Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fire drill...

This is probably going to be a longish update. I have quite a number of pictures to run through and may as well get them all done in one go… ready? Lets do this!

Rhoda Bagely bugged me so much she was moved to the cemetery with her mother and father.
Christian: *smirks* I was wondering what you were waiting for.
You again? Isn’t it time for your son to grow up and take over?
Christian: *shakes head* You’d think so wouldn’t you? This is what you get for extending our lives… you get to deal with me for much longer.
Yikes! *changes their lives back to 90 days*

Time to visit Steve! *bounces* I’m looking forward to taking a peek in this house. *pokes Christian* Ring the bell already… *fidgets*
Christian: There is no point in ringing the bell, he won’t answer.
What? I can see him in the window for cripes sakes! Ring it!! *pokes harder*
Christian: Hey! *rubs chest* The option to ring the bell is gone. It is too late in the evening.
Aw man! I’ve been looking forward to this… *sighs* Okay fine. Tomorrow after work you come straight here and not home. Deal?
Christian: If it means you’ll stop poking me…
Yay! *crosses fingers behind her back*

The kidlettes seem to be getting along quite well. Occasionally he ignores her but otherwise, if he needs a bit of social interactions, he will play with his little sister. *tilts head* I suppose this biting off their heads thing is a common thing for the Babii kids…
Christian: *smirks*

*chuckles* Precious had an opportunity she was ‘turning in’ and met up with the Wilson girl. She mocked her in some way, don’t recall what. Odd that these two are ‘friends’ yet that teen aged girl can still get under Precious’ skin.

The next night came and here we are again. Christian rang the bell and was waiting for Steve to answer. *points to Steve* At least we know he’s home!
Christian: *raises an eyebrow* For someone who kicked the guy out, you’re awfully excited to see him again.
Of course! I kicked him out to see what he would do with his life on his own.
Christian: *nods* Guinea pigs. I forgot…
Anyhow back to Steve. He answered the door and walked back in the house. Not exactly thrilled to see his brother I guess. So I took the opportunity to glance around the place and I have to say, outside is way cuter. He has a kitchen area to the left of the door, to the right of there is his living room area with a fireplace (makes mental note to add a fireplace to the Babii house)…
Christian: What was that?
Hmm? Upstairs, we have a small bedroom, a larger bedroom, the one and only bathroom and a small sitting area. Seriously, the best thing about this house is outside. Although I suppose it has potential.

Christian finally talked to Steve. Reported his fab job of earning §500 in tips playing his guitar in the park. Steve did not look impressed and in my opinion, he looks older and tired. I think that accelerated age of NPCs may be true. He looks older than Christian.
Christian: So it wasn’t my imagination that he looks different since Akara’s birthday.
Nope, he really does look different… although some things haven’t changed.

Christian: Why did I agree?
*giggles* I don’t know, you always did. And you never enjoyed playing catch with him either. Gosh you throw like a girl… worse than a girl! *laughs*
Christian: I’m a genius, not a jock!

Utoh Christian. Duck!
Christian: Ack!
Hey, I tried to warn you! Yup, Steve may be older, but some things really don’t change.

*watches Sherman in fascination* So he’s upgrading the stove. Apparently banging on it with a hammer makes it make better tasting food. I have no idea how that is possible but apparently in their world, it is.
Christian: *shrugs* Not everything in our world has to make sense to you.
Oh, like to find the birthday cake, I have to look at the outdoor fun activities thingie?
Christian: Uh… ya… things like that.

One day I remembered my new plan and put it in to action. I had Precious invite her new friend Ari Moore over. It’s Franklin’s birthday and I decided I wasn’t in the mood for another party so he’s going to settle for a cake.
Christian: Ari? That cute girl in the bikini?
*chuckles* Ya, that would be the one.
Christian: *grins* Nice.
Yes she is. She got along quite well with Sherman.

Christian: Yes I noticed that… Father didn’t appear to be too happy about me taking over the conversation.
No he didn’t, so I sent him off to shower and prepare for the evenings event.
Christian: She’s a nice girl.
I’m glad you think so.

Sherman got to do the honors of bringing Franklin to the cake. As the others gathered around and got very excited on his behalf. Ari was there somewhere in the background.
Christian: Its about time he grew up. He’s still a kid though
Yes he is, Mr. Doesn’t like children. Franklin is a funny little character. He cackled for a bit, cheered for himself, did the sparkle dance and transitioned, giving me the ‘how do you like me now’ pose. I like him just fine… not too thrilled with his new trait though.
Christian: What? Why? What is his new trait? It can’t be worse than ‘evil’.
Oh? You’d be surprised.
Christian: *scoffs* Surprise me.
Mean spirited.
Christian: *laughs*
Brat! *pokes Christian*

A quick note. I apparently forgot to take pictures…. oops? Anyhow, apparently Ari Moore is involved with George and not only is she involved but they have a son and one on the way.
So I left her alone…

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Anjel76 said...

Heh. I was wondering when you'd finally get sick and tired of the VR Ghost. :O))

Do "NPCs" really age faster??? Odd. I'll have to pay attention to that when the time comes.

*cackles at the catch session*

Did the pop-up for the stove upgrade really say it would help with making better-testing food? When Angelo upgraded his stove, it became self-cleaning.

Franklin is a cutie ... even if he is mean-spirited.

Ari's got a kid and is involved ... and has another spawn on the way?! That sucks. Guess that ruins whatever you had planned??

Mao said...

I haven't noticed any increased NPC aging, but I've been playing with Awesomemod since it was released. I know my husband had issues. His sim married a guy only for him to turn elder and then die. WTF? LOL

Awww, plans foiled!