Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lets Have Some Fun

So far I've been having them wander around aimlessly. Sending them to work, meeting people and Ruby has been annoying people.
Ruby: Heeeeeey!
Tell me I'm wrong. I dare you.
Ruby: ...
So far the one person she has not alienated, besides Don Lothario who is her best friend, is Sherman.

They tend to autonomously flirt often. Not to the point of woohoo, I have to prompt that…
Ruby: Which you don’t!
Because you don’t need any more spawn.
Ruby: Children! Besides, who cares about spawn, uh kids… I need some quality time with my man.

I finally had enough points to get that collectors locator thingie. I love it! Ruby went all over Riverview snatching up the rocks, gems, ore, and staying busy so I could torture Sherman without her realizing it. *grins*
Ruby: What was that?

I don’t know, but it looks menacing… wanna check it out?
Ruby: No! Not that, that thing you said about my husband.
Oooh… that…

Lisa told me where the catacombs are. So I sent him in.
Ruby: Roo, you know he’s afraid of the dark! Why would you do this to him?
Because your sons would be busted for being out past curfew if I sent one of them.

Ruby: We’re making silly faces.
You are so odd.
Ruby: I came to the cemetery looking for Sherman. Where is my husband?

Ruby: *gasps* Sherman!
Ya, he’s horrified right now… take him home will ya?

Great news! I got my first money tree! Woot! So she planted it, it grew, she harvested it and now I have money bags in her inventory… now what?

Back to Sherman and his family. I thought… yanno, his sister is an elder. They’ve built up their relationship a bit more. So I sent him over to see her. Then I had another thought. Since he got bupkiss when his mom died, what happens to this house and all the stuff and the money and … omg he gets NOTHING… so I thought… hmm… lets see if I can get him to move in with her. Then when she dies, he can grab all this stuff, sell it and move back home.
Ruby: What?!
Only when he did the ‘move in’ she ran off and moved in with them! Sold the house, refused to pack up the furniture, only let me sell it and she brought only §20k even though the house was worth over §150k. What happened to the other §130k?!
Ruby: So that’s why his sister moved in?
Mhm. Also, her inventory was empty. *scoffs*
Ruby: She brought in a lot of needed money.

That is true too.
Ruby: Why do you have a random picture of us in our pajamas?
Because… *bites her lip grinning*
Ruby: *rolls her eyes*
Anyhow, I gave Ruby a great host thingie and she threw a party. My first for the game. We made it a pool party… yes, I built them a pool. heh.

Ruby had the opportunity to throw Don a promotion party. I figured now that she had money for a bang up stereo, a bar, a pool and fun stuff… why the heck not throw one?
This is Ruby Broke. She crashed the party. Instantly Ruby wants to interview her. Meh, maybe later, right now we’re having a party.
Oh darn it, behind her is Sherman’s partner George Dean… Dean George? I don’t remember.

Speaking of Don, here is the guest of honor… who brought his latest fling behind him.

This guy… ya I don’t remember, but she wants to be friends with him and interview him. Wait you did interview him… what ‘do’ you want with him?
Ruby: Me? He’s a friend nothing more!

We made sure to invite Steve’s future love interest. Meet Precious Jones. Glaring behind them is Jayden Wilson, the first sim I ever created. *waves to Jayden*
Ruby: Wait, that’s Precious?
Ruby: She’s rich. Okay, she can date my son.

Steve got a nice hug from her, did a few flirts. It was getting late, I knew the curfew would take over soon.

So he gave her a kiss goodbye. His first kiss… all together now: “Awwww”

As for Sherman’s sister, who’s name I can’t remember… she was swimming in the pool when she got her Grim visit.

The look on her face is priceless *snickers*
Ruby: That’s so uncool. You don’t make fun of the dead! Bad karma.

She got tired of waiting and ‘fell’ back in the pool. The whole time, her bar stayed over her head for swimming. It didn’t go up, it was just there. Unfortunately I missed the shot of Grim falling in the water. That was funny. *grumbles about the delay of the pause*
To answer my own question about an inheritance… apparently it doesn’t exist in Sims3.

They all mourned her death. Sherman the most. He actually went to her grave and mourned all properly like. Others just got a bad moodlet and randomly burst in to tears.

Poor Sherman is even more frightened of death now. He’s days away from transitioning to elder.

Speaking of transitions. I bought a cake.
Ruby: Yes and you let him finish his homework which stalled him and he never made it to the cake.
That is not my fault.
Ruby: *shakes her head* He’s transitioning to an adult, did he really need to do his homework?!

So here’s our heir, looking none too happy with life. He’s grieving the loss of his Aunt. She died on his transition day…

Don’t worry Christian. We’ll get that lost trait back and find you a wife.
Christian: What? Oh great! Now I’m hearing voices… man this sucks.

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Anonymous said...

Money bags in the inventory - click on them. IIRC, you'll get a pop up asking if you want to sell them. If that isn't what happens, drag them over to the $ box to the bottom left of the inventory. Then the game will ask if you're sure about selling them.

I haven't seen the glowy eyes in the mine before!

Aw. Poor Sherman. Was he scared spitless in the catacombs or attacked by a bear?

What a crock. I don't like the moving house thing yet. Maybe because I haven't completely figured it out.

Yeah. What's better at a pool party than Mac & Cheese?

OMG, that one guy looks like one of the Geico cavemen!

Ha! That look on the sister's face! That's just great! LSHICB!

Awww. I wish we could've seen Grimmy flailing in the pool!

Oh that outfit! Get thee to a dresser, dude!

Is Ruby upset with Christian, she has a funny look on his face.

Tracy said...

She looks like she's thinking, "My son looks like a fricking bellboy!"


AeronwyDiobhell said...

Psst, you don't have Risky Woohoo in your game - they can have sex without getting preggers, unless you choose the Try for Baby option. ;)

Oh, my, that does look rather menacing in there. *shivers*

Oh, poor Sherman. You're going to make that poor man die of a heart attack. *shakes her head sadly* OMG, too priceless! She's making faces with a GHOST?? *cackles*

*blinks* Uh, what on earth happened to him down there?!?

You click on the bags and you get the option to turn them in for cash. Sadly, you can't plant them. :-(

Wow. You lost §130k? *shakes her head* Poor Simming!

Ruby was in that picture too? Is that like one of those optical illusion type of images? *stares at the picture some more, trying to spot anyone other than Sherman* Nope, not seeing it. *shrugs*

*tries to shove Ruby Broke out of the way* I wanna SEE the partner, not some vague dark silhouette in the background!

Heh, I see what you mean about Precious fitting with Steve. *giggles* Awwww!

Goodness, she was able to walk on water at the end... guess she became even more "Good" than Sherman! Wow, she doesn't look all that happy about going. *comforts sis*

That totally stinks that there's no inheritance in the Sims anymore! *pouts*

I don't like that you have to either grow them up early in the morning, send them to school without their homework done, or do homework that they won't need, but that they'll get penalized for not doing (if they transition to a teen). *hmphs*

Is he grieving the loss of his aunt or the outfit he transitioned into to? *grins*

Huh, your mom never warned you about Ruby, eh? Not too nice of her. *snickers*

SuziCat said...

Sherman has a nice, squeezable butt, hee hee! You should add it to that thread in LL where they show all their Sim men's butts. :-) Yeah, I had my first in family death today--it is quite interesting! Oh and precious is a cutie! Love the bathing suit!

Kristen said...

I don't know about everyone else, but I am so going to miss Sherman when he kicks it. I am loving the shots of him freaking out! lol

Poor Christian. =( He looks so sad and on his birthday, no less!!!

As for Steve and Precious Jones, too cute! Awww, and she gave him his first kiss. =)

I love this family. =)

Anjel76 said...

I can't believe Ruby is annoying everyone in the 'hood (except Don and Sherman). Hehe. I thought she was more personable than that. :O))

Oooh! Creepy, glowy eyes in the mines! O__o NEAT!

Poor Sherman. You torture him so, rubes. *sighs sadly and shakes her head in empathy for poor Sherman*

Yay for money trees! And thanks to whoever answered ruby's question about the money bags. Angelo has a money tree which should be maturing for harvest soon. That was good info to know.

MAN! That totally SUCKS that inheritance has been done away with in TS3. I mean ... WTF?!?! >:O(

So ... why DID you take a random picture of Ruby and Sherman in their jammies???


Looks like mac 'n cheese is quite popular. :O}

*waves hi to Jayden Wilson - ruby's first ever Sims 3 sim*

Hmm ... weird glitch with her floating on the pool as she waits for death? I wonder if the EAxis-oids meant for that to happen. Her expression is pretty amusing though. :O)

Death fell in the pool?!?!?

Christian grew up NIIIIIIIIIICE. :O))

Mao said...

The lack of inheritance does suck, but money is easy to get... so you run into the issue of sims have TOO much money. And every sim in the hood being rich by gen five. Which is boring. :( At least, that is what happened to me.

I hate Death in this game. What a douchebag they made him, LOL!

LOL at her face before death.