Thursday, July 23, 2009

What does the early worm get?

Sandra came to the house unemployed. Her LTW is to reach the top of the political career. Since we’re pretty sure we heard chimes-
Franklin: Oh, she heard chimes…
*snickers* As I was saying, since chimes were heard by someone other than myself, I thought to be safe, I would have her go ahead and grab a job in politics.
Franklin: I’m telling you… she heard chimes.
I am inclined to believe you. Thankfully she is a family oriented sim so she is great with the babies.
Franklin: Heck I’m not worried about the kids, Pop is around now that he’s retired.
He dislikes children…
Franklin: Doesn’t matter, he’s still right there to help out.

Franklin: *shakes head* She has another thing in common with Pop.
*giggles* Yes she does.
Franklin: She is also a huge flirt, like Oma Ruby was. At least she doesn’t flirt with Pop in front of me. That would be bad.
Yes, she would probably die before she her time.
Franklin: *shrugs noncommittally*

One evening she stopped to admire her ring and swoon over being married… mind you this was only moments after she flirted yet again with Christian.
Franklin: *clears his throat* What is your point?
Just that she spun in to maternity clothes… but the funnier part is Christian’s reaction to her pregnancy. *giggles* This is the same man who wants another grandchild *laughs*

Franklin: What is Mom wearing? Did she go swimming? Really? No one bothers to swim unless you’re trying to drown… Did you try to drown Mom?
*blinks* Me? Nope! She did that on her own. I was just as surprised as you are and… *ponders* yanno… that is an interesting idea. Can you kill a ghost? *light bulb* Oh I have a new test!
Franklin: Later, Roo its Eddie’s transition day.
Yup, the cake is on the kitchen table now if we could just get you to it… wait why are you putting him down and… *sighs* there’s the sparkles. I’m not fond of his hair.
Franklin: *shrugs* He’ll grow out of it.

Introducing Eddie Babii, Generation 4 Heir: Friendly, Evil child that he is. He’s cute I guess.
Franklin: *chuckles* He is a Babii, what did you expect?
Well I dunno, there is always the chance the kid wont come out so cute… I mean your Uncle Steve is a Babii and he is only okay.
Franklin: *shrugs* This is my boy. As long as he looks like me, he’ll be fine.
I’d like to argue with that, but I cant. You’re right… you’re a damn good looking little simmie.
Franklin: *laughs* I’m glad you see things my way for once.
*stares and grins*
Franklin: Uh, Roo? Roo… it’s getting chilly…

For an evil so and so, Franklin is a surprisingly good father and husband. *blinks* Well sort of…
Franklin: Hey! I am a good husband.
Um, okay.

On one of her outings, Sandra came to a fishing pond, garden, park kind of place off in the boonies to collect some insects and whatever else we saw there. Of all people to show up, its her brother in law that she has yet to meet, Brett Babii which reminds me that I haven’t looked at the family tree in a while.
Franklin: You’ll be disappointed.
You’re right, I am. Steve has yet to hook up with anyone and Akara has yet to have any spawn. Oh and that little boy is only Brett’s little brother.

Speaking of Akara…
Franklin: We weren’t speaking about her. *scoffs*
You weren’t, I was. She looks good. Wish she looked preggers though… *pokes Akara*
Franklin: *chuckles* She glared at me… think she felt that and blames me?
Meh, who knows?

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Anjel76 said...

I'm trying to figure out how it's hygienic to shower with clothes on ... all the dirt and whatnot is gonna get trapped!!

That little monkey looks like he's Italian and is murmuring (in baby-speak) - "You talkin' t'me? Are YOU talkin' t'ME?!" :O))

Yes ... Franklin's hawt.

And so is Akara.