speaking of evil...
Ruby: He's not evil, he's grumpy.
Christian as a toddler with a rather handsome Daddy teaching him to walk.
Ruby: Roo, did you forget to take a picture of my son?

Nope! See? *points to Christian*
Ruby: Not that one.
Meh, seen one infant seen them all.

Gratuitous man in uniform shot. *grins* He really is cute.
Ruby: Roo... my son, did you get at least one picture of Steve?

Sheesh woman, don't get your panties in a bunch. Yes, here's Steve.

Sherman wanted to invite his partner over for dinner. So I let him. Instantly after being greeted and welcomed inside, he played with Christian. He's cuter than Sherman. Dang it, I knew we shouldn't have jumped at the first guy.
Ruby: I'm glad Sherman can't hear you!

Nah, he's too busy trying not to cut himself as he makes a salad for dinner.
Ruby: He's very lucky, its doubtful he would have injured himself.
Besides, if he did he may just faint from the sight of his own blood.
Ruby: ...

*grins* More gratuitous men in uniform shots. Sherman and his partner are best friends. We should invite him over more often and erm... maybe build you a pool...
Ruby: *perks* Oh that is a great idea.
*laughs* Careful Sherman doesn't hear you.

Steve's birthday. I remembered a cake.
Ruby: Yes one of the few times.
*waves a dismissive hand*

I can't say I'm fond of the baby break dance, as Sariana calls it. *shrugs* Oh well, it's a minor thing.

Wow, are you sure this kid isn't evil?
Ruby: Ugh!
What? I'm just sayin' is all...

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Anonymous said...

Geez, Roo, get that kid into some boy clothes! That's why he's looking so evil!

Anjel76 said...

Slutty Don looks so ... WEIRD in the paperboy uniform. Heh. And ... wait a minute. *squints eyes at ruby and Ruby* Is ruby cheating on poor Sherman already?? Is that even Sherman's spawn??

And HEY! I LIKED Sherman's previous outfit. Granted, the new one is pretty nice-looking as well. :O) I'm still trying to figure out how to change outfits. When I click on my guy, he still only has one outfit for each category. *pout*

Leave it to ruby to have boys when all other sims in LL are having girls (twin girls no less). :O)) Heh. Sherman looks all "angelic" and whatnot. :O> Ruby's trying to flirt with a ghost? Girl needs to get her hormones under control. ;O))

Yay! Another beh-beh! :O) Another boy, too! *goggles* And I thought the first boy looked cut with his short hair. Why'd you go and change it for? :O}

Yup ... Sherman definitely looks good in uniform ... and so does his partner. *wiggles eyebrows and drools* Although, the little guy (the toddler) looks a bit frightened by you sticking the camera in his face while Sherman's partner is holding him. *snicker*

Wow ... Steve has Ruby's cheekbones! That's why he looks so evil. ;O) *LOL* Great update!

AeronwyDiobhell said...

*waves hello to Don* I thought he looked familiar. :-) Maybe he was doing an article on the flawless conditions of the Riverside Hospital and their booming birth rates? *shrugs*

Poor grumpy genius baby... how 'bout a name for said grumpy spawn?

Nice makeover for, um, Stew? Was that his name? *pages back to the last chapter* Ah, Sherman. I got the S right. *shrugs*

Welcome baby Christian! *waves hello*

*falls over laughing* OMG, that whole halo bit.... *laughing too hard to type* Oh, man, and now the whole ghost scene! *tries to breath through her laughter*

Very cute daddy/son picture there. :-D Oh my... *fans herself* As cute as Sherman was with his shirt off, he's freakin HOT in his uniform! *waves half-heartedly* Oh and hi-to-baby-Steve-who-I-don't-think-I'd-notice-anyway-considering-how-hot-daddy-is*

Oh, goodness, Sherman's partner is tres hot!! *ogles* I'm gonna have to keep an eye out for the policemen now. (Although it's interesting that whoever you have in your game, I probably won't have in mine after a little while. Like, someone showed their Bella Goth (whatever her maiden name was, Broke? Bachelor?) and she was really cute, but in mine, she's actually kinda homely.)

*seconds the idea of a pool and inviting Sherm's partner over*

Happy birthday, Steve! Heh, that is a pretty evil look Steve's giving you there, Ruby. Maybe 'cause he knows that's probably the last time he'll get a cake?

Kristen said...

Poor kid looks like a mixture of a clown child and the kid from the Addams Family. Poor Steve! Change his clothes stat!

I love the banter between you and Ruby. Too funny. =)

Yes, build them a pool! Sherman and...who's the husband again? lol Those two swimming = yummy. =)

Mao said...

LOL! You are killing me over here. This is just too much.

And you have a son named Christian? Awesome!