Monday, August 3, 2009

We now return to the Test in progress...

Ghost Baby –
Phase 1. Create a ghost baby.
Attempt by LL sim-Goddess, ghost male impregnates female sim. Result: sim baby.
First attempt by Babii, sim male impregnates ghost female. Result: sim baby.
Second attempt by Babii, ghost male impregnates ghost female. Result: in progress.

Phase 2. Kill a ghost.
Does it work? If yes, will it change colors accordingly?

In order to run our test, we had to have a test subject. While we had the unsuspecting Precious to impregnate, there was of course a need for a ghost male… one that was not related… one I would have no qualms of torturing in order to carry out phase 2.
Franklin: *nods* Enter test subject male, deceased of old age, non-related: Don Lothario. Lothario was reanimated at the science labs as expected for a mere sum of §5k.
Once pregnancy was confirmed in Precious, test subject Lothario was put in confinement. An adapted form of ‘piano fire’ was implemented, with input from sim-Goddess Lisa.
Franklin: *blinks* My Lisa?
*raises eyebrow* Uh… no… my Lisa…
Franklin: I see.

A small room designated for a third bathroom was temporarily used as testing grounds. With no pianos in TS3, I have a fireplace, a couch, an easel and a toilet. The idea, put him in hungry and see which if any will kill him first, either death by fire or starvation.
Franklin: Test subject Lothario lit the fireplace and began painting. If it were to be death by starvation, perhaps he would at least complete his painting and contribute to replacement costs of any furniture needed or at least pay for a new door for the room.
I tried saving the stupid door. Short of putting it on another wall in the meantime, it was simply a sell now and re-purchase later type of an arrangement. Test subject Lothario was hungry… just not quite hungry enough for my liking. I took the liberty of lowering his hunger.

Franklin: Sim-life went on as usual around the house and town, none being the wiser of the on goings in the room. Granted, anyone wishing to could very easily look in the window to see how things were progressing.
Notification came much quicker than I had expected. There is a fire on your lot. While I thought this was good news it was not.
Franklin: Yes. The window in the room caused others to see the fire and not have a way to reach it. Leaving us sims in a bit of a limbo of indecisiveness.
*nods* It was a stressful time for all involved, sim and sim-Goddess alike. While the sims would receive a negative path thought, I panicked when Franklin refused to pick up his son.
Franklin: Evan is not my son.
Hate to break it to you, Franklin… Evan ‘is’ your son. While I could tell Evan to move, he and everything within the house was suddenly unclickable… meaning there were no interactions with any item or sims on the lot. I began questioning my decision to place the viewing window. Those that were moments before sleeping soundly, were awakened and immobile.

The fire took on a life of its own, as fires have been known to do. It was out of control and began to grow larger than the room itself. I wondered how realistic EA Guys made the game and would the fire become so out of control as to escape the room. Finally it moved on to test subject Lothario.
Franklin: Lothario danced the dance of ‘OMG a fire’ he did not do the ‘OMG my ars is on fire’ dance that was anticipated.
Even his needs reflected that he was unharmed in this fire. As you can clearly see he is fully engulfed in said flames, yet he is immune to any damage.
Franklin: Much to the chagrin of our sim-Goddess who could be heard cursing unrepeatable phrases.
*blinks* You heard that?
Franklin: *smirks* Seeing how phase 2 was complete, Lothario was directed to extinguish the flames. The pittance of insurance was collected, Lothario cleaned up the room and he was moved out of the house.
More accurately I used the ‘kick out’ option in order to keep him from removing any more funds from this house. Note his hunger is at 0. This was not adjusted prior to his leaving. *waves* Thanks Don, now get out. Side note and an interesting thing I learned. If you send a ghost to the dresser or mirror he/she becomes a sim again… until you’re through that is.
Franklin: Once the fire was put out, things were back to normal in the Babii house.

End phase 2 of the Ghost Baby test.


Franklin: My transition day is approaching, as is Evan’s and Eddie’s. Mom had an opportunity to throw a party. She was to include co-workers at the party including a specific co-worker named Israel… something…
*smirks* Occasionally your absent-minded trait shows.
Franklin: Or it could be all those potions you agree to let me test. Why don’t you tell them no occasionally?
The side affects are funny!
Franklin: For you perhaps…
You’re right. If I remember we’ll decline the next one… in the meantime you’re a bit hungry. Why not eat one of the fruits in your backpack?
Franklin: We’re about to have a party… there will be plenty of food then.
No I’m sending Precious to make her favorite fish and chips… your hunger is pretty low now.
Franklin: Roo… *blinks* I think I’ll eat this fruit in my backpack. *chomp* I hate when you do that to me.
*adjusts stolen halo*

Precious was in the middle of making fish and chips when the first guests arrived. As they arrived another announcement was made. That’s right… today is not only a transition celebration it is time for the results of phase 1. Guests paused momentarily, took in the situation and panicked accordingly. Well not all guests.
Franklin: *chuckles* Carmen is hardly a guest, she’s family. She takes these things in stride as a true Babii.
Looking at those traits of hers, she really is a Babii.
Franklin: *laughs harder* That she is.
Woots! Success! We have a ghost baby.

Meet Aiden Babii, our first and last ghost baby. I have learned quite a bit during this test including the fact that I am not fond of ghosts. Unplayable ghosts are an annoyance but these playable ghosts are worse by far. The ghostly sounds they make drive me insane and why do even the female ghosts have to sound so manly?
Franklin: Feel better?
Franklin: Good its time for the cake.

So the Ghost Baby test is complete.

Phase 1. Create a ghost baby.
Second attempt by Babii, ghost male impregnates ghost female. Result: ghost baby

Phase 2. Kill a ghost.
Playable ghosts are immune to death inflicted upon them by this sim-Goddess.

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Franklin: Hey Roo?
Franklin: Why did you give Lothario a toilet?
Just in case it took days for him to die, I didn’t want a repeat of Sandra. *wrinkles nose*


Anonymous said...

Oh Frankin, if I could find a human male specimen as fine as you, I would definitely not be ashamed to be considered "yours". *glomps My Ruby*
*nods* Sims3 insurance amounts suck. They need replacement cost coverage.
EA is so stoopid. Only sim who were starved to death should be hungry as ghosts. Have I mentioned yet that I don't like the playable ghosts?
Awww. My poor Franklin. Once you're in my game, I promise to treat you the way you deserve to be treated.
Carmen has grown up very nicely.

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Hehe, I like the test dissertation there. You make it sound almost clinical, instead of you enjoying torturing your poor Sims. ;-)

Oooo, is THAT who the Test Subject is? Was? Don? *cackles* Okay, couldn't happen to a more deserving Sim. Carry on, Ruby. *waves her hand permissively*

And I -love- that Franklin is helping you list out your research objectives and attempts. *giggles*

Wow, nice going on a quick fire! *snickers at the Sims in limbo*

Why would Franklin think Evan isn't his son? *blinks* But, well, okay, the viewing window may not have been so smart, but it sure gives you a nice glimpse in at the pretty fire! Just next time, put the window on the outside of the house. ;-)

That's some conflagration you've got going on in there though. :-D

Uh-oh, it's licking the walls of the nursery! Aww, poor Don. Okay, I don't think any ghost deserves this. I mean, c'mon, the guy already died for goodness' sake!

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Love that Franklin heard you cursing up a storm! *cackles loudly*

§138? That's IT? Geeze. So, now that you know he's immune to fire, you still gonna test out starvation on the poor sap? Ah, I see. Apparently he's immune to starvation too. Kinda makes sense. So I guess ghosts have to die of old age to go away again? But hey at least he's not taking any of your family's hard earned cash with him.

Huh, that's interesting, that the ghost becomes a Sim! So you can actually change their outfits? They're not stuck with whatever they died in?

Congrats on the end of Phase 2. Good luck on getting a ghost baby!

Heh, now, now, Franklin, no need to get all snippy with your Sim-Goddess. You -are- Absent Minded, after all! (As is your Goddess... *smirks*) *giggles* I'm gonna have to get someone into the Science career to check those out. *grins*

Ha! He really can't resist you, can he. *tsks* But you had him eat a Life Fruit? Those are against the rules! And it's his birthday, so why'd you waste one of 'em when you're going to age him up anyway?

Yay for the baby on the way! *applauds* Let's hope she doesn't start another fire by leaving the food on the stove though... Heh, yeah, those are definitely a Babii set of traits she's got there. *snickers loudly*

WOOHOO!!! *boogies around the office* Congratulations on a successful ghost baby! *throws confetti* Welcome Aiden! (Why your last? Ah, okay. I'll have to make sure to find a family to get my own ghost baby with too.)

Hey Roo? Why on earth do ghosts need to -use- the toilet?!?

*blinks at Lisa* You're getting Franklin? No fair! *pouts*

SuziCat said...

Very fun! The ghost baby looks cool! It will be interesting to see him grow up! Yes, the playable ghost noises drove me berserk, too! I honestly don't know if it's worth the noises to have them around!

Anjel76 said...

WOW!!! That is a HUUUUUUUUUUUGE fire!!! But ... the ghost is immune to dying like this. Does that mean they have to die of "old age"?! Man. That bites. :Ox

Yay for ghost babies! :O)) Who knows ... maybe Aiden the Ghost baby will be fun for you. Or are you going to let him move out when he's old enough?